4 hotels in Bangkok that make for a dreamy wedding venue




Everyone is guilty of daydreaming of their future wedding. It doesn’t matter if you are merely daydreaming or already engaged. No matter the reason that you are here, we have listed a couple of popular wedding venues in Bangkok that will surely take your breath away. So, take your time as you go through this list and imagine your perfect wedding alongside your special someone.


1)            Shanghai Mansion         

Right in the middle of the mess and chaos that is Chinatown, is the grand and intricately designed Shanghai Mansion, which makes for a unique wedding venue in Bangkok. You can have a 1930s Shanghai theme, complete with bright red Chinese lanterns, small pillows covered with red silk, with matching antique furniture. They have windows decorates with colorful stained glass, imagine how that will shine as the sun sets!


2)            The Sukhothai     

If you haven’t heard already, let me be the first one to tell you that they have a central garden with a lotus pond. The Sukhothai is not just a hotel known for its luxurious rooms, they are also quite popular for their resort-like premises that are perfect for wedding ceremonies. If you decide to hold your special day here, make sure that you book in advance since the Sukhothai is one of the most famous wedding places in Bangkok.


3)            Siam Kempinski Hotel    

If you are thinking of having a big wedding or are inviting some 1200 guests, the grand halls of Siam Kempinski might be the perfect one for you. This five-star hotel will surely have everything that you want for your wedding. It boasts of facilities that makes it look more like an outdoor resort instead of a hotel located in the middle of Bangkok. They also have interconnected swimming pools and a number of gardens that would be perfect for photos.


4)            The Peninsula Bangkok    

For those thinking of having a relatively small wedding with only around 400-450 guests, this hotel by the Chao Phraya River might capture your heart. Oh, I can imagine all the picture perfect moments! With their enormous ballroom and facilities such as rooftop bar and dining options, it is not surprising that The Peninsula is the popular choice among Thailand’s VIPs.


Your wedding is one of the most beautiful and important days of your life. It only deserves the best and most perfect location to make it all come to life. With this list, start considering all details and start planning for your dream wedding.

Living And Working In Malaysia: 5 Most Sought-After Jobs In Borneo



Malaysia has become one of the fastest-growing countries in Asia in terms of both tourism and economy. The country occupies the Malaysian Peninsular and part of the island of Borneo.


Malaysia is a very popular country for people to migrate or seek employment because it does not only offer an adventure far away but also a lot of opportunities for employment. Besides, the cost of living is relatively low, making employees able to earn and save more money.


Borneo, for one, is one of the most sought-after areas in Malaysia to land a stable job. This is the third-largest island in the world and the largest in Asia. This island is divided among three countries like Brunei, Malaysia, and Indonesia. East Malaysia, which is part of Borneo, consists of states like Sarawak, Sabah, and Labuan. This area is less populated while having a very large land mass. It’s famous for its vast natural resources that chiefly consist of oil and gas reserves.


That’s why a lot of employment opportunities are offered in this part of Malaysia. Specifically,  a job vacancy in Kota Kinabalu may range from English teachers to expedition project managers.


5 Most Sought-After Jobs In Borneo


  1. English Teachers


English is the universal language. Thus, many Asian countries have realized that English is important in many aspects of business, education, and tourism. That’s why the country is hiring English teachers to train students from primary schools to become well adept with the English language and methodology.


  1. Mountain Leader


Borneo is the focus of many international expeditions to discover the untouched rainforests. Mountain leaders must be equipped with the training and skills in terms of trekking and outdoor experience so he or she will lead a team in exploring some of the most incredible landscapes.


  1. Expedition Project Managers


Since expeditions are always conducted on the island, expedition project managers are in demand. Usually, they are expected to support a group of volunteers on adventure and environment projects.


  1. Wildlife Conservation Jobs


If you have the passion for supporting and helping nature, this job is perfect for you. Wildlife conservation groups are constantly looking for employees and volunteers for their projects that aim to help conserve natural resources and wildlife.

Much more inventive than the average tour guide, Abbie illustrates his talks with photos of the area.
Much more inventive than the average tour guide, Abbie illustrates his talks with photos of the area.
  1. Tour Guide


Borneo is known for its lush rainforests and natural landscapes. That’s why a lot of tourists from across the globe flock to the island to experience an adventure far away from home. Tour guide jobs are in demand especially if you’re well adept with the rich history of the country and island.


With many natural resources still intact, most jobs in Borneo, Malaysia are related to wildlife, nature, and conservation. Many individuals not only in Malaysia but also in neighboring countries flock to the island to find decent jobs. The good thing is, the country has a very low cost of living, so many people decide to live and settle in Malaysia.


If you’re looking for a stable and exciting job and the requirements fit you, Borneo is the place for you. It’s an adventure away from home and at the same time, an opportunity to earn money.

4 most-visited indoor playgrounds in KL during the school holidays


School holidays mean fun and excitement for kids, but it can be particularly challenging for parents. Being a parent means that you are in charge of making sure that this free day does not become boring for your little ones. And because they don’t have school, you might want to find a great place for them to use up all that wild energy before bedtime. If you are not sure where to take your kids on their next free day, fret not. We have chosen 5 great places in Kuala Lumpur that your kids will surely love!


#1 Kidzania         
Kidzania hits that perfect spot between education and entertainment. In this theme park, kids can take on about 90 different jobs, from surgeons to runway models, Kidzania has it all! Not only will your kids have unforgettable fun, they will also learn amazing things and get to try professions they might one day pursue.


#2 Icescape Ice Rink          
This is a great place to visit if you want to cool off from the city heat. Icescape, located in IOI City Mall, boasts of an Olympic-sized skating rink that is fun for all ages! You get to glide on the ice and even fall on your butt, all sure to add up to a great bonding experience.


#3 Jungle Gym   

For your active little ones, Jungle Gym in Atria Shopping Gallery will literally keep them busy for hours on end. This enormous indoor playground is filled with colorful tubes, slides, bridges, sand play stations, arts and crafts corner, all suitable for kids on a wide age range.


#4 The Kingdom             

Tucked inside Sunway Putra Mall is another great indoor playground. They also cater for kids of all ages, as well a wide variety of interests for your little ones. This huge playground has slides, trampolines, ball pool, and a climbing wall. Kids who want to take a break from all the running and climbing can take refuge on their library corner or play at the PS4 Game Zone.


These few free days of the school holidays are important for your kids. It is a welcome break from school and they will surely be looking to go somewhere fun. Make sure that you have extra socks, clothes, and refreshments once your little ones are done running, playing, and climbing around these amazing places.

Eat, Drink, Breathe: Your Guide to a Healthier Home for Your Family

Your home is your family’s refuge after a long day at work and school.  It must be free from toxins and other harmful elements that may adversely affect your children’s health and well-being.  As a homemaker, you sweep, scrub, wipe, and dust every nook and cranny to rid your home of dirt where germs and bacteria may breed.  But are you truly cleaning hard enough?


How do you battle the elements that you cannot see like the presence of bacteria in the water that you drink and the air that you breathe?

Image result for drinking water

Here are some tips on how you can fight free radicals that may be contaminating your home.


  1. Have your house tested for Radon.


Radon is a radioactive gas that gives off harmful rays that can be potentially dangerous to your family.  It may be odorless and colorless but recent studies show that it is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers.  Fortunately, a lot of Radon test kits are now commercially available.  Make sure you are not breathing this lethal gas and have your home tested as soon as possible.


  1. Filter and purify your tap water.


Contrary to popular belief, bottled water is not always a safer choice.  While water sold commercially may have gone through a filtration process, the end product has been proven to still be contaminated with plastic additives present in the bottle where it is stored.  You can eliminate this by getting your own water purifier and by storing your drinking water in sterilized containers.


  1. Have your air conditioners and filters cleaned regularly.


Did you know that indoor air can be 70% more polluted than the air in your yard or the street where you live?  This may be the case in your own home if you fail to have your air conditioning and filtration units cleaned regularly.  An air filter traps dust, bacteria, and other air contaminants and prevents these from further circulating inside your home.  If it remains clogged up with dirt, it may cause poor air circulation.


You don’t need to wait until the effects of these invisible contaminants start to become evident in your family’s health.  Take the next step to make sure your home remains to be the safest place for your family.  Invest on quality home cleaning appliances that will take care of the things not visible to the naked eye.


Beauty Caution: What Can Botox Do That You Might Forget to Look Into?

Who does not want to remain young and beautiful? Most women would do whatever it takes just to look radiantly 10 years younger in spite of the inevitable effects of increasing age.

They would most likely consider applying make-ups or undergoing in special cosmetic procedures such as facial contouring and rejuvenation, laser surfacing, and the most popular, the injection of Botox.


What is a Botox?

Image result for What is a Botox

Short for Botulinum Toxin, it is therapeutically injected to muscles in order to improve or alleviate marks of aging such as moderately to severely prominent crow’s feet lines and frown lines. Nowadays, Botox is available worldwide including Malaysia.


What Are the Side Effects of Botox?

Image result for What Are the Side Effects of Botox?

First of all, one thing you should remember is that in every procedure or medicine you will undergo or take respectively, it carries specific health risks that may harmfully affect your body. Therefore, before strongly having your final decision, make sure you are knowledgeable enough both of its therapeutic and negative effects. Below are the ones that you should be wary about:


–           Problems Involving the Face- The most prominent side effects of Botox happen on the site of injection. Because it is injected on the face, you will most probably feel problems on it. Due to the weakening of the muscles used for facial expression, they can lead to severe and permanently loss of contraction.


–           Spreading of Toxins in the Body- Aside from the injection site, there is also a small possibility that the toxins may affect and be distributed to the areas away from the injection site.

These include serious signs and symptoms:

–           Double or blurred vision

–           Drooping eyelids

–           Hoarseness or voice

–           Difficulty in speaking

–           Difficulty in swallowing

–           Difficulty in breathing

–           Loss of bladder control

–           Loss of muscle strength


–           Immediate Allergic Reactions- Urgently report and seek medical assistance once you felt these symptoms: itching, wheezing, asthma, rashes, reddish itchy welts, dizziness, and faintness.


There is no problem in your dream to become eternally young and beautiful. With the emerging advances and solutions introduced in today’s world, you are not far away from that dream. But, in whatever way you may want it to achieve, you are responsible for your own decision, and should, therefore be knowledgeable enough on both the positive and negative effects.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Server Colocation



When your website needs its own machine, you might want to consider a server colocation service. This kind of service is usually an advanced web service hosting package offered by web hosting companies. This means that you would have a server, whether something you brought to the server farm or you bought through the web hosting company. The server would be physically located at the hosting company’s server facility.


The following are five reasons why you should consider a server colocation package:


  1. Security. Web hosting company server rooms typically have a very high level of security. Because the server is not located at your offices, there would be no worries about physical break-ins into your server room, which has relatively looser security than a server farm.


  1. Faster web. With your server located within the web hosting company’s facilities, it is physically closer to the internet backbone. Compared to a computer located at your office, a server at the web hosting company site would not need to connect via other servers, and kilometers of cables before connecting to the ISP backbone. Your server would be connected to a line which has a bandwidth of several gigabits.


  1. Support and Maintenance. You would not need to have personnel watch over your server on a 24/7 basis. If you bought the service and the server through the web hosting company, they would be responsible for the physical support and maintenance of the computer.


  1. Worry Free Service. Problems can still arise, but these would be limited to the physical machine. You would not need to worry about backups as well as power interruptions. These would be part of the service agreement with the web hosting firm.


  1. Less onsite cost. If you had a server within your offices, you would need to consider the cost of electricity, the internet connection, as well as the personnel who need to watch over the machine, as well as the training cost for these people. These are additional costs shouldered by the web hosting firm as part of their service.


Not every company requires their servers to be co-located, however, if the volume and the traffic were huge, it would be much simpler and less costly to have your server co-located at the web hosting firm site.

Teak Furniture: Why It’s The Best Type Of Wood Furniture For Malaysian Homes



Every time you’re thinking of filling your home with beautifully designed and luxurious authentic furniture that doesn’t embarrass guests at any particular time, considering furniture specially made from Teak wood should be among your top priorities all the time. Why is Teak furniture the best? People love it for its enhanced longevity and natural weather resistance capabilities that other woods don’t have, and that’s why many potential homeowners around the world choose it to cover all their home decor taste and needs—living and dining room, office, bedroom, bathroom, outdoors and any other classic accessories. This also gives them the flexibility to choose these set of items in many varieties that suit their interest in terms of size, colour, design and concept in order to spruce up or beautify their homes.




Where is Teak Wood Found?


Teak wood is found in plenty in Southeast Asian nations such as Malaysia, Thailand and Burma–in fact, Indonesia is more likely the only government across the world that takes its Teak wood quite seriously way more than any other government. And because the best piece of wood furniture created from teak is gathered from mature trees, most governments around Asia govern a strict policy and prefer such wood to be cut down after having lived on earth around 80 years, from when it was planted.


Pinegate 109



Why is Teak Wood So Costly and Valuable Than Most Woods?


Teak’s wood resilient ability to withstand and resist harsh weather conditions and super-enhanced longevity are some of the big factors that give this piece of wood away. Both of these handy characteristics make teak wood a perfect material for any kind of outdoor furniture you can think of. In fact, in caves found in Western India, material made from teak wood more than 2,000 years ago—remain intact even to-date! This means every time you’re about to purchase a piece of furniture made from teak wood, you’re definitely sure you’ve purchased some great stuff that will last for many years. This also makes teak’s furniture a value-buy wood for your cash, too.


Also worth knowing, some teak wood varieties are better than others. Like a teak furniture made from sapwood (the outer layer of any tree), doesn’t possess the same vital properties like those made from teak furniture which has been gathered from the hardwood (the inner layer of any tree). The hardwood normally has more natural oils in great abundance than the sapwood, which hence make items made from hardwood to be of greater value and more expensive than stuff made from sapwood altogether. So whenever you’re hunting for a piece of classic furniture before you make a purchase, always ask your vendor what part of teak wood the furniture was made from in order to purchase the perfect material all the time.





Above all, if you’re a homeowner and want to further enhance the glow and glamorous beauty of your home, swapping your old furniture with that made from Teak wood material is a good option to consider. Whether you need some plush and high quality furniture for your home décor or workstation, this teak wood material will cover your every need. More so, every time you’re hunting for some exotic and timeless teak furniture in Malaysia, make sure the item you’re about to purchase is gathered from teak’s hardwood material only because this is where the wood’s most essential materials are found. Sure, you’ll more likely pay more for this particular item, but your overall purchase would be a value-buy-item for your money and would also bring you maximum comfort over the long haul! Also regarding this Teak hardwood furniture’s impressive designs, high quality and competitive prices, everyone sure deserves decent and authentic furniture around their homes!

5 Simple Skin Care Tips That Really Work



Your skin can tell more about you, your lifestyle, and even your current emotional state more than you give it credit for.  If you want your skin to say good things about you, you need to take real good care of it.  Try these proven tips and tricks to help keep your skin healthy and glowing all the time.


  1. Get enough rest.

Getting an 8-hour sleep to keep your body and mind in top shape is as true for you now as it was when you were 7 years old.  If you are rested, you will look rested.  You will never have to worry about dark circles under your eyes and your face will always look supple and dewy.


  1. Load up on citrus.

Fruits that are rich in Vitamin C help your body get rid of toxins that could be harmful to your organs.  When organs are healthy, the skin glows and clears up.  No chemicals needed to keep wrinkles at bay!


  1. Quit smoking.

The cigarette you smoke contains chemicals that clog your veins and prevent blood from supplying oxygen into your skin.  This is why smokers’ skin look dull and lifeless.  Do yourself a favor and quit smoking.


  1. Clean your face gently and follow a skin care regimen.

Make sure to rid your skin of all types of make-up before going to bed.  Use gentle cleansers that won’t strip your skin of its natural moisture.  When choosing a skin care line, go for products that were sourced from nature such as H2O Malaysia.  Stay away from brands that contain too much chemicals or have very strong scents.


  1. Give yourself a break.

Unplug your laptop.  Switch off your phone.  Go out and have fun or take yourself out on a date.  Every part of your body, including your skin, need to go on vacation every now and then.  So go ahead and book that trip, go out on a shopping spree, or simply stay at home with your favorite book.  You deserve it.


Caring for your skin does not need to be a complicated mix of different washes, liquids, and creams.  Reviving your skin’s vitality actually starts with an attitude of keeping it clean and protected through a healthier, more responsible lifestyle.  If you want your skin to speak well of you, give it the proper care and attention it truly deserves.