5 Practical Tips On Maintaining And Taking Care Of Your Luxury Watches

luxury-watchesPurchasing an expensive, luxury watch is a massive investment which is why you should also focus on its upkeep. Luxury watches are usually manufactured using sturdy and durable materials but this doesn’t mean that they are immune to scratches and other forms of damage. Whether you have a Rolex Cellini, an Audemars Piguet, or a Patek Philippe, it would be wise to pay more attention on how you use and store it. To help ensure that your luxury brands watches will last a lifetime, you should follow these tips on taking care of them:cleaning-a-rubber-strap-on-a-watch

  1. Use a soft dry cloth or a toothbrush when cleaning the watch.

A dry cloth should be able to wipe away the dirt or grime that got stuck in the watch’s body or strap. If it is thick and can’t be wiped away, you should consider using the bristles of a toothbrush. Never use thinners, vinegar and other strong liquids in cleaning the watch.Helix-Cuffs-Bracelet-1

  1. Never wear metallic bracelets and bangles along with your watch.

Steel bracelets are among the most common reasons why watches get scratched. A single scratch on the glass surface of the watch can completely ruin the timepiece’s aesthetics.061e11ddd4ebc0a7d3fbee294b5c37ed

  1. Always store your watch in a cool, dry place.

The room shouldn’t be exposed to the elements like direct sunlight. When the insides of the watch gets heated, some of the parts may stop working properly. It’s advisable that you don’t discard the watch’s original box so that you can always store the watch in it.sarpl_explore_watchrepair

  1. Get the help of a professional in either cleaning or fixing the watch.

A timepiece expert knows how the parts of the watch work so they are able to fix whatever problem it has without compromising the other parts of the watch.applewatchcrush

  1. Always keep the watch away from magnets.

Luxury watches have parts that might get skewed if they are exposed to the pull of strong magnets. And don’t place your watch on electronic devices that have magnets inside.

Always keep in mind that watches have very delicate parts that might break down and cease working when they’re subjected to unnecessary bumps. The age of the timepiece can also be a factor. The older the watch is, the more care it needs from you. Taking care of your watch all boils down to wearing it correctly, storing it in a place where it won’t be exposed to the elements, and having it checked regularly by a watch expert. If you do all these, your watch will last for a very long time.

Insurance Is Like Your Best Friend, Here Are Three Big Reasons Why

global_images_insurance_life-car-health-ssk_100070060In recent years, Malaysians have an inclination towards spending more on lifestyle products and services. For short-term gains of shareable experience, you are more susceptible to a higher cost of living that restrains the growth of your personal wealth. Where global and local economy remains gloom, this calls for a heightened awareness to buy insurance in Malaysia for your long-term benefits.

If you have been distancing yourself from insurance agents in fear of dreadful process and technical jargons, it’s time to give insurance a second thought. Getting yourself covered is an important thing to do in your life because it has become relevant to everyone. In fact, insurance may hold greater potentials in your personal finance and wealth building.

Here are three big reasons why insurance is like your best friend:


  1. It’s an investment

When you devote effort and energy to spend time with your best friend, you know it’s going to be a worthwhile effort despite your ups and downs. Similarly, setting a monthly premium for insurance rewards you with a greater well-being. As you plan ahead for the bigger picture, investing in insurance empowers you with a potential growth in personal wealth without sacrificing your future dreams and financial security. In situations where last minute decisions can take its toll in your friendship, the same goes for buying insurance. Hence, getting an early head start into investment will offer you greater flexibility in curating an insurance plan suited for your needs with affordable premiums.


  1. Sharing is caring

At first glance, the direct beneficiary of buying insurance is you. However, such investment also gives an assurance to your loved ones or future generations. Getting covered by insurance place yourself with a clearer understanding of your personal wealth, which means knowing where your money flows and what you’re insured for. It means protecting you and your loved ones from minimized financial burden in unforeseen circumstances while striving towards the dream lifestyle together.


  1. It has your back

When life hits you with uncertainties and doubts, a best friend pulls you out from the rut and aids in your personal growth. The process to buy insurance is a similar affair. Now, you can directly consult banking professionals addressing your financial needs accordingly. Also, staying connected with your insurance provider at emergency situations is now easier with mobile banking app and personal hotlines. With a planned future, you are more resilient to obstacles and life challenges.


Gaining a long-life best friend doesn’t take place overnight, and breaking the ice is always the most intimidating phase. Likewise, get your time to familiarize on the guidelines to buy insurance in Malaysia. A great place to start will be a visit to your personal bank or make an online inquiry.

Malaysian Parents, Here Are 5 Tips on Cycling With Your Kids For The First Time

cyclingYou love cycling since forever and now that you have a child, you believe that you will never get the chance to ride a bike again. Maybe you are thinking of moving your bicycle to your storage room, but hold on a second! Why don’t you take your kid with you? If you are a new parent and a cycling enthusiast, read on for 5 tips on taking your child on a cycling session for the first time.3689_1280x800

  1. Use A Good Bike The most important part when it comes to cycling with your child is to make sure of their safety. There are a lot of danger possibilities such as falling or even getting hit by another vehicle. Therefore, taking early precautions is a must. Make sure you have a bike that works properly with necessary items for safety purpose. Nowadays, there are many bike shops where you can purchase the devices required. If you have limited time, you can also visit an online bike shop to look for bike sales and find the items you need.
  2. Choose A Safer Route As this is your first time bringing your kid with you, it is better to start with an easy trip. For example, you can start cycling around your neighborhood area. Try to avoid a difficult route with heavy car traffics as much as possible. Oh, and make sure you don’t cycle too fast or too far away. Always bring a navigation device with you, just in case.01-cycling-adv-kids
  3. Prepare Everything Prior Every parent understands that kids definitely don’t like to wait. Therefore, the solution is to prepare all the necessary essentials earlier. Make sure you pack your bag with repair kits, first aid kits, your kid’s clothes or nappy, and a bottle of water. Don’t forget some snacks because kids get hungry easily. Always make sure that you have some cash with you in case you need to buy something. A mobile phone is necessary for unlikely emergencies, and maybe for some selfies together! Put everything in a lightweight bag so when the time comes, all you have to do is grab the bag.kids2_ss530_12_h
  4. Choose A Suitable Time Malaysia is a tropical country with a high level of humidity. So don’t go out when it’s really hot. For example, maybe you can do your activity early in the morning or after 5 p.m in the evening. Cycling at night is a bit risky unless you take some precautions. Also, refer to the latest weather forecast regularly to avoid rainy or stormy days.kids_bike_accessories_770x440
  5. Be Patient Well, children are unpredictable. One minute they can be the most charming person in the world and the next they throw a tantrum without any warning. It’s like magic you can’t comprehend, really. Just get ready for anything that may occur so that you can avoid feeling depressed. Maybe you can take a rest every 30 minutes or play your kid’s favorite song from your smartphone while cycling. Remember that this can become the most memorable bonding time, so just enjoy the journey together.

Now that you already know these 5 important tips, you are ready to take your child with you! Stop stressing out, introduce cycling to your child, and cherish the precious family bonding moment.

Trending Now: Why Parents Send Their Kids to Boarding Schools

Choosing which school parents send their kid/s to is indeed a vital decision to make. With more and more considerations to think of such as the cost of tuition fees, the image of the school, their child’s preference, parents must not forget this significant part as well: their child’s safety and security.

One tough part that parents and their children must settle before moving forward to their academic paths is whether a boarding school is far off better than going into a regular day public or private school. In Malaysia, there is an increasing number of boarding schools with the establishment of more independent international schools located in Penang, Johor and the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur.


Primarily speaking, while boarding schools may cater to the upper classes, some middle-class parents also consider sending their kids to boarding schools because of the many advantages. Generally speaking, children who attend boarding schools get a high exposure to different types of people, while their experiences acquired in boarding schools teach them independence, practicability, and critical thinking.


Here are more reasons why more and more parents let their kids attend a boarding school in Malaysia:


  1. Better education system

Boarding schools usually have limited number of students. Equipped with highly competent teachers, boarding schools offer kids a greater scope of academic and even non-academic programs and activities. In fact, these schools ensure complete immersion in academia and sports through a comprehensive and regular monitoring and guidance activities for their students.


  1. Kids become more responsible for themselves

Since students enrolled in boarding schools are left alone with the school administrators and their fellow schoolmates, they are also subjected to stricter rules and regulations, making them more responsible for themselves. The responsibility gives them the right amount of independence to practice making their own decisions within the context of their school. They also learn how to prioritize and to become prudent individuals.


  1. Better sports and arts facilities

Boarding schools are also famous for sports and arts programs, which make them popular choices for kids interested in these activities. Regular schools tend to focus more on academics, and those who are considered as “gifted” in these areas are often snuffed out in day schools. For kids who are inclined to sports and arts such as ballet, theater, and music, boarding schools offering these specialized programs are the best choice.


Education is one of the most crucial things parents provide for their kids. Choosing the right school for them is definitely the deciding factor for the success of these young people. Parents must always put in mind that in the choice of the right school, what is important is what suits their children entirely.

A Quick Guide To The Best Restaurants In Kota Kinabalu

A Quick Guide To The Best Restaurants In Kota Kinabalu


If you are planning to visit Sabah either for pleasure or for business, you shouldn’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in Kota Kinabalu’s interesting food scene. Because the city is home to a diverse group of people who come from various nationalities, the cuisine available in food establishments is also diverse and extensive. Whether you are looking for Chinese food, Indian food, local recipes, or western dishes, Kota Kinabalu has you covered. If it’s your first time to visit the city and you have no idea where to dine, here’s a quick guide to some of the best restaurants in town:







A visit to Kota Kinabalu won't be complete without visiting this iconic restaurant that serves soup

  1. Yu Kee Bak Kut Teh Restaurant


A visit to Kota Kinabalu won’t be complete without visiting this iconic restaurant that serves soup, meatballs, and dishes that contain ingredients such as pork, intestines, liver, kidneys, and other internal organs. And of course, you should taste their famous bak kut teh recipe.







Operated by a Hungarian lady, this restaurant offers an amazing array of dishes

  1. Chilli Vanilla Restaurant


Operated by a Hungarian lady, this restaurant offers an amazing array of dishes. Their most popular dishes include black pepper calamari, chicky chick, frikadelle, beef burgers, chicken roulade, and Hungarian goulash.








They offer a plethora of tasty burgers, tacos, salads, soups, and various types of pizza

  1. El Centro Cafe and Bar


If you want good food, good ambiance, and good music in the background while you eat, this is where you should go. They offer a plethora of tasty burgers, tacos, salads, soups, and various types of pizza.







If you're craving for fine dining, this is the place to go

  1. Ferdinand’s Restaurant


If you’re craving for fine dining, this is the place to go. It offers authentic Italian cuisine served to you with style, charm, and unbelievable attention to detail. The ambiance is great and their wine selection is something to behold. The place has been consistently voted as the best restaurant in KK as far as Italian food is concerned.







If you ask a resident what's the best seafood restaurant in the city

5 . Welcome Seafood Restaurant


If you ask a resident what’s the best seafood restaurant in the city, the answer is usually Welcome Seafood Restaurant. What makes the place unique is that they have tanks full of fishes, crabs, oysters, lobsters, and prawns. Just point here and there and the staff will cook them for you.


These are just a few of the dozens of great restaurants that offer great food in Kota Kinabalu. You should feel free to explore the city and embark on your own food adventure. Don’t just focus on restaurants that are located in high-end streets and main thoroughfares. You’ll be surprised at the number of really good eateries that can be found in the city’s lesser-known streets and neighborhoods.

5 Amazing Water Theme Parks in Malaysia that Your Family Will Love


When school holiday hits, step away from the mind-numbing digital weekend and treat your kids to a sunny getaway in Malaysia. With a medley of family-friendly attractions to visit in this tropical destination, chasing a burst of sunshine in Malaysia’s water theme parks is a must-do. So, pack your swimwear and slap some sunscreen because the best water theme park in Malaysia is waiting for you and your family.


  1. Sunway Lagoon Theme Park Ask any of the folks in Subang Jaya about their favorite childhood memory and you’re likely to hear them say, Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. Perched in the populous area of Subang Jaya, a ticket to this water theme park guarantees hour-long fun and excitement. With sunny skies above you, take a plunge into the rapid waters of Vuvuzela and practice your surfing moves at the famous Surf Beach. Remember to get your kids to hang out at the Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon for the Spongebob Splash Adventure.

Sunway Lagoon Theme Park


  1. Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park The best way to celebrate Malaysia’s tropical climate is by spending your afternoon at the Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park. An up-and-coming family attraction in Johor Bahru, stick to the rules of splash and slide when you and your family step foot into this vibrant water theme park. Coupled with laid-back and family-friendly vibes, start by making your way down the amazing SuperSurf and Uphill Battle giant slides. Before the day ends, relax and embrace the rippling waves in the Austin Wave Pool.

Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park


  1. Wet World Water Park Shah Alam For a thrilling water adventure in the heart of Shah Alam, make your way to Wet World Water Park for some smiles and sunshine like the rest of the locals do. Brimming with vibrant rides and attractions, follow the crowd to the Monsoon Buster and Caribbean River for a great time in the water slides. Then, take the kids to the Kiddy Typhoon Lagoon and Island of Treasures to see them beaming with laughter.

Wet World Water Park Shah Alam


  1. A’Famosa Water Theme Park Dubbed as the largest water theme park in Malaysia, prepare to spend the entire afternoon at the A’Famosa Water Theme Park. Located in the heritage city of Malacca, start off with a chill introduction at the Wave Pool before moving on to adrenaline-fueled Family Raft Ride. Perfect for your thrill-seeking family, take on the seven-storey High Speed Slides and challenge each other to the obstacle-styled Aqua Challenge.

A’Famosa Water Theme Park


  1. Legoland Water Theme Park Apart from reliving your sweet childhood memories, LEGOLAND Water Theme Park is where the kids and beach bums go when they’re in Johor Bahru. Surrounded by colorful blocks of LEGO-themed structures, strap on your swimwear and head first to the Brick Blaster tunnels. Continue by creating your family raft at Build-A-Raft, sliding down the Joker Soaker, and splashing away at the DUPLO Splash Safari.

Legoland Water Theme Park


If you’re planning a memorable family getaway in Malaysia, score brownie points from your wife and kids when you surprise them with an afternoon in the local water theme park. Whether you have Sunway Lagoon Theme Park or Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park in mind, a trip to any water park in Malaysia will put a smile on your family’s faces.

DO NOT MISS A BEAT – 6 Essential Items Not To Miss When Creating A Natural Skin Care Routine

Things need not be complicated when forming a natural skin care routine. Practice makes perfect so to speak. At first, it might be a hit-or-miss affair until all the pieces fall together, in the particular order and in the right places. However, as in any other routine, essential props form the basics of the repetitive exercise. Experts in beauty and cosmetics have crafted a proven formula. An organic hydrating mask is an example of a multi-functional and highly recommended gizmo in natural skin care routine.  What then are the essential items not to miss when creating a natural skin care routine? Read on to find out.


1.Face Wash / Face Soap

ATE_skin_soap-bar_article2The first decree in a skin care routine is proper cleansing. It begins with washing the face at least once a day. It can be performed at the start of the day or before signing off for the day. Cleansing is customary and paves the way for the ensuing phases.


  1. Exfoliating Creams

Close-up of beautiful young woman removing old damaged skin from her face

After cleansing, exfoliating follows. Exfoliants are designed to clear the skin of dead cells and hide the pores. A handy, pint-sized brush is the perfect accompanying gadget in this step. Some beauty experts suggest exfoliation to be done every two days.


  1. Skin Toners

Restoring the skin’s pH balance is the principal purpose of this beauty product. When used as astringent, open pores constrict and then shrink. Skin toners prevent impurities from penetrating the skin. The breakout of acne and pimples are minimized, if not totally eradicated.


  1. Skin Moisturizers

moisturizerThis beauty product is the all-around skin treatment used in the mainstream. Moisturizing the skin gives the adrenalin rush to daily users. The instant feeling of softening skin after application is a confidence booster. Skin moisturizers with all-natural ingredients make its way just below the skin surface. Its mission is to slow down melanin production which causes visible light and dark spots.


  1. Face Masks

facemasks-660x330Superheroes hide behind face masks to conceal identity. Face masks in skin care does the opposite. It is meant to display a rejuvenated skin in all its beauty and splendor. An organic hydrating mask is a uniquely formulated beauty product. It calms, rehydrates and shelters the skin. Pores are refined and damaged tissues are repaired.


  1. Spot Treatment

The blemish troopers dedicated to zero in on undesirable dark spots, scars, and blemishes. Spot treatments are the specialists in the list of ‘not to miss’ items in a natural skin care routine. Whether as a quick-fix remedy or non-stop use, spot treatments conceal and remove distracting spots.


A natural skin care routine is an all-important activity in keeping up with the times. It is the science behind a healthier and fresh looking skin. The benefits derived from using natural skin care products are aplenty. Surgical intervention is no longer necessary. The most innovative and advanced skin care technologies have been formulated to address recurring skin problems. These organic beauty products have been clinically proven such that safety is a non-issue. Success depends on the proper use of the ‘NOT TO MISS’ essential items. Flawless is not an exaggeration.

Find Your Top 5 Must-have Meat Shop Gadgets by Reading This Guide.

TMalaysian meat market is a thriving industry. The production of meat complies basically with Halal standards considering that 61.3% of its population are Muslim. Meat is not hard to find since it is widely distributed in the market.

If you are a restaurant owner who wishes to give the best meal experience to your customers, or a meat shop owner who intends to serve only the best type of meat and poultry or a B2B company that focuses on meat distribution, there are several guidelines to take. However, the freshness and excellent quality of the goods you sell must be your top priority.

There are plenty of ways by which you could preserve the freshness of the meat you sell but most of them depend on the tools and equipment you possess. Below are the top 5 must-haves gadgets for your meat business that are thankfully widely available in Malaysia:1

  1. Butchering products This includes the many types of knives such as boning knife, meat cleaver, and meat carving knife. You may buy knives in sets which usually include gloves for safety.Image processed by CodeCarvings Piczard ### FREE Community Edition ### on 2016-01-07 16:32:51Z |  | Lÿÿÿÿÿÿ?
  2. Meat grinder This is also known as meat mincer and used to finely chop pieces of meat or fish. Although manual meat grinders are still widely available, electronic ones are preferred by most due to its efficiency. This can be bought for as low as RM 306.09.3
  3. Meat Tenderizer To ensure the tenderness of your meat products, this tool is a definite must-have. This is a small hammer-like tool used to tenderize the meat by softening the meat fibers to help it become more chewable and digestible.4
  4. Vacuum Sealers One of the secrets of preserving the quality of your meat is by properly storing them. Vacuum sealers will definitely do the job. This is a device using a technology to keep the air out of the plastic bag in which you store the meat. Heat is then used to seal the plastic bag.5
  5. PH Meter Maintenance of the right PH level of the meat is of utmost importance. This will surely determine if your meat is fresh and ready for consumption. The PH of excellent meat ranges from 5.7 to 6.0. To ensure that your meat falls within this range, a PH meter is then essential. Scientifically speaking, this device is used to measure hydrogen ion in a particular substance or matter. This will determine the levels of acidity and alkalinity of your meat product so you can identify if they are fit for human consumption or not. You may buy a PH meter in Malaysia at RM 2,300.00. Price may vary depending on any additional specifications such as the size and calibration.

So if you wish to jump start your meat shop business, the above tools are just what you need to make it happen. Not only will they help you prepare your products for sell, they’ll also ensure that the meat is handled safely. That way, you can be sure that your products are delicious and also safe for consumption.

Getting Chapped Lips? Here are 5 Common Causes and How to Effectively Deal with Them

Related image

Your lips determine the quality of your smile. Yet, like many people in Malaysia, you likely are in a constant battle with chapped lips, due to changing weather conditions and sun exposure. Because your lips don’t contain natural oils like your skin does, your lips are prone to drying out and chapping.

Fortunately, you can take some simple steps to prevent chapped lips and make your smile more appealing. If chapped lips are a constant problem for you, here are five of the most common causes and what you can do to counteract them and ensure your smile is as beautiful as possible.

  1. Taking Too Much Vitamin. A While supplemental vitamins can be healthful, too much vitamin A can make your lips become chapped and peel. You should not take more than 25,000 IU of vitamin A each day to prevent your lips from becoming dried out and chapped.
  2. Not Enough Water. Most people in modern societies are used to walking around in a state of semi-dehydration, due to intake of caffeinated drinks and other diuretic substances. When your body doesn’t have enough water, neither do your lips, and they become chapped much faster. Ensuring you drink a sufficient amount of water to stay hydrated will help.
  3. Eating Acidic Foods. Many types of food contain acids that can damage your lips. Tomato sauce, citrus fruits, and other foods that have high levels of acid can ruin your lips. Moderating your intake of acidic foods can help prevent chapped lips as well. You can also wipe your mouth with a damp cloth to help remove acidic elements after each bite of food.
  4. Breathing. Through Your Mouth Sometimes, you find yourself breathing through your mouth rather than your nose, like when you have a sinus cold and are stuffed up. When you breathe through your mouth, your lips are exposed to the dry air. That will dry them out and cause your lips to become chapped. Eliminating as much breathing via your mouth as possible will help to keep your lips in great condition.
  5. Lacking Sunblock. Your lips are exposed to the sun like the rest of your face. Yet, many people do not use a moisturizing lip balm that contains sunblock, and that is a mistake. You need to keep your lips moist with balm, but you also need one that contains sunblock. You can also apply a small amount of sunblock to your lips if you don’t have a balm available that contains it. But, the best solution is to ensure your favorite moisturizing lip balm contains sunblock, so that the sun won’t have a debilitating effect on your lips.

Image result for Your lips determine the quality of your smile.

Like many others, you likely make several of the most common causes of chapped lips. Worse still, you might not have been aware of the damage you cause to your lips via your daily routine. Fortunately, a few simple modifications to your daily routine and the items you use to protect your lips can turn your dry, chapped lips into vibrant, lovely lips that truly enhance your smile and appearance.

Faster Career Success – 6 High-Demand Jobs In Malaysia With Fewer College Years To Spend

There are several considerations why an individual would prefer to spend fewer years in college. If you are in Malaysia and there is a need for you to join the workforce early, you can take the shorter route by enrolling in courses that will earn you a diploma. You can take Diploma programs as pre-requisite that will instantly qualify you to apply for different jobs available in Malaysia. This could be your stepping stone to earn your keep while preparing to pursue higher education.

It is advised that before you enroll in a Diploma course, you would have a definite answer to that often familiar question of, “How do you see yourself 5 years from now?” But before you cross the bridge to reach your destination, you have to take the Diploma course of your choice. On the average, the courses have a time frame of 24 to 36 months with compulsory internship or training for some of them.

The Diploma structure in Malaysia affords people with financial limitations to enter the workforce. Let us look at some of the industry sectors with high-demand jobs and a brief job description for each. Check any that is best suited to your qualifications.

  1. Engineering Assistant (Industry: Manufacturing / Production) – To carry out maintenance and troubleshooting of facility equipment like boiler, cold room, chiller, cooling tower, air compressor etc. and also to carry out troubleshooting works related to all electrical installations. If you have a Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, this job is suitable for you.Engineering Assistant is to carry out maintenance jobs and troubleshooting of facility equipment
  2. Handyman (Facilities Maintenance / Industry: Property/Real Estate) – Tasked to do troubleshooting and to provide hands-on assistance to perform rectification for any issues regarding the building structure. In addition, to provide a fast response time to any building structure issues that may arise.
  3. Bartender & Barista (Industry: Food & Beverage) – Chiefly performs bartending duties and calibration of espresso machine and grinder. This is one of the high-demand jobs with the proliferation of lifestyle restaurant and bars in the booming food & beverage industry.Bartender and Barista chiefly performs their maintenance duties and calibration of machine and grinder
  4. Hotel and Restaurant Staff (Hotel / Industry: Hospitality) – Performs the function of a hotel front liner to receive hotel guests. Required to have a good command of the English language and must be responsible, mature, and computer literate.
  5. Kitchen Crew (Industry: Food & Beverage) – Mainly responsible for assisting the chef in the proper preparation of dishes subject to restaurant standards. Must be able to follow health and safety regulations by ensuring and maintaining cleanliness of work areas. A Diploma in Business Management will come in handy for you.Kitchen crew must ensuring and maintaining cleanliness of work areas
  6. IT Executive (Industry: Food & Beverage) – Provide first-level support for IT operations including IT systems and hardware equipment. Also responsible for assisting in technical areas of system development and support projects. Ideal for people with strong inclinations to information technology.

The Diploma program will give you the needed exposure in practical and specific skills depending on your industry of choice. Diploma courses are being offered in various fields such as Engineering, Information Technology, Business and Hotel Management to name a few.  As a final word of advice, do not underestimate the maintenance jobs in Malaysia. Most lucky breaks are found in unlikely places. One opportunity leads to another and your next job might lead you to more promising opportunities.