Preparing for a Promotion – 5 Basic Skills Needed to Snag a Higher Executive Role

Aside from the salary, people often take on jobs in order to develop their career. Of course, the rank and file or managerial positions might satisfy ambition for a while. But give a person a few years of the same repetitive routine, and they’re bound to hunger for higher executive roles. Becoming an executive means having the right skills in order to accomplish duties to produce the best results. If you’re working hard for that promotion and you want to become an executive soon, you should be sure to have these 5 basic skills honed and at the ready.


  1. Leadership – Executives have an endless list of subordinates, and it’s often their job to make sure everyone else beneath them is performing their duties to the highest of standards. Aside from calling the shots, executives are also responsible for setting a good example for everyone else in the company. Honing your leadership skills will make it much easier for you to shepherd the flock when your time comes for an executive role.


  1. Grace Under Pressure – With a lot of duties on an executive’s plate, it’s all too easy to lose your cool and explode when things start to get a little more stressful than you’d prefer. Being able to handle pressure while being calm, collected, and commanding, will set you apart from others vying for the executive opening.


  1. Computer Mastery – Much of the work of executives is performed in an office in front of a computer. Microsoft office applications are often the most commonly used executive software, so it’s important to make sure you know each and every last function of all these apps. This is when the advantage of Microsoft excel training becomes apparent, especially because it’s the most important and frequently needed software for countless executives.


  1. Vision – Executives often pave the way for their companies, directing the flow of operations and ultimately bringing an enterprise where it needs to go. Being able to develop a vision as well as figuring out how to get there will help you become an effective executive.


  1. People Management – Are your people slacking off? Are they going above and beyond their duties? Are they in need of more training? A good executive should be able to recognize where rewards and confrontations should be provided, working to fine tune the organization as much as possible and whenever necessary.


Do you have what it takes to become an executive? Hone these 5 skills and continue to develop your work ethic to help boost your career to that coveted executive role sooner rather than later.

6 Creative And Affordable Ways To Spend Your Vacation In Port Dickson


Planning to go to Port Dickson? Although the coastal town is small, it has its own charms and amazing tourist attractions at a fraction of the cost. Find out the six creative, fun and affordable ways you can spend your vacation in Port Dickson:Port-Dickson-beach_large

  1. Let your imagination run wild Let your imagination run wild at the Alive 3D Art Gallery located in Dataran Segar. The gallery is filled with plenty of 3D or isometric paintings and art murals in various themes. You can do different sorts of poses depending on the painting or mural, and simply have fun with your family while snapping silly photos.
  2. Attract good luck If you’re the superstitious kind, bring good luck to your life by rubbing the shells of turtles at the Yun Loon/Wan Loong Chinese Temple located at the coastal road in Port Dickson. Similarly, you can also sponsor baby turtles at the temple for long-term good fortune. While you’re there, you can marvel at the temple’s majestic wall and ornamented architectural work.
  3. Have a taste of ostrich eggs If you’re an adventurous foodie, try eating ostrich eggs at several ostrich farms in Port Dickson, such as PD Ostrich Show Farm in Jalan Kemang or Jelita Ostrich Farm in Jalan Pantai. If you’re feeling creative, you can buy the eggs and cook them in various different cooking styles.
  4. Experience ‘riding’ military vehicles For history buffs, you can experiencing ‘riding’ military vehicles such as tank, armored helicopter or cars at the Army Museum in Kem Si Rusa. You can also go through the tunnels (replicated) during the war.
  5. Paint at Cape Rachado Lighthouse If you’re feeling artistic, bring your painting gear and go painting at the Cape Rachado Lighthouse at the outskirts of Port Dickson. The scenic ocean view or even the towering lighthouse serve as the perfect backdrop.
  6. Catch seafood by the sea and cook your own Since Port Dickson is the popular destination for people who love to barbecue by the beach, you can catch your own seafood and prep them for barbecue. You’ll need to rent a chalet that allows for barbecuing (some chalets have all the facilities and equipment needed for a BBQ party). Experience chalet in Port Dickson that allows for barbecue by the beach.The Avillion Port Dickson was modelled to evoke the feel of a Malay fishing village and that homeliness coupled with modern facilities is what keeps guests coming back.

If you want to do a lot of sightseeing or an outdoor barbecue party by the beach, make sure you visit Port Dickson during non-Monsoon season. The rain can be pretty heavy and it might make it harder for you to enjoy your stay in the town.

Top 5 Best Benefits Of Using Bulk SMS For Businesses


Thanks to technology, there are now more forms of marketing to choose from. Between traditional marketing and digital marketing, the latter has been proven to be faster and more cost-effective. One of the most popular forms of digital marketing is sending bulk SMS. Here are the top five benefits and reasons why using bulk SMS for businesses is getting more popular:personalization-of-a-website-1

  1. Personalization


SMS messages can be personalized based on the demographics and previous purchasing behavior of the customer. Moreover, the SMS can be location-based and individually sculpted according to different regions (or countries) and stores. The personalization options are endless and with almost no extra cost.

Businessman works with business and technology Network Display

  1. Highly targeted messages


Sending out messages randomly to random people is a thing of the past. Not only can that be a waste of money, it will make businesses lose potential customers since untargeted messages are intrusive and annoying. Today, bulk SMS is permission-based, which means the recipients already give their consent to receiving the messages and have a relationship to said businesses. Business owners have a better chance at increasing sales by reselling to existing customers.16378493_s

  1. High ROI and low cost


Traditional marketing relies heavily on direct mail, outdoor advertising, telemarketing, broadcast media (i.e. radio or TV ads), and printed media (i.e. brochures or newspaper ads); these can all be time-consuming and cost-prohibitive particularly for startups. But for as little as $30, businesses can easily reach out to about 1,000 audience and more within minutes and interact directly with them through digital marketing.84120653

  1. Flexibility and speed


The modern business world is fluid, and businesses must always keep up with the times by being adaptable and flexible to the changing landscape to survive on the market. Promotional campaigns can now be delivered within minutes to the target audience thanks to the zero lead time of SMS marketing. email-marketing-success-862x576

  1. Fast open rates


SMS marketing is often opened and read by the recipients within five seconds, compared to marketing campaigns on email. Moreover, the average time for recipients to open email marketing is two days. Business owners who want to have their messages seen immediately by a high percentage of the audience should opt for bulk SMS marketing.

Many businesses and organizations seek bulk SMS service for transactional and promotional purposes. With the added benefits of personalization, highly targeted messages, high ROI and low cost, flexibility and speed, as well as open rates, retaining customer’s loyalty and increasing sales and brand awareness have never been easier and effective.

How to Maintain Health and Safety in the Workplace in 5 Easy Ways


Employers are legally and ethically bound to keep employees safe in the workplace. Every year, hundreds and even thousands become injured or ill, or even die, while doing their job. Work-related accidents negatively impact families, and even the employers, so employers should stay on top to ensure safety in the workplace. These five ways are a good place to start in promoting health and safety in the workplace:1

  1. Creating a work hazard control plan. A work hazard control plan will let employers determine the various hazards present in the workplace and research effective measures to avoid accidents and ill health among employees. This plan is the starting point of all efforts towards a safe workplace.2
  2. Informing employees of ways to stay safe. Awareness is key in avoiding accidents, so informing employees of what they should do in order to stay safe is integral. Whether it be what to do in case of a fire or how to maintain a healthy posture for a desk job, employees should be educated on workplace health and safety. This can be done in small meetings, regular seminars, and written reminders posted in high-traffic areas of the office.3
  3. Regularly inspecting the office. Employers should also regularly check if equipment, tools, appliances, and gadgets are well maintained and functional. During these inspections, it is helpful to have a list of items to inspect, to ensure an efficient and thorough assessment of workplace safety.4
  4. Maintain air quality. Air quality is often one of the ignored aspects of workplace safety. An employee’s health and even work performance is highly affected by air quality, so there should always be indoor air comfort in the office. The temperature should not be too warm or too cold. Air conditioning units should always be checked for any issues, as they should always generate appropriate temperature levels. Maintaining indoor air comfort in the office is one of the simplest ways to avoid illness and to maximize productivity of employees.5
  5. Invite a third party occupational health officer for a site visit. Lastly, it is often wise to pursue an outsider opinion. Inviting an external occupational health expert can expose previously unseen hazards. It can also allow the employer and occupational safety officers of the company to learn more ways on how to promote health and safety in the workplace.

No one wants to hear reports of accidents or something worse on their watch. With these tips, maximizing health and safety in the workplace is easy and achievable.

Finding a Place for Fragile Things – 6 Smart Tips for Packing Breakables

Woman packs parcel in post office


Whether you’re packing up your belongings in preparation for a move, or if you’re simply shipping something out to a distant friend or family member, it’s important that you make sure any breakables are packed to prevent damage in transit. While padding everything with layers and layers of bubble wrap might seem like the best course of action, there are more efficient, less bulky ways to make sure anything fragile is kept safe for shipping. Find out how to pack your breakables the smart way by checking out these 6 tips for efficient shipping preparations.






The general tendency is to buy lots of large boxes and fit as many items in them as possible


  1. Use Smaller Boxes


The general tendency is to buy lots of large boxes and fit as many items in them as possible. But packing breakables in big boxes can easily cause the entire package to weigh too much and to contain too many separate items. Use smaller boxes when packing breakables to keep everything at a manageable weight and to prevent contents at the bottom from giving in to heaviness.







Fill in empty areas with paper, cloth, or Styrofoam beans

  1. Avoid Empty Spaces


When packing breakables, it’s important to make sure you don’t leave any empty spaces where items can slide and move around during shipping. Fill in empty areas with paper, cloth, or Styrofoam beans to keep items from moving around in the space.






Moving Day

  1. Pad Your Boxes


Wrapping items in bubble wrap or cling foil and packing them into unpadded boxes doesn’t protect them any better than simply placing them in containers without all the wrapping. Use pp foam on your breakables and along the inside of boxes to add an extra layer of protection.








  1. Wrap Individually


Some people pack their items together to save time and space. For instance, a glass casserole with a matching lid might be wrapped together with bubble wrap, but that makes it prone to damage if and when shipping gets bumpy. Wrap each item individually and then wrap them together if necessary to prevent breakage due to contact.






Couple moving house --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

  1. Be Generous With Tape


It might be difficult to remove too much tape when you start unpacking, but layering on the adhesive will prevent a lot of damage-causing movement in transit. Don’t be afraid to secure everything down with all the tape you have, and use wider strips to close boxes and keep items in place.






Stacking boxes that contain breakables can put items at the bottom in serious danger of damage

  1. Refrain from Stacking


Stacking boxes that contain breakables can put items at the bottom in serious danger of damage. When loading all of your boxes, place all containers with breakables at the bottom with assorted, lighter boxes on top.



Don’t let the shipping process damage your valuable breakables. Make sure everything arrives at the destination in one piece by taking note of these 6 smart tips for packing fragile items.

Traveling on a Tight Budget – 6 Ways to Cut Back on Travel Expenses This 2017

Everyone wants to travel, but very few want to spend for it. Because making your way to and through a new destination can be heavy on the pocket, lots of people skip out on the chance to see and experience new sights and sounds. According to recent statistics, an estimated 25 million people travel through Malaysia on a yearly basis. However, not all of these travelers are able to maximize their money’s worth. If you’re looking for ways to travel on a tight budget, this short list of helpful tips should help you save up.


  1. Plan Ahead – There is never any way to anticipate problems that might occur during your travel and often, these can cause travelers to spend more. Be sure to plan ahead to prepare yourself well enough for any roadblocks and prevent spending on unnecessary expenses like food and accommodations. For instance, if you plan to travel through Malaysia by train, it’s important that you check the KTM timetable online before you head out so you know exactly how much you should have in your pockets while waiting for your ride.


  1. Book in Advance – Hotel rates and airfares are a lot more affordable if you book them in advance. If you’re sure of the dates for your travel, book ahead and make reservations for both accommodations and flights to take advantage of cheaper travel costs.


  1. Use a Credit Card – If you have a credit card that offers travel rewards, try to purchase all the necessities for your trip with that specific card. This will earn you more points and grant you more rewards that you can claim later on. Some credit cards, when used for plane tickets and hotel reservations, also offer coverage for delays and problems you might experience with your flight or hotel.


  1. Schedule Your Trip – Off season travel is often much less expensive as hotels, travel companies, and even tourist attractions lower their rates to attract more customers. Know when your destination is off-season in terms of tourism and try to clear out your schedule for then.


  1. Rent a Car – Instead of taking taxis to all the different locations you plan to visit, consider renting a car in the first city you arrive at. This will make it easier for you to travel at your own pace, and will prevent any opportunistic taxi drivers from taking advantage of your lack of commute cost knowledge.


  1. Get a Guide – Often, different countries have tour guides that will gladly offer you their services for free just so they can practice their English speaking skills. Consider getting a local to help you navigate so you don’t end up overspending on attractions and souvenirs that might not maximize your budget.

Travel doesn’t have to be expensive. Be sure to remember these 6 easy and simple tips to help you make your way through your chosen destination without having to break the bank.

Top 10 Interior Design Trends Designers Should Watch Out For In 2017

2017 will see a few new interior design trends being incorporated in many households, whether in Malaysia or other countries. If you’re an interior designer, you need to constantly be on the lookout for such new trends, as trends often change so fast according to seasons. Watch out for these top 10 trends in 2017 if you’re an interior designer (or an aspiring one):

  1. Industrial aesthetic Mimicking the industrial look is a new trend that won’t die out anytime soon. The trick is to mix and match earthy textures, such as clay or timber with black steel; and add other fashionable elements like linen curtains, indoor plants, leather furniture, or sheepskin rug.Meyer Scherer & Rockcastle- Urban Outfitters Headquarters
  2. Gentle color schemes While dark grey and black are still the popular colors in 2017, there will be a new wave of gentle colors that are trending and staying, including pearl, blush, musk, nude, duck egg, taupe, biscuit, cool greys, white, greige, granite, and basically any pastel color.
  3. Luxe metallic You can add a touch of luxury with super luxurious-looking metallic homeware. Using the right metallic – be it onyx, bronze, antique gold, or brass – mixed with pastels will provide a wonderful contrast. Clever contrasting can prevent a space from looking bland.
  4. Statement artwork, cushions or furniture Add some eye-catching features in a room that will make a statement, be it a controversial artwork, pattern cushions or quirky furniture. Stick to one item that stands out in an entire space.Add some eye-catching features as an interior design that will make a statement
  5. Modern vintage-style furniture A vintage look will always be timeless, no matter what the current year is. If your client loves the retro, old-world aesthetics, there’s plenty of modern vintage-style furniture widely available on the market. Add some wood-based furniture mixed with retro-looking homeware to get that classic feeling and look. Paint the kitchen white or pastel yellow and add on colorful tinware or patterned aprons and towels to make the space livelier.
  6. Upholstered bedheads Another household piece that will ad a touch of luxury to your home is an upholstered bedhead. It has been a staple in celebrity homes and luxury hotel bedrooms, and they’re now beloved by the masses. Get a plush-looking bedhead in velvet, or one that’s neutral in color and comes with buttons.
  7. Cork walls Cork walls can serve as a large inspiration board in your home office. Turn an entire wall in your home office from floor to ceiling with cork. Pin a few photos, quotes, greeting cards or calendars to give it a stylish look.The interior design of cork walls can serve as a large inspiration board in your home office
  8. Terracotta tiles Earthy terracotta tiles give your home a more bohemian, relaxed look, which can be perfect for clients who’d like some serenity in their homes.
  9. Jewel-toned homeware Jewel tones like opal, Lucite, raw-cut quartz, or metals add some sparkle to a space, especially if it’s mixed with materials like floaty silks or transparent fabrics.
  10. Relaxing furniture Escapist elements in furniture like oversized seats, deep sofas or floor cushions help your clients to relax.

Often, the interior design industry follows the fashion industry. For example, if there are trending colors used in a certain season within the fashion industry, the interior design industry tends to incorporate and help make that colors trending. For those who are looking for interior design jobs in Malaysia, it’s best if you can produce a few designs that incorporate any of these trends to include in your portfolio, so you can show your potential employer that you’re up-to-date. Hence, your chances to get hired in your dream job will be greatly increased.

Life with Kids: 5 Ways to Make Parenting A Stress-Free Journey

There is no easy way to be a parent. The responsibilities from day to day basis can be quite exhausting. While there is no short cut to be a better parent, there are ways to make this journey a good one for you.  If you are a parent or a guardian of kids, take note of these tips to make life a little less complicated when dealing with them:


  1. Take kids to an indoor playground in Kuala Lumpur.


It is recommended for children to have at least an hour of moderate activity each day. Besides keeping them occupied, playing boosts their learning abilities and it helps their brain cells grow. At times when you cannot take them outdoors like when it rains or it is too hot, an indoor playground can be a great alternative. Before you take kids to an indoor playground in Kuala Lumpur, check if the place is age-appropriate for your kid.


  1. Work on one calendar.


Once they started schooling, you will need to jot down and remind yourself of important dates. You may have too much on your plate especially when they have school activities all at the same time but you can get everything done given a system. Just make sure your tasks are organized in one place so you will not miss any of them.


  1. Learn about a few parenting hacks.


Your toddler would not stop crying unless you let him color your wall. Giving in would not hurt just as long as a certain activity will not hurt your kid. If you worry those permanent marks on your wooden furniture or the crayon marks on the wall, try a few cleaning hacks. Use a toothpaste to get rid of the ink on a wooden surface or a WD-40 to remove the crayon stains on your walls. There are a lot of hacking ideas all over the Internet. You can even learn about easy cooking tips to prepare healthy snacks for them.


  1. Prep early.


Get your stuff ready the night before. For example, you can think in advance what to give them as snack or what items to put in the bag the night before the school day. This way, you can have extra minutes for devotion or a cup of coffee in the morning.


  1. Curb nagging.


Nobody wants to feel nagged but at times when you feel like you are about to scream, consider redirecting your approach instead of screaming at your kids. Thing is, your child will be assured that you can take control of the situation when you stop nagging.


Parenting can be fun and exciting when you are given the right strategy and a few clever hacks. Stick to these tips and save both your time and sanity. Life with kids can spell trouble but with the right parenting approach, it can be more rewarding than you could ever imagine.

5 Fun And Meaningful Ways You Can Spend Valentine’s With Your Family

Valentine's With Your Family

Forget about giving out chocolates and expensive gifts. A Valentine’s Day with your family is all about showing how much you truly love, care and enjoy their company by spending a quality time together to further bond with them (and even mend your relationships). Find out how you can spend the day with your family in fun and meaningful ways:


  1. Bake together

Baking with your kids can be a fun way to spend Valentine’s Day. Besides teaching them one of the most fundamental life skills, it’s also a good time for you to have a long conversation with your kids and get to know them a little bit better (especially when you and your spouse are busy working parents). Bake hearty treats for the family, or give some to the neighbors or anyone else. Choose a recipe based on your children’s age, and bake it all in heart shape.


  1. Visit a nursing home or shelter

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a loving family or a good life. Teach your children gratitude and show them what life’s like for the less fortunate people. You and your spouse can take the kids (preferably those age 10 and over) to a nearby nursing home or shelter and devote some time to volunteer. If you’re visiting an animal shelter, make sure no one in your family is allergic to the animals.

Visit a nursing home or shelter


  1. Have a Valentine-themed movie marathon

For those who prefer to relax and stay in, you can enjoy a Valentine-themed movie marathon with your family. Prepare some yummy snacks like popcorn or other finger foods and a selection of love-themed movies by Disney, such as Lady and the Tramp, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Maleficent, Shrek, Brave, Frozen, or Tangled. After the marathon, you could have a heart to heart talk with your kids about relevant topics like the meaning of love.


  1. Have an engaging game night

Another way to spend the day at home is to enjoy an engaging game night. Get everyone to hand in their phones and avoid tech altogether. Choose a few games, board games or card games that your family would want to play together. Some of the most recommended games for families include Scrabble, Monopoly, Blockbusters, Cluedo, Jenga, Twister, Life, Mastermind, Forbidden Island, Pandemic, Risk, and Uno.


  1. Embark on a fun adventure

Take your family on a fun adventure and go travel! Even if you’re on a budget, you can still spend a fun and meaningful Valentine’s with your family away from home. Go to a water park in Malaysia or have a short vacation at a hotel with swimming pools, entertainment, and playground for kids and adults. This way, you and your family get to spend a quality time together and form a closer bond. Kuala Lumpur has a wide selection of amazing water parks and indoor parks catering to families.



Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, not only between couples, but also families and friends. Take some time off, forget about work and dedicate the special day only to your family. Do any of the recommended activities and spend a quality time with your loved ones. The meaningful moments you have together will forever etched in their hearts and minds, and they’ll remember you as a caring and loving parent.

Taking Cues from Young Earners – How Millennials Manage Money and What You Can Learn from Them


There has been a proliferation of successful start-ups in recent years, putting countless millennials alongside seasoned executives and industry leaders in terms of income. In 2011, 97.3% of Malaysian businesses fell into the SME category, because many citizens found them to be a great opportunity for big income. For experienced professionals, well-off millennials often seem like clumsy fledglings that just got lucky. But there is a reason for the deliberate success of the younger generation. Find out how millennials manage their money, and learn how to strike it big with these 4 tips.1

  1. Courage to Ask – One thing that sets millennials apart from the other generations when it comes to finances is that they’re not afraid to ask questions. They know when they don’t understand something, and they’re not ashamed to admit it. With that, millennials have become experts at looking for finance resources and advice, and don’t feel scared to ask someone they see as an expert when they’re stuck in a rut. Teach yourself to accept what you don’t know, and go out in search of answers to help shape your concepts on finance.2
  2. Will to Explore – Other generations often feel more comfortable with finance strategies that are familiar, because it eliminates the need to have to feel around when trying new options. But millennials are much more willing to explore the available finance management opportunities in front of them. For instance, a high interest fixed deposit in Malaysia might seem like an unreasonable option for older generations. Why should you open an account that doesn’t allow you to touch your money? But millennials see it differently. Here they see a chance to make more money, and by sacrificing for a fixed deposit now, they can earn much more tomorrow.3
  3. Tech Literate – Millennials have technology, and they’re not afraid to use it. Those who fall in the older generations often feel uncomfortable putting their information on a computer or a smart phone. If they need to key in bank details, they become even more reluctant. Millennials on the other hand are much more capable of pinpointing legitimate digital services that will help them manage what they have. By utilizing their technology to help monitor and budget their finances, they become much more aware of their economic status.Group of three successful business partners in casual working at meeting in office
  4. Flexibility of Expectations – Unlike the older generations which were much firmer when it came to their expectations, millennials aren’t the same way. While they more or less have an idea as to what they want to achieve in terms of their savings, they understand that things can change along the way. This makes it easier for them to adapt to changing markets and shifting economies. By accepting that savings and finances will always be affected by factors that are out of our control, we can ride with the tide and become more intuitive when spending what we have.

No doubt, millennials have completely different spending and saving habits from previous generations. But for the most part, their fresh take on finance strategies seem to be working just fine. Take cues from these young earners, and adjust your money saving tactics to keep up with the times. Keep these 4 takeaways in mind to help you remodel your finance management strategies for optimal stability.