Top 10 Useful Gift Items For Bicycle Enthusiasts



Cycling is one of the top outdoor activities that get people all excited, no matter how old they are. If someone you care about is a bike enthusiast, gift him or her these useful items to make their ride more comfortable and better:






  1. Bicycle care kit

Your bike will need a regular care if you want a smoother ride and for your bike to last longer. A bicycle care kit, which normally contains different bottles of oils for bike maintenance, could ensure that your bike works in the right way.







  1. Cyclist watch

A cyclist watch is not the same as any other watch, as it functions differently. With a cyclist watch, you’ll be able to find out about elevation change during your ride and predict the weather.







  1. Cyclist first aid kit

Cycling comes at its own risks, so it’s a smart move if you carry a first aid kit during your ride. The kit is compact and easy to carry around. It contains useful items that could help stop your bleeding, patch up areas of your skin, or ease the pain caused by an accident when cycling.







  1. Bike lock

It never hurts to have an extra set of bike lock. For added protection, get ones with a word combination instead of a key or a series of numbers combination. It’s harder to steal a bike with a word-combination lock.







  1. Cycling bag

If your bike has no basket, you could wear a cycling bag at the front for safety. Some bags are also designed to be attached to the handlebar for extra comfort.








  1. Bike rack

Bike racks would keep your bike safe and make your garage appear tidier. These days, they even come in unique designs and various eye-popping colours. For more variety of designs and colours, shop for gorgeous bike racks online, as brick-and-mortar stores usually carry the standard stainless steel racks only.







  1. Smartphone bike mount

With a smartphone bike mount, you can easily navigate your ride using your smartphone without having to stop somewhere.







  1. Magnetic bike light

Detachable bike light truly comes in handy, especially during night time.







  1. Bike pump

A bike pump is a must-have for all cyclists. Get the portable one so you can use it in case your tires flatten during your ride.







  1. Cycling clothing

As a cyclist, you should be comfortable during cycling sessions to be able to reach your destination safely.



These spin-worthy items can be purchased at most specialty bike shops and sports stores. You can also buy them online for greater deals. Not only is cycling great for working out, it’s also a fun thing to do during your leisure time, whether with your loved ones or by your self.

6 Absolute Foodtrips in Kota Kinabalu. A Foodie’s Haven.

tanjung-aru-beach-752x440One of the main reasons Kota Kinabalu is a favorite destination among travelers is its food culture. The city has a diverse selection of restaurants that offer both local and international delicacies. Hopping from one food stall to another in the city is in itself an adventure.

To get the most out of your adventure, below are some of the places and restaurants that you should visit if you truly want to experience the city’s burgeoning food scene.


1) Tanjung Aru – This is a stretch of beach along the West Coast. Lining the beach are numerous food stalls, cafes, and restaurants selling everything from Malaysian street food to international cuisine like Chinese noodles. There is a popular section at the beach called the hawker court where you can gorge on seafood snacks, grilled chicken wings, and satay (the Malaysian version of skewered and grilled meat).


6711978993_4ddd312f9b2) Hua Hing Seafood Restaurant – If you are craving for seafood fare, this is the perfect place to visit. It offers a selection of Malaysian, Chinese, and Thai dishes. Their main ingredients for a lot of the dishes include crab, fish, squid, and shark fins. You should try their delicious Hokkien Mee.


3) Chilli Vanilla – If you want a taste of European and Mediterranean-inspired dishes, you will surely get your fill in this cafe. Their menu includes salads, spicy duck tortillas, chicken roulade, and bakony grilled fish.


el-centro-kk4) El Centro – A favorite among eaters and drinkers, El Centro is a cozy establishment offering a nice selection of salads, fries, pizza, tacos, sausages, and mash. And if you want to top off your meal with a nice drink, you can choose from their list of beer, wine, cocktails, margaritas, and martinis. It’s also a great place to meet new people since the atmosphere is very homely and friendly.


5) Little Italy – Are you craving for Italian food? Then Little Italy is for you. Just a short walk away from Suriah Sabah, Little Italy has the best pizza and spaghetti in town. They also serve appetizers, soups, salads, and Italian bread.


100_15296) Kedai Kopi Yee Fung – A favorite dining place among locals, this cafe is well-known for its curry laksa. This is a delicacy featuring thin noodles, flavored soup, boiled prawns, and shredded chicken meat.



Don’t miss these places if you are in town. They serve some of the best dishes and delicacies in the city. For easier access to these restaurants, you should book a hotel in Kota Kinabalu that’s near the city center. Some of these restaurants are within walking distance as long as you are booked within the city center.

Seeking For A Job In Melaka? Here’s Your Guide to Smarter Job Search


Melaka, tagged “The Historic State,” is situated in the southern region of Malaysia’s Malay Peninsula. Some of the popular jobs in this state are related to agriculture, mining, construction, manufacturing, and service sectors.

Even with all those available opportunities, going out in search of a new job can be nerve-wracking. Aside from finding the right job, you also have to go through the application and interview process. Unfortunately, nervousness can stand between you and your new career. Fortunately, there are some tips that can help you through the process so you can land the next job you apply for with ease.steer-clear-of-generic-cover-letter-and-resume-when-applying-jobs-in-melaka

Steer Clear of Generic Cover Letter and Resume  Stand out from the crowd with a resume and cover letter. Although filling out a standard application seems it’s enough, take into consideration that employers may receive dozens of applications. The best way to make yourself noticeable is to submit a resume and cover letter along with your application.

A resume does not have to be complicated by any means. Instead, a resume should simply be a one-page document that highlights your education and work experience in detail. For instance, if you have worked in retail, maximize on the aspects of your job. Talk about sales and conversions you created while working at your job to make yourself more noticeable to a potential employer.

Also, veer away from generic cover letters. Remember that hiring managers can easily recognize them. It is smart to come up with a cover letter that really complements your qualifications and resume. Note, though, that a short and concise cover letter is more preferred as opposed to a novel-of-a-cover letter.dont-wait-by-the-phone-and-go-get-your-job-in-melaka

Don’t Wait by the Phone  Whenever you apply for available jobs in Melaka, you want to ensure that you follow up with the employer. Keep a list of all the jobs you apply for and always ask for a contact number where you can reach the HR manager. Wait a day or two and contact the HR manager via phone or email.

The goal is to sound as confident as possible. Rather than saying, “I hope to hear from you soon about the job,” try saying, “I look forward to hearing back from you about the position.” By saying that you look forward to hearing back from the employer, you are showing that you are confident that you will land the position.

If you go through the interview process, make sure you follow up on that, too. Send an email within 24 hours of going through the interview process and thank the employer for his or her time. Make sure to let the employer know that you are looking forward to contributing your all into the available position.professional-attire-is-needed-when-go-for-interview-for-jobs-in-melaka

Look Professional When seeking a job, it is always best to look the part. Do not show up to apply for a job in jeans and a t-shirt. If you are seeking an office position, opt for something business casual like a pantsuit, slacks, and a blouse, or a pencil skirt paired with a blouse. Keep your makeup and jewelry to a minimum and make sure you have a freshly shaved, clean cut appearance.

If you are a woman, try pulling your hair back into a neat ponytail or a bun. Also, trim your fingernails and make sure you get plenty of sleep, so you look refreshed, energized, and clean for your new job. Most importantly, be sure to wear a friendly and outgoing smile.

By following the tips listed above, you are likely to receive successful results when seeking your next employment opportunity in Melaka. Potential employers will take notice of the fact that you are willing to go the extra mile to land the job of your dreams. Remember that you are selling yourself and your potential. Even if you have no applicable skills, you can still land the job you want by following the recommended tips.

3 Tips You Should Remember When Buying Real Wood Furniture



Durable, long-lasting, and decorative are just some of the words used to describe wood furniture. Coming in a variety of different designs and styles, wood furniture has been used throughout the years as the most popular furniture in many homes. Aside from bringing a warm and cozy touch to your interior, wood can also prove to be a worthy investment if you play your cards right and make the best choice. But because there are lots of wood furniture retailers on the market, it can be hard to tell which pieces are really worth the money. Find out how to choose the right wood furniture by checking out these three tips.







  1. Know Your Options

Those shopping centers and retail outlets might seem like the only option available to you, but there are much more than just that. Instead of buying your pieces from the stores that you know, check for other retailers that could give you better deals. Ethnicraft wood furniture, for example, can be sourced online and are likely to give you better value for your money than anything you’re likely to find in stores.








  1. Learn to Identify the Real Thing

Visit any furniture retailer and it’s easy to see that there are lots of different pieces available. But take a close look at those offers, and it might start to become apparent how they’re not real wood. While fiberglass and faux wood might be able to steal the look of real wood, they’re not going to withstand wear and tear quite as well. Plus, they’ll lose a lot of their value as time goes on, unlike real wood which might even go through a few price increases. Be sure to check the qualities of the wood like the grain and the weight to find out if it’s genuine wood or processed material just made to look like it.








  1. Treat It Like an Investment

Because wood furniture can be sold in the future for a good price, you should know better than to settle for something that won’t give you better value later on. When buying wood furniture, it’s best to treat the purchase like you would a big investment. As a general rule, you should buy wood furniture that maxes out whatever budget you designated to the purchase. Heavy, durable, and decorative pieces are always a good buy, so keep an eye out for the ones that really stick out in a good way. While it might cost you more upfront, you will get much more out of it when you decide to sell it in the future.



Wood furniture can be a solid investment if you make the right choice. Be sure to get nothing but the best by following these simple tips on making a pick.

6 Important Reminders For People Planning To Get A Botox Injection

3If you are planning to get a botox injection, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind to ensure that the procedure will go smoothly and safely. The treatment is a quick process, since it will take only about 5 to 10 minutes. However, there can be harmful side effects if you don’t prepare properly prior to the procedure. Here are some important reminders to help you get the most out of your planned injections.


1) Make sure that the clinic has all the necessary licenses and permits. It’s paramount that you only get the services of clinics that have reputation on top of very qualified personnel. Being qualified means they have the licenses and the permits to engage in botox injections.

2) Be very transparent with your attending physician. You will go through several consultations before you will be allowed to be injected. In these consultations, you need to tell your doctor about your medical history. Only then can he decide if you are a good candidate for cosmetic botox or not.

3) Botox injections don’t last a lifetime. This is a very common misconception among a lot of people who get the treatment. They presume that once they get an injection, the results will stay for as long as they live. That isn’t the case at all. The fact is, botox will only last for about three months so you need regular injections if you want to maintain the results.

4) There’s always the possibility that you will experience side effects, so be ready for them. The side effects of botox are usually pain, swelling, and bruising. But don’t worry because the discomfort will usually go away within a day or two.

5) Stop taking blood-thinning medication like aspirin, ibuprofen, and exedrin prior to the procedure. This will prevent bruising after the injection.

6) It takes about a week for the botox to take full effect so you should arrange your schedule accordingly. For instance, if you are attending a big event like a wedding, you should get the injection at least a week before the event to ensure that you get the results you want in time for the event.


pl10197359-ha_medical_injection_anti_aging_hyaluronic_acid_beauty_skin_careThe bottom line here is that you should prepare yourself prior to the injection. You should know what to expect from the procedure, and also be aware of the possible side effects. The more prepared you are, the smoother and safer the process becomes.

Top 3 IT Certifications That Will Help Sky Rocket Your Career to Success

Young man sitting in front of a computer screen with binary code passing on the screen

With technology taking over virtually all of the industries in our society today, the need for IT specialists is at an all time high. In Malaysia, a current plan to restructure the economic standing of the country is focused heavily on implementing technological advancements in order to attain its ambitious high-income status goal. That’s why Malaysian companies are set to find the best, the smartest, and the most skilled employees to help reach higher returns. For lots of IT professionals looking for their place in the system, the hiring process as well as the applicant competition can be tough. If you’re one of the many IT specialists hoping to land a good employment opportunity and boost yourself to career success, you should be sure to leverage these top 3 IT certifications that will guarantee your steady climb up the IT ladder.


  1. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) – This globally recognized and accepted certification focuses on providing learners how to equip organizations with fool-proof technology security barriers to help prevent and protect against virtual attack. It involves teaching IT professionals how to engineer and manage security programs to ensure the safety of sensitive and confidential information databases. To acquire this certificate in Malaysia, a learner needs to pass a 250 question exam covering 8 different subjects during a six hour examination time frame.

Expected salary: 344,763 – 530,406 Malaysian ringgit


  1. Network+ – Like CISSP, Network+ is also a globally recognized certification. Focused mainly on internet networks, this certificate verifies an IT specialists ability to troubleshoot, design, and manage both wired and wireless networks. These days, this information comes in very handy especially because there is a world-wide movement towards making every facet of society available through online means and resources. The Network+ exam consists of 90 questions that dwell on topics such as the configuration, use, and management of network devices as well as the specifics of other emerging connectivity devices.

Expected salary: 198,902 – 450,850 Malaysian ringgit


  1. ITIL Certification – ITIL, or Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is a set of practices used by IT professionals to provide users with a consistent experience. Obtaining this certification basically verifies that an IT specialist is able to design, engineer, and manage an IT system that is aligned with the standards followed by all other IT systems. To get an ITIL certification in Malaysia, an IT professional can undergo a training course with an Accredited Training Organization which will provide the exam at the end of the course, or can book the exam without formal training via one of the institutes that offer ITIL examinations.

Expected salary: 397,804 – 419,904 Malaysian ringgit

Certifications for IT specialists are more than just added credentials – they’re tools you can use to bring your career to higher ground. Secure a job in IT and sky rocket your career to a sure success by getting these IT certifications today.

3 Easy Ways to Spruce Up and Brighten Your Space



Moving into a new home? Or simply redecorating? Achieving a new look for your home is not easy. But you can always do away with a little help from the Internet. There are many ways to spruce up and brighten the atmosphere of your abode and it doesn’t need to cost too much. Here are some ways in which you can achieve that new look you’ve always wanted:


Change the color scheme Color is everything especially when it comes to your home. The cheapest and the most effective way to brighten up a space is to choose a color scheme that suits your taste. The colors may be vibrant for that lively look or neutral colors for a serene and clean look.







Add interesting furniture Another way to put life into a space is to add furniture that are functional and unique. Thanks to the Internet as you can now look for an online furniture shop and its catalog with just a few taps or clicks. Buying furniture online is also convenient for those with hectic schedules because it saves people time going from one physical store to another to browse. It also saves money on transportation costs because these online furniture shops offer door-to-door shipping at a reasonable price.


Throw in more accessories  Accessorizing is also an effective way to add more colors and statement to a space.


However, always remember to add accessories that are multi-functional. A light fixture that doubles as an artistic piece is one good example. There are tons of objects that can add attitude to your home. You just have to choose the ones that best fit your wants and needs.



Decorating your home is not an easy task. But knowing the right place to shop for furniture or accessories is a good way to start. Browsing for home add-ons is not only convenient when done online, it also gives you a chance to compare and determine which pieces are best for your home.

3 Essential Biking Tips to Turn You Into a Cycling Pro


Whether you’re hoping to engage in a fun new sport, or if you’re looking for ways to navigate the concrete jungle with ease and convenience, you should definitely give cycling a try. These days, riding bikes have become more than just an exciting off-road sport – it’s also a practical and affordable way to get around the city. There are lots of great places to buy bikes, so don’t limit yourself to just what’s near you. For instance, an online bicycle shop in Malaysia may offer some of the best picks you’re bound to find.


If you’re new to the realm of cycling, you might feel a little clumsy when riding a bike. To make sure all your rides are safe and satisfying, be sure to take note of these three tips to help turn you into a cycling pro.1

  1. Understand Where to Hold Your Handles – Riders tend to think the best way to manage fatigue would be to change their position on the bike, but there’s actually a lot to be gained from proper hand positioning. The different parts of your bike handles are designed for specific phases of your ride, and understanding when to hold the handle a certain way can decrease your energy usage ten-fold. For relaxed cruising, place your hands over the brake-lever hoods to reduce tension. To support high speeds and descents, grab the handle drops for greater control. If you’re going uphill, grab the handle bars at the top to open your chest up to make it easier to breathe.2
  2. Know Where to Sit on the Saddle – If you’re riding your bike as a workout routine, you should know that sitting differently on your saddle will change the muscle groups that you activate. If you’re trying to improve your quadriceps, moving forward on the saddle and leaning towards the front will give you the right position to target your anterior thigh muscles. To work your hamstrings and glutes, lean back and move towards the rear of the seat to place emphasis on muscles along the posterior thigh.3
  3. Shift Just Right – Shifting is one of the biggest challenges for a lot of beginners because getting the right timing can be tough. According to experts, the best time to shift your gears would be just a few moments before you actually need to. To get the right shift timing, change gears when your feet are at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock along pedal stroke. This allows the least amount of pressure on your gears, making a smooth transition.

Stay safe on your bike whether you’re riding in town or burning some treads off-road. Be sure to keep these three tips in mind and practice whenever you can to make the most of your biking experience and to become a pro biker.

5 Majestic Places In Ipoh You Must Visit Before You Die

Before achieving tourism prominence in Malaysia, Ipoh was a popular mining town in the early 1930s. Today, Ipoh is home to gorgeous limestone caves, exquisite hotels, and top class attractions. Here are 5 stunning places in Ipoh you must visit before you die.


  1. The Haven Resort

The name of the best resort in Ipoh is most probably inspired by its surreal surroundings of a picturesque lake and magnificent limestone hills. Perfect for a honeymoon, you’ll never imagine a resort like this actually exists in Malaysia!

And if you choose to stay here, you must try the Cuisine Restaurant which serves up super delicious and MSG-free food for your healthy palate.


  1. Gua Tempurung

One of the most majestic caves in Malaysia, Gua Tempurung is 25km away from Ipoh and it is advisable to have your own private transport or be part of a tour group.

Hiking up to the open top of the cave would take a little effort so it’s best to bring a bottle of water with you and some light clothing. If you’re worried about the heat, you’ll be glad to know it gets a little cooler in the caves.


  1. Kek Lok Tong Cave

Kek Lok Tong Cave is another cave-temple you must visit that is just 20 minutes drive from the town center.

Walking into the entrance of this visitor friendly cave, you will be greeted by the statues of Chinese deities before reaching the other end of the cave, which is simply breathtaking. Once there, take a moment to admire the picture perfect lake surrounded by 360 degrees of limestone hills.


  1. Banjaran Hot Springs Retreat

Just next to the Haven lies a hot spring spa resort which has its own geothermal hot spring facility and 3 caves for you to explore, all of which has its own theme such as the meditation cave, crystal cave, and steam cave.

The resort is set in a valley whereby it is surrounded by lush greenery, limestone hills and in the middle, a tranquil lake to make it seem like the getaway paradise you’ve been longing for.


  1. The Lost World Of Tambun

Last but not least on the list is a theme park in Ipoh with 6 different areas of fun catered to the needs of your family. From a water park with Malaysia’s biggest wave pool to a petting zoo for the children, if you are looking for a day of fun, adventure and a night of relaxation, The Lost World provides all that.  When night comes, the theme park turns into a massive jacuzzi spa, with a large selection of pools filled with natural mineral hot spring water. You’ll definitely be pampered after a whole day of crazy fun!

Ipoh is really one of the lesser known places in Malaysia. But it hides  Majestic places that could take your breath away, and should appear on your to-visit list. If you are planning to reach Ipoh by train from Kuala Lumpur, it would take a 2-hour journey to reach. To check for train schedules, the ETS timetable is available online.

What are the Prospects of Biomedical Science Students in Malaysia?


Biomedical science is a branch of study in the allied health sciences which trains people to provide auxiliary services and consultation to doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other medical personnel. Usually a biomedical degree takes about four years to finish. During that time, students will be exposed to subjects such as genetics, microbiology, physiology, immunology, and biochemistry.

Traditionally, biomedical students end up in the course because they just can’t get into a medical or pharmacy course for one reason or another. Parental expectations, peer pressure, and societal perceptions drive them to consider this course, which makes it something of a backup plan.

The good thing is, many Malaysian students who have taken a biomedical science course in Malaysia find it extremely enriching and inspiring. They also find that it has its own merits and benefits. In addition, biomedical science graduates are able to work in many fields, which makes it one of the most versatile and dynamic degrees out there.

In essence, biomedical sciences equip you with the skills and knowledge to provide support to the medical community, especially in terms of laboratory work technicalities and research. Here are some of the jobs that biomedical science students usually pursue after graduation:1

Researcher or Academic Staff


There are plenty of opportunities for biomedical science grads to pursue a post graduate degree in various topics, especially things like disease control and development of new treatment methods. One biomedical research field that is rather active in Malaysia is cancer research. If you choose this path, it will probably land you in one of our private or public universities where you’ll have to complete a Master’s of Ph.D. thesis under an academic supervisor, which will take anywhere from 3 to 8 years. After that, you can continue at a research institution or in any university as an academic staff or as a postdoctoral researcher who is solely responsible for producing and publishing data.2

Medical Lab Manager


With a biomedical science degree, you will usually be put in a leadership position in pathology labs, whether independent or connected to a hospital. Usually, you won’t be actually performing the tests, but will be overseeing operations, doing quality control checks, signing off results and the like. You may start off as a technician, but usually degree holders are trained by companies for administrative or overseer posts.3

Medical Sales


Whether drugs or instruments, a medical sales representative needs to speak the lingo and understand medical concepts when they’re trying to sell something to a doctor or a researcher. Therefore biomedical science graduates are in high demand as salespersons.

FAU | Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine | Laboratory Photo Sessions
FAU | Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine | Laboratory Photo Sessions

Product Specialists


Medical technology is fast expanding, and new treatments, as well as research methods are being developed. Product specialists are therefore needed to provide the necessary training and consultation for anyone that needs these new technologies in their work. Their expertise is also crucial in maintaining and repairing these technologies, whether they are chemicals, machines or software.

A quick research on Malaysian job portals reveals that demand for biomedical science is still high. As with any other type of job, your chances of being employed will increase if you have a good command of English as well as of local languages. Additionally, work experience is a good way to improve your employability especially when you’re a fresh graduate, which is why summer internships are a really good idea.