5 Most Romantic Places to Spend Your Honeymoon in Kuala Lumpur

Romantic Places to Spend Your Honeymoon

Just married? Asia is one big heaven for newlyweds as it boasts some of the best beaches in the world. If you’re looking for a city that both offers a tradition-rich aura and modern feel, Kuala Lumpur is the place to go.

Located in the heart of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is famous for its towering infrastructures and expanding skyline, but somewhere in the city lies a few getaways perfect for honeymooners. Take note of these destinations if you’re about to book a romantic hotel in Kuala Lumpur or you want to find the best place to go with your special someone.


Mandara Spa

  • Mandara Spa Is there anything better than having some quiet time with your spouse after the big day? Nothing beats the feeling of being pampered with an aromatherapy massage at the Mandara Spa in one of the romantic hotels in Kuala Lumpur. The couple escapade package, which comes with almost an hour massage session, two-day and one-night accommodation, and buffet breakfast is specially created for lovebirds like you.


Troika Sky Dining

  • Troika Sky Dining Just looking at the entire beauty of Kuala Lumpur will give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Your trip will be more memorable as you both try sky dining. Enjoying the stunning view of the city while you share great food will make your honeymoon more special. There’s no wondering why it’s dubbed as one of the perfect locations for romantic dining.


Heli Lounge Bar

  • Heli Lounge Bar Ever wondered what it’s like to view the sunset while you’re at the helipad? There is nothing like this kind of moment as you can peacefully observe the city while spending your precious hours with your spouse. Just buy a drink to access the helipad and you’re good to go.


Café Café A French

  • Café Café A French restaurant situated in Jalan Maharajalela, this place is your go-to place especially if both of you simply love to eat and try new dishes. This hangout offers not just good food but also a peaceful environment that invites good vibes. Try their signature dish, the best foie gras. The fine dining experience is already romantic in itself.


La Risata

  • La Risata If you feel like indulging over pasta and lamb shank, this Italian restaurant in Persiaran Ampang is a must-visit. Your sweetheart will fall in love with the food, like the hearty cream of mushroom soup and Spaghetti La Risata.


With a lot of new things to see and activities to do in Kuala Lumpur, these are just some of the destinations. Remember that Kuala Lumpur has a lot more to offer and those destinations are waiting for you to explore.  Have you included these places in your Kuala Lumpur trip? Take note that these places or use this list for future reference

Start Them Young – 4 Reasons Why You Should Enroll Young Kids in Kindergarten Play School

The Ministry of Education in Malaysia recognizes preschool as a formal and necessary part of the educational system, and requires parents to enroll their children in kindergarten before they can be accepted into elementary school. Usually, children are enrolled by the age of 4, but there are some experts who suggest enrolling kids earlier on. Of course, some parents will contest that any age before 4 is way too young for preschool, but there are advantages to starting your kid young. Find out more about the benefits of enrolling younger kids in preschool by checking out these 4 reasons.


  1. Controlled Play Environment – Unless you were able to establish an ideal play environment at home, it’s likely that your child has just been making do with whatever toys and furniture available in your house. While this may be more than enough to keep them entertained for the afternoon, it’s important to remember that play should be more than just a distraction. Children learn best when they’re engaged in activities that they enjoy, and smaller kids learn when they can exercise their bodies. With gross motor skills being the main area of development for younger children, giving them the chance to play in a curated and controlled play environment will help nurture their learning.Group Of Children Running In Park
  2. Opportunities for Socialization – How many other kids your child’s age are available for him or her to play with? Probably not a lot. Allowing your child the chance to play and socialize with other children his or her age will build the foundation of a strong and confident character. By exposing your child to more opportunities for socialization, you can start their understanding of proper communication and conversation early on.maxresdefault
  3. Introduction to the Classroom Setting – Typically, a kindergarten class in Kuala Lumpur affords a certain amount of time for kids to sit down and listen to short lectures on concepts appropriate for their age. If they master the concepts, then that would be a major bonus, but that’s not always necessarily the teachers’ goal. Simply teaching the children to sit down and listen is a great accomplishment and a beneficial skill for all kids because it helps them understand what goes on in a classroom. With practice, these children will develop better listening skills and attention span which can be used either at home or in later schooling.Children with teacher draw paints in play room. Child care.
  4. Learning Rules and Proper Behavior – How rowdy does your child get when you’re at home? If you feel like your kid is starting to misbehave and get out of hand, starting them early in a kindergarten class will help develop proper behavior and deeper understanding of rules. In classrooms and in school, children are encouraged to behave and observe proper demeanor by the use of positive and negative reinforcement systems. This can ultimately teach your child the value of proper behavior, which will likely be translated to different settings as well.

There’s a lot more to kindergarten school than meets the eye. Be sure to start your kids early and give them a strong foundation to prepare them for their future by enrolling them in preschool earlier.

The 5 Biggest and Best Tech and Trade Fairs in Kuala Lumpur That You Shouldn’t Miss This 2017

Image result for the 5 Biggest and Best Tech and Trade Fairs in Kuala lumpur

Tech and trade fairs are a great way to expand your horizons, to create new connections in your professional network, and to explore advancements and opportunities in your industry. So whether you’re the owner of a small start-up just beginning your journey in the market, or an executive working for a well-established multinational corporation, it’s always a good idea to attend whatever trade fairs are available to you. Across the different countries of the world, Malaysia hosts some of the most famous tech and trade fairs guaranteed to teach you all the latest trends and practices in your niche. So be sure to save the date and book your flight to make your way to Malaysia for these 5 fairs you shouldn’t miss.

Image result for Automex – Showcasing the latest and greatest automation advancements in the manufacturing industry,

  1. Automex – Showcasing the latest and greatest automation advancements in the manufacturing industry, Automex targets audiences from the automotive, construction, food and beverage, aviation, packaging, cosmetics, and medical industry; to name a few. Here, you will find some of the most-advanced technologies that help ease manufacturing processes for more efficient and affordable operations. Pro tip: if you plan to make an appearance at this fair, be sure to book a hotel near PWTC, because the event is known to cause congested traffic.Image result for ITEX
  2. ITEX – Hoping to blast a new business idea or an invention to commercial success? Becoming a presenter during the ITEX Fair this 2017 just might be your ticket to the big leagues. Here, you can expect to meet eager investors and venture capitalists, who might just provide you the right financial support to help bring your idea to higher ground. If on the other hand, you’re looking for something bright and new to invest in, you can explore the presenters in the area and learn more about the ideas they have to offer.Image result for BIGIT
  3. BIGIT – If you want to learn more about the latest tech and digital trends to help fuel innovation efforts in your business, a trip to the yearly BIGIT Fair should be right up your alley. This is where front runners and game changers in the industry converge to share exclusive information and how to’s, to increase awareness on the latest and greatest digital discoveries of the year. It’s also a great opportunity to connect with a wide range of key industry players, ideal for business development and networking.Related image
  4. The Digital Education Show – Learn from the professionals and gain access to countless new educational technologies that you can adapt to countless settings and functions in your business. This is the perfect venue for you to gain inside info from leading minds on how you can improve learning outcomes in your workforce, or of your service provision by the use of the newest tech trends.Image result for Automechanika – Considered one of the biggest automotive trade fairs
  5. Automechanika – Considered one of the biggest automotive trade fairs in the world, Automechanika is the event to visit if you’re looking for the latest trends and tech in the automotive industry in Asia. Over 300 exhibitors attend every year to present the newest innovations for automotive use, including parts, accessories, and concept cars, guaranteed to satisfy even the most discriminating of automotive connoisseurs.

Don’t miss out on these amazing opportunities for networking, learning, and business development. Be sure to clear out your calendar and make your way to Malaysia to get the best of these world-renowned tech and trade fairs.

How To Plan A Kingsman-Themed 60th Birthday Party For Daddy

Themed parties are not limited to children. If your Dad is a watch enthusiast or someone who appreciates fine watches, consider throwing him a Kingsman-themed party for his 60th birthday. Here are some tips.


  1. Find the perfect venue. If you cannot find a British style pub, you can replicate the same vibe in small, cozy bar. A Kingsman-themed party is not complete without a good selection of whisky.dashing-examples-of-men-in-suits-38
  2. Set the dress code. Throwing a themed party is a great way to see your friends and family suit up for the occasion. Ask your guests to wear a suit to the event. It is advisable that you include a photo reference to the movie for guests who are not acquainted with the movie. Female guests can also wear a suit if they want to. Otherwise, a cocktail dress would do.Food Network's Roast Prime Rim of Beef With Yorkshire Pudding
  3. Get British with the menu. If you are having the party at a bar, chances are that you will be limited to serving bar favorites. However, if you’re hiring a caterer for the event, you can choose to serve British favorites such as fish and chips, Yorkshire pudding, and beef roast sandwiches.11831249_f520
  4. Decide on the perfect giveaway. What could be more perfect than a simple, black umbrella? It is such a simple item but it means differently for people who have seen the movie. Plus side: everyone needs an umbrella, so it’s a giveaway that your guests will appreciate.carrera-m
  5. Of course, a birthday party will not be complete without the perfect gift. There are many great brands you can pick from, one of them is Tag Heuer. To decide on the best style to get for the most important man in your life, you can check price of TAG Heuer watches online .

If your Dad is both a fan of the movie and a watch enthusiast, consider throwing this type of themed party. It’s a great way to highlight his interests and hobbies as he turns 60.  It’s not that hard to pull off, and best of all, it’s a party he’ll remember for years to come.



Fabulously Flawless at 40 – 5 Ways to Stay Sexy When You Turn the Big 4-0

Image result for women on street

For a lot of women, 40 is the dreaded age. This is when they believe youthfulness starts to fade away and when the signs of aging settle in. Sagging skin becomes a common sight, wrinkles and fine lines start to riddle the whole face, and what used to be perky and firm may now slowly start to slump and sag. Yes, it can be disheartening to watch yourself grow older. But just because it’s natural, doesn’t mean it has to be necessary. Find out how you can maintain your youthful glow and become sexier than ever before by following these 5 effective tips.

Image result for women with lemon

  • Start Today – Some people tend to wait for skin problems to develop before they take any action. The secret to fighting the signs of aging is that you should make beauty investments today before they even start to show. Find out more about the different skin problems that develop as a result of growing older and start using products and treatments to prevent them from happening as early as today. You can buy a breast firming cream, eye cream, hand lotion, and anti-aging face masks that you can use to strengthen your skin and combat aging.

Image result for f you’re a chronic smoker or drinker, now would be the best time to kick the habit and quit for good

  • Stop the Habit – If you’re a chronic smoker or drinker, now would be the best time to kick the habit and quit for good. When you turn 40, your body will have a tougher time regulating all the different waste you put into it. So all of those toxins that come from the cigarettes and alcohol you consume will hang around your system much longer, or worse – for good. This in turn will cause serious damage to your skin, making cells weak and prone to damage.

Image result for find an Aesthetic

  • Find an Aesthetic Expert – Luckily for you, aesthetic centers and clinics now line the streets, so it really isn’t that hard to find a good expert that will provide you with proper skincare and body treatments. Be sure to read about the procedures before going in for the service so you know what to expect and whether or not it’s worth your pretty penny. Some treatments you might want to try include facials, laser lipo, and injections which can firm up areas to prevent them from sagging.

Image result for Stretch Every Morning

  • Stretch Every Morning – Having trouble finding time for an exercise routine or workout? We all struggle with the same problem. If you want to maintain a healthy physique and a sexy figure, you should at least stretch every morning. Follow a set of stretches that work on different parts of your body and up the intensity if you feel your flexibility increase. Doing this every morning will help you limber up for the day’s challenges and will keep you looking fit and healthy.

Image result for women shopping buy cloth

  • Dress the Part – There’s something about an older woman who has learned to embrace her age by dressing appropriately that just makes her a lot sexier. This doesn’t mean you should start rummaging through your mother’s closet. Quite the contrary, at this age, you should be looking for the best picks at your favorite shopping malls or boutiques. Instead of trying to dress young to look sexy, dress your age and bare some skin. This will give off the aura of a confident, sexy, and mature woman that no man can resist.

They say 40 is the new 30. But with these pro tips, you can stay fabulous and youthful for many more years to come. Maintain your beauty and experience sexiness like never before by taking a stand for your skin and looks today!

Construction Considerations – 5 Important Things to Look for When Applying for a Job in Construction

Office buildings, shopping malls, houses, and lots of other kinds of structures are constantly being built, so there’s no question why there is an ever increasing demand when it comes to construction professionals. Working in construction can be very lucrative and rewarding, especially when you find the right opportunities. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what to look for when applying for construction jobs. If you’re one of the people who just can’t seem to find the right career option in construction, be sure to consider these 5 factors to land the best opportunity for you.

  1. Nature of Work – When people hear the word construction, they immediately think of construction workers who build structures with their own two hands. But there are lots of different areas of work in construction, contrary to what many seem to think. For buildings and homes to be safely and properly constructed, there needs to be engineers, architects, contractors, subcontractors, and construction helpers, to name a few. Learn more about the nature of the construction job you’re applying for, to find out the skills and abilities you need in order to fulfill the responsibilities.there-are-lots-of-different-areas-of-work-in-construction-area
  2. Area of Operation – When applying for construction jobs, you should have the area of operation as your main consideration. For instance, there are firms that operate internationally, entailing workers to temporarily relocate until the completion of projects. Unless you’re prepared for that sort of work-related travel, it would be wise to find construction jobs that don’t require too much of moving around.
  3. Project Length – Lots of hunters find construction jobs online that are offered on a contractual basis. This means that you will only have to render service until the project is finished. If you want to give these projects a try, you should consider the length of time it would take to complete. Projects can last for years, depending on the size and expansiveness of the structure. If you don’t think you can commit for such a lengthy time, you should consider shorter projects.lots-of-hunters-find-construction-jobs-online-that-are-offered-on-a-contractual-basis
  4. Salary Rate and Payment Schedule – Project-based construction jobs will only pay-out once a certain amount of the work has been completed, so it would be wise to consider the payment schedule before you take on a job. For construction professionals and workers who engage in work under an employer, traditional payment schemes such as those implemented in other forms of employment can be expected. Understanding the payment terms will tell you when you should expect your pay check, and whether you can manage with the schedule being offered.
  5. Working Hours – There are certain construction jobs that can only be performed in the wee hours of the morning to avoid any disturbance to individuals and consumers that might be in the area during the day. For instance, shopping malls, roads, banks, and other high-traffic public locations are best repaired or renovated at night when there are fewer people. If you’ve taken on a construction job for a place like these, you should be aware of the potential night-shift contract, so you can adjust yourself and your schedule for the work at hand.the-construction-job-working-hours-are-different-to-avoid-any-disturbance-to-individuals-and-consumers

Are you ready to take on a job in construction? Build a sturdy career for yourself and rise through the ranks in the industry of construction by being a smart job hunter and by applying these top considerations.

Everything You Should Know About The Top 6 Contaminants That Pollute Drinking Water


Although the majority of sources of drinking water in Malaysia are fairly safe, there’s no guarantee that you won’t come across one that’s contaminated with harmful pollutants. Whether the water is delivered to your home or you bought it from a nearby shop, there’s always the possibility that it may have been contaminated. That said, it’s important that you are aware of the things that pollute drinking water. Here’s a quick overview of the most common drinking water contaminants as put forth by the Environmental Protection Agency:1

  1. Microorganisms – These are usually bacteria and some forms of viruses that can be found in human and animal wastes which might have found their way into the water system. When ingested into your body, these microorganisms can cause gastrointestinal illnesses like diarrhea, stomach cramps, and vomiting.2 2. Disinfectants – What’s ironic about these contaminants is that they usually come from the products that are used to disinfect water. Take for instance the chemical chlorine which is effective in killing bacteria in water. Chlorine helps in removing the bacteria but ingesting too much chlorine is not good for your health.3 3. Disinfection byproducts – The most common forms of disinfection byproducts are bromate, chlorite, haloacetic acids, and total trihalomethanes. These byproducts can harm the liver, kidney, and central nervous system.4
  2. 4. Inorganic chemicals – Chemicals of this nature usually come from plants, factories, and refineries. Because of their inorganic attributes, they can cause a lot of harm when they accumulate inside the human body. They can increase blood pressure, damage the skin, cause bone diseases, and damage the kidney. 5 5. Organic chemicals – These compose the majority of water contaminants because they can come from anywhere. Sources of organic chemicals include sewage, herbicide, industrial plants, and agricultural runoffs. 66. Radionuclides – Most of these radionuclides come from natural deposits. When certain minerals decay, they often emit forms of radiation that then seep into a water source. Trace amounts of radiation can increase the risk of acquiring cancer.

In conclusion, it’s advisable that you stay vigilant with regards to the water that you drink. Furthermore, you should follow safety measures to ensure that you don’t endanger yourself or your loved ones. For instance, it would be a good idea to start using an alkaline water filter. This is a device that performs two functions. One it removes contaminants in the water. And two, it creates powerful antioxidants that ionize the water. It’s not that difficult to find an alkaline water filter in Malaysia. These devices are usually available in medical or health supply stores.