6 Must-Haves Before You Travel to Kuala Lumpur

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Kuala Lumpur is a very tourist-friendly city, but that doesn’t mean you should come unprepared. Other than the usual must-haves like clothes and passport, couples and families alike must pack their luggage to suit the unique environment of Kuala Lumpur.

Here are the top 6 things you need before that Kuala Lumpur trip.

  1. Umbrella/Cap Bring an umbrella or a cap to keep your head protected from the sun. You might think that the tan would be great – but it can be incredibly harsh – especially for the skin of little kids. The umbrella will also come in handy for those rare instances of rain in the city.
  2. Strong Sunscreen Bring very strong sunscreen – the strongest one you can find! Make sure to lather yourself with the lotion before actually landing in Kuala Lumpur since the heat wave might surprise you. Make sure the kids get routine sunscreen to prevent sunburns.
  3. Light and Breathable Clothes Forget the thick clothes – you need light and breathable ones that will promote air circulation throughout your body. It’s better to opt for clothes that you can ‘layer’ so that you can adjust for the changing temperature from morning to nighttime.
  4. Antibiotics You might also want to bring strong antibiotics in Kuala Lumpur – just in case. Due to the exotic surroundings, routine or basic cuts and wounds can worsen overnight. Make sure that you’ve got strong antibiotics with you if you suffer any sort of cut. Ask your doctor first to find out what antibiotics are best.

If you have any other medical condition – make sure you bring prescriptions with you, just in case. For example, those who suffer from asthma will want to bring an inhaler as humid air can increase the risk of an attack.

Image result for Medications for diarrhea are also a must.Medications for diarrhea are also a must. Although the drinking water in Kuala Lumpur is considered safe, many travelers suffer from bowel problems regardless of where they happen to go. Having drugs for diarrhea is just an additional safety precaution for the trip.

  1. Image result for kuala lumpurKuala Lumpur Currency Although your credit card would still be of great use here, it’s crucial to have a little bit of Kuala Lumpur currency in your pocket even before you take the plane towards the country. Have some of your money converted and try to familiarize yourself with the usual prices attached to certain services or products in KL.
  2. Plug Converter Malaysia uses a 3-pin male plug so you might want to bring a converter with you. This converter will allow you to attach your 2-plug gadgets to their power source for charging, web surfing, and other electrical needs. The power supply in Malaysia is stable for the most part but if you’re using sensitive equipment, it’s better to have a surge suppressor with you.

Of course, those are just some of the must-haves you need before your travel. Don’t worry, though – if you ever find yourself needing something, a good hotel in Kuala Lumpur should be able to provide it for you. Top hotels in the city are specially equipped to service international tourists so that they can fully enjoy their stay.

3 Timeless Pieces of Furniture for Your Home



New homeowners face the dilemma of choosing a classic or contemporary look when decorating their homes’ interior.  It’s often a choice between adding practical, space-saving pieces and wanting to go with the more elegant and refined look of the past.


If you have the luxury of space inside your home, here are three timeless pieces that would be lovely to have:







  1. Grandfather Clock

Wall clocks serve their purpose of telling time but there’s something about grandfather clocks that speak of old-world charm and elegance. The beautiful dark woods contrast well with the gold-tone hardware. Some people find the hourly chime more soothing than alarm clocks. More importantly, if you invest in a good quality piece you can pass it on to your children and grandchildren as a family heirloom.







  1. Lacquer Display Cases

People who buy wooden furniture in Malaysia also look for custom pieces which they can proudly display in their homes. Lacquer display cases are great for living rooms and studies and often display collections such as snow globes, pens, porcelain dolls, teacups and so on. The size of the cabinets vary depending on the size of the room and the items which will be displayed. You can have this custom-built according to your specifications.








  1. Dressers with Mirrors

Elaborate dressers with mirrors are a luxurious indulgence. It’s something the lady of the house takes pride in because it’s where she dresses and makes herself look presentable before meeting guests or going out on a date. Antique dressers are made of hardwood and finished with either paint or varnish. The dresser can also have a single mirror or three – a big one in the middle and two smaller ones. This allows the user a complete view. Interestingly, furniture stores in Malaysia also sell vintage pieces. If you are offered one that is really old, take it. The antique dressers usually have ornate detailing and carvings. It is a good investment and another heirloom piece for the next generation.



Malaysia is a melting pot of cultures and is steeped in various influences. These three pieces of furniture are a testament to an era that has gone by. Their classic form, design, and function are well-appreciated even to this day.  But there are many other pieces that you can add to your home if space permits. You can build it slowly so you can savor the experience of shopping for great wooden furniture.

The 2 Types of School Holiday Activities that Incorporate Fun into Learning

In a classroom setting, it is not always easy for educators to encourage their students to learn according to the school curriculum. Students are often found to be unwilling, lethargic and distracted, finding the class boring. This is why many schools have incorporated several school holiday activities, which is organized outside of the classroom, such as school tours, to mix learning and fun into students’ classroom hours.

Have no idea where to start? Here are the 2 most essential types of school holiday activities to organize:


  1. Team building activities

These school holiday activities involve putting the students into teams, often distinguished by color, to instil values such as teamwork and sportsmanship. Such types of activities can be done on a beach or any coastal area in Malaysia, for example, Port Dickson. The traveling aspect of such activities can strengthen friendship among the students and build on excitement, anticipation and adventurous spirits. Then, at the chosen place, educators can choose to have either prepared a treasure hunt or an obstacles/challenges track. A treasure hunt motivates the students work on their memory, reasoning and other cognitive skills that can later be applied into their classwork. On the other hand, an obstacles/challenges track increases students’ stamina and teaches them about the importance of teamwork. These are all critical traits that can enhance their learning styles in the classroom.


  1. Exploration and discoveries

The other type of activities that can be organized to engage students into learning is school tours at educational yet visually-appealing and interactive sites. For example, trips to Malaysia’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as Ipoh or Malacca (if the school is based in Kuala Lumpur and other nearby areas) or Georgetown in Penang Island (if the school is based in Penang) can be beneficial in educating the students about their heritage, through interactive museums, wall art at every road and food tasting. This will make use of all of their senses, which eventually makes it easier for them to remember historical facts and other related classroom lessons.

In the end, students learn better through active teaching and learning: from physical activities to educational visits, students can make better sense of their textbook with such visual and practical aids. Besides,  for them, school holiday activities are always unforgettable and valuable moments to cherish with their friends.

12-Days of Christmas Beauty Gift Guide Shopping

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It’s this time of the year again when we prepare presents to bring smiles to the faces of our nearest and dearest. Christmas gift shopping can be just as fun as giving them, but if you’re running out of ideas, you might find yourself wandering aimlessly in the malls. Why not skip the usual holiday buys and get your friends and family the perfect products to help them glow all season long? Find out which beauty products you should definitely throw in your holiday shopping cart, by following this 12 days of Christmas beauty gift shopping guide.

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1. Sunscreen – On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me optimum skin protection with sunscreen! For that friend or relative who’s always complaining about cracked, blemished, and dry skin because of harsh sun, give the gift of skin-love with the best sunscreen for the face there is. I’d personally recommend Clarins as it truly worked for me.

2. Lip Balm – Wind burn is a serious holiday hassle because air tends to become dry and harsh. Help keep your fabulous friends’ lips ready for any sweet Christmas hook-ups they might make by giving them some light tinted hydrating lip balm.

3. Eye Shadow Palette – Christmas is the only other celebration aside from Halloween that gives people a reason to mix up their makeup and get away with the most daring looks. Gift your gals a festive eye shadow palette and help them discover their inner makeup junkie.

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4. Exfoliating Mask – Late night parties and binge eating during holiday feasts? Keep skin healthy even with the month-long change of diet and sleep pattern with an exfoliating mask.

5. Luxury Perfume – Time to give that shabby grocery store cologne a rest. Give the gift of an enticing fragrance with a luxury perfume.

6. Makeup Brush Set – Have a friend who wants to break into the makeup scene to become a professional artist? A makeup brush set should be the perfect present.

7. Contour Palette – Jawline so sharp, it can cut. Contouring is the ultimate makeup trend these days. Plus, it’s perfect to help hide those chubby cheeks earned through holiday eating.

8. Facial Wash – All of those festivities that go on through the morning can take a toll on skin. Keep your friends’ faces prepped and healthy in time for the New Year with a deep cleaning facial wash.

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9. Face Powder – Make it easy to perform touch ups and cover ups even during the height of a holiday party with an easy and effective face powder.

10. Body Scrub – Everyone loves being pampered. Get your special girls and guys feeling like a million bucks by shopping for the best body scrub for a relaxing and soothing night time body skincare experience.

11. Hand Lotion – Those hands have probably worked extra hard all year round just to be able to guarantee a great Christmas celebration. Make them feel appreciated by giving a little love to the hands that helped make your year a blast.

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12. Deep, Dark Colored Lipstick – Christmas is the time of year to pop out the dark lipstick, but if your friends don’t have any in their makeup arsenal, it would be wise to give them the ammunition.
What are you giving to your true love on the 12 days of Christmas? Be sure to make your presents count. Give the best gifts to your special ladies and lads by following this beauty gift buying guide.

The Gist of Juicing – 5 Important Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Juicing Diet

Whether you try to lose weight or wish to get rid of nasty toxins in your body, a juicing diet is one way to go. Basically, juice diets are based on the concept that fruits and vegetables are some of the healthiest cleansing foods we can consume. Taking them in as juices allows us to maximize their benefits. Combining the right veggies and fruits can help clear out unwanted or harmful toxins, provide the body with natural vitamins, minerals, and nutrients; and bring us closer to our desired weight. But right before you start juicing, there are a few things you need to know. Find out how to maximize the benefits of your juicing diet by reading through these 5 important need-to-know facts.

Excellent health status  concept draw on transparent white wipe board with a hand holding a marker

  1. Your Current Health Status Matters – What could be the harm in diving headfirst into a juicing diet? After all, you are using fruits and vegetables, right? Although most of the population might do just fine, not everyone is cut out for juicing diets. For instance, those with borderline or full-on diabetes should first consult their doctors before they go on the juicing journey. Other people who might also want to get a second opinion from a health care specialist are those with yeast infections or with infections in the digestive tract.
  2. The Best Time to Drink Juice – There is a time when your body will absorb nutrients from juices much better, and this is when you feel hungriest. Drinking your juice 30 minutes before you eat will allow you to get as much from your mixture as possible, maximizing the absorption and the benefits of the juice.best-time-to-drink-juice-made-with-juice-extractor-before-meal
  3. Understanding Ingredient Combinations – Not all vegetables and fruits will mix well with each other, so you should do a little experimentation before you go and make whole servings of your juice. As a general rule, you should use common produce to start, so your body doesn’t feel too surprised or overwhelmed with the sudden dietary change. When you start to accustomed to the diet, you can then toss in some more exotic fruits and vegetables.put-combinations-of-ingredients-into-juice-extractor-is-important
  4. Best Practices for Preparation – The way you prepare your juice will greatly affect how well it works for your body. Of course, a thorough wash should be the first step in the process, followed by proper peeling, slicing, and put removal. You can use a conventional manual juicer if you have one at home. But if you really want to get all that juice out, especially for tougher ingredients like vegetables – you should buy a juice extractor to help you increase the amount you get out of every piece of fruit or vegetable.
  5. Give Time for Adjusting – There are some fruits or vegetables that your body might not agree with completely, so be sure to give yourself some time to adjust to the ingredients you put in your juice. For example, if you add a new ingredient in one of your concoctions today, wait at least three days before you add a new one. This will help you pinpoint which ingredient causes you discomfort and unpleasant side effects, so you can scrap it from your list of viable produce options.

Juicing can be a very fruitful and satisfying practice, so try to take on that juice diet when you can. Give yourself an energy boost, cleanse your body, and experience health and wellness like never before with an effective juicing diet.

Preparing for Success – 6 Effective Ways to Ready Yourself to Reach Your Dream Career

In Malaysia, only 57% of the working population feel that they have the opportunity for growth in their current job, while 43% believe they’re working towards a dead end. On which side do you find yourself?

According to recent statistics, career growth and professional development are two of the top reasons why Malaysians look for work in the first place. While it might look like a huge hurdle, there are some things you can do to help yourself climb the ladder. No matter where your professional career might be at the moment, you can lead yourself to career success by using these 6 effective ways.


  1. Hone Your English Speaking Skills – The level of English proficiency across the Malaysian population is at an all-time high, with the country battling neck and neck against Singapore for being the most fluent English-speaking nation in Asia. Competition in the corporate setting has thus followed suit, which causes employees to further improve their English speaking skills in order to snag employers’ attention. Don’t lag behind the rest of them – hone your English fluency to stay ahead of the pack.
  2. Be a Smart Job Hunter – If you’re planning on switching jobs to move yourself up the employment ladder, you should know better than to just hop between opportunities without first considering what you might gain. For instance, if after searching for Johor careers online you immediately decide to move to the south, you could be propping yourself up for failure. Consider if you’re qualified, understand the vacancy, and if you can feel comfortable working for that specific employer.assess-yourself-to-success-in-your-careers
  3. Assess Yourself – A disparity between what you think you can do and what you can actually do can negatively affect your work performance or your job acquisition practices. Those who are overconfident shoot for jobs they’re not qualified for, while underconfident individuals stay in the lower ranks even if they can move higher. Assess your skills and know yourself. This will help you pinpoint opportunities that will truly fit.
  4. Practice Interpersonal Skills – No employee is an island. No matter what industry you’re in, you will have to coordinate and communicate with many other workers just like yourself. Learning how to properly speak with others in your office will make you easier to work with. This will also prove to your superiors that you’ve got the right mindset to keep your office functioning like a team.
  5. Familiarize With Key Players – Whether you’re just starting your job search or you’re already employed, you shouldn’t overlook the key players in your office. These are the people who can change the game for you and who will be able to open doors for your career. Know who they are, understand what you do for them and what they do for you in the office setting, and regard them with respect at all times.avoid-burnout-and-keep-yourself-up-to-success-in-your-careers
  6. Avoid Burnout – In the quest to achieve career success, it’s common to feel worn out and weary halfway through. Avoid burnout and keep yourself striving at a steady pace by constantly learning new skills and improving ones you already have to make you more proficient in the workplace.

They say building a stable and healthy career is a lifelong investment, so be sure to start as early as you can. Prepare yourself for career success by putting these 6 effective practices into action in your work life.

Pick The Best Credit Card For Your Lifestyle Based On These 5 Things

Choosing the right credit card that suits your lifestyle is like choosing your life partner: you want it to complement you and help ease your burden. With so many types of credit cards to choose from, how can you tell which one is the right one for you? Depending on your lifestyle and financial situations, certain types of credit cards would benefit you more than the others. Before you start sending an application for a credit card, be sure to do some research and consider these five important things:limit
1. Credit limit

The best credit card should give you a reasonable credit limit while allowing some flexibility when you need to exceed it in times of emergency, while leaving no room for you to overspend. If you’re the responsible type (with a stable full-time job or high income), you may choose a card with higher credit limit. Otherwise, stick to credit cards with lower credit limit to avoid getting yourself stuck in a financial burden.credit-card-reward
2. Rewards

The wonderful rewards program is one of the greatest benefits to having credit cards. With rewards points earned every time you make a purchase, you’re able to apply them toward cash back, retail purchases, travel, and other things. To earn the most points, make sure you choose a credit card that will reward you on things which you’ll spend the most on, such as clothes, groceries, petrol, etc. Another strategy to get the most points possible is picking a credit card which gives reward when you use it in places you shop the most at, like select boutiques or online stores. Remember to spend only on necessary things, and don’t make purchases for the sake of earning rewards points.download
3. The cost of owning and keeping the credit card

Before you decide on a card, make sure to read the fine print. The more amazing benefits a card offers, the more you’ll spend on fees. Some of the fees to look out for include the annual fee and foreign transaction fees. An annual fee normally offers greater rewards, like more savings while you travel. Cards with foreign transaction fees will charge you more if you use it abroad. You can always avoid paying more by choosing a card with no foreign transaction fees.customer-services
4. Customer service

If you’re going to use your card often, you need to be able to reach customer service any time you need them. Your credit card company should have a good customer service ready at your beck and call in case bad things, like fraudulent charges, happen. You also need to be able to speak to a staff who’s trustworthy, competent and helpful. Avoid credit card companies with minimal human interaction, automated phone service, or difficult-to-navigate websites.185270193-56a0663b5f9b58eba4b04381
5. Annual percentage rate (APR)

The APR is an interest rate that you’re required to pay when you didn’t pay your balance in full. Make sure your card has lower APR rate that you can manage. Try to stay ahead of your balance to avoid extra charges.
When you’ve taken all of the important factors into account, you can start to apply for a credit card online for convenience and speed. As a rule of thumb, always look for a credit card that meets your needs the most, with the greatest rewards. If a credit card of your choice has terms and conditions that you think you’re unable to meet, look for the next best thing. You don’t have to compromise, but you do have to be able to pay the bills. Also, remember to stay on top of your monthly bills and try not to miss any payment to avoid incurring more fees.