How to Spot a Fake Luxury Watch


There really is nothing like a luxury watch. It feels great, looks great and becomes a beautiful accept piece for the person wearing it. However, there are far too many places out there trying to sell replica luxury watches. Now, replicas are becoming harder and harder to spot, and the last thing you want to do is purchase a watch at full price, only to find out later it is not an authentic Tag Heuer or something else of that nature. So, before you go and purchase any luxury watches, it is a good idea to educate yourself on it subject of spotting fakes.


The Obvious

First of all, you need to look for the obvious. For starters, check the name and the logo. Any quality replica is going to not have any problem matching the spelling and the look. However, there are some that are rushed, or others that alter the spelling slightly simply to get by with any kind of forgery lawsuits (the name is spelled different so they can’t be hit with a lawsuit, or at least it makes it more difficult). Chances are though, unless you are on a corner stall where someone is hawking jewellery on the street, you’re not going to have this issue. 3Check the Finishing Touches

If the band is leather, check the stitching. Are there any loose threads? Maybe the stitching isn’t tight and straight. Look at the metal, does it have any spots on it? All of these are signed to products that are not built with quality in mind but instead quantity. Rush jobs may not have the best stitching or most accurate designs. If you don’t spend time looking at it, you might be taken for an inferior watch.

Weight is Everything

Luxury watches are heavy. The watch often feels much heavier than what you thought it would feel. Quality products are not light. Metal is going to be heavier than plastic. So, if the watch feels light, chances are the watch is not real. The head of the watch should have some heft to it. Luxury leather is not light either. It is heavier and has a nice look and often sheen to it. If the watch you are holding feels lighter than you expected, there is a good chance it is not real.


The Box

One area of a luxury watch that is often overlooked, not only by the person buying it but the makers, is the box. The box should be beautifully crafted. Luxury watch designers craft these boxes to go along with the beautiful watches. For individuals making imitation watches, this is just a wasted expense. Due to this, the quality materials are not used to create the box. Look at the box, feel it over. Does it look like something that would hold a watch that costs several thousand dollars? Does it feel high end? If you say no, chances are the box is fake, which means the watch is fake. Often times the box is the best way to go about looking for a fake.


Staying in The Penang Area


There are a lot of great places to go once you make your way to Penang for the first time, but you need to make sure you get to find a comfortable hotel that will meet all your needs. You are going to have a good time in the city because of the way that the city is laid out, and the hotel can be this colonial palace that you are going to love. There are modern hotels in the city that you will love, and you can venture outside the city when it is time for you to have a look at some new places to go.


You can choose your Penang accommodation, be it new or old one, depending on what you want to do the most, and you have to make sure that you have chosen the one that you think is going to be the most exciting. Most people who are going to these hotels will use them as their base for the trip, and they are very comfortable because they were made for western travelers coming over from Europe.


The hotels that you pick will have nice places to eat and drink that you will enjoy at the end of the day, or you can use these places to have a nice way of getting comfortable in the city if you do not want to venture out too far. That is a very big deal for you as a traveller, or it can just be the place where you crash when you get back to the hotel. The choice is yours because some of these hotels can keep you occupied for days, but you might want to try out the city.

You need to remember that there was a time when the Mongols and Chinese were taking over the continent, and there has been a settlement there for thousands of years. You can take tours through parts of the city that are so good looking that you will be astonished by what you see. The tours will teach all about the history of the area, and you will be able to come away with an understanding of the area that goes far beyond anything that you could have imagined doing on your own.

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You also need to make sure that you have taken some time to try all the food in the area. There is a lot to try because the area has so much local cuisine, and you will never even have to leave the city to keep having adventures. There are a lot of people who are going to love the way that they are going to get to try new foods, and you might even try things that you will never see again. The beginning if the curry, but the end is all the other things that you can try.

Come out to Penang to see what the city has to offer you, and you will love the way it feels to try a new culture and a new cuisine.


What is Server Co-location, and Is It Right for You?


Unlike large corporations that have massive IT departments and their own dedicated internet infrastructure that enables them to host their own web servers, small businesses have to rely on other methods in order to establish their online presence. The methods vary, but one such method that can be used is server co-location.
Colocation lets place your server on someone else’s rack, sharing their bandwidth. While this typically costs more than regular web hosting, it is still less expensive than getting a comparable amount of bandwidth on your own. Once your machine is setup and ready, you will have to take it, physically, to the location of the provider, which in turn provides your machine with bandwidth, power and an IP address.
Using colocation as your method of generating an online presence has plenty of benefits, with the largest benefit being the lower cost involved compared to setting up your own bandwidth at your location. For the same price of having a business-level DSL line installed, about $200 per month, you can have an entire server available to you.
Some of the drawbacks to colocation include the price. If your site is more along the lines of a “hobby”, and not so much a business that requires massive amounts of bandwidth, you may want to consider a website through more cost-effective means, such as with a traditional web host. Additionally, prices for colocation services can fluctuate. Another downside is getting access to your hardware. With your server residing at another location, it may be challenging accessing it when it is not the normal hours for providers’ location.
Server co-location can be a great alternative for your business, so long as you can find one nearby and at the right price. If your business requires a great deal of bandwidth, this is definitely something you should check into. However, if your site does not have a need for large amounts of bandwidth, you should consider other, more cost-effective options.


Simple Hair Loss Treatments for All

Doctor preparing a man for hair replacement surgery

Our hair is something that many people take for granted until that day that a person starts to notice a significant hair loss. When this type of crisis hits your life, all you know is that you want to stop it as soon as possible. There is something about thick and luxurious hair that makes you feel youthful and vital. That is why so many people are looking for hair loss treatment options that are going to provide actual results and allow us to feel younger. Here are a few ideas that may just be the answer you are looking for to eliminate your baldness forever.

4e7051beb8f12d26cba4e8cad37ca76aPractice a Healthy Life Habits
How you take care of yourself is going to be evident in all of your health situations. That is true for your skin and of course for your hair. Looking at the health of your hair is a pretty accurate barometer of your overall health. Often hair loss can be a sign that some health problems might be happening in your life. A healthy head of hair probably shows an overall wellness and health in your life. All the good health habits that you practice or ignore living your life have an affect your hair health.

With your overall health as a hair loss treatment, you need only do the simple things to maintain your hair. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, including Vitamin B, calcium, zinc, etc. These nutrients have been linked to healthy hair. A diet rich in protein will help in your hair growth because hair is made up largely of proteins. Finally, one of the simplest and most effective things you can do in order to improve your overall health and hair growth is to make sure that you are drinking plenty of water each and every day.

Lionesse-Native-American-Hair-Care-Tips-Scalp-MassagePractice Healthy Hair Care
Think about the way that you manage your hair. Every product that you use to wash your hair will have an effect on the health of your hair. Hair that is unhealthy and exposed to unhealthy chemicals is far more likely to fall out, so learn to care for your hair appropriately. Buy products that use all natural ingredients and avoid harsher chemicals that will harm your hair and scalp.

Many people are washing their hair too much and that over washing can cause more damage and deplete your hair of the vitamins and nutrients that naturally exist. When washing your hair, the focus should be on the scalp and roots of the hair but when applying conditioner, focus on the ends of the hair that tend to dry out quicker than the rest of your hair. Also regularly trimming your hair will increase the overall health of your hair. By eliminating the weaker split ends your hair will not only look better and feel better it will be healthier.

coconut_oil_treatmentTreat Your Hair Better
It may seem like common sense that you shouldn’t treat your hair poorly, yet many people do things every day that causes long term hair loss. It is important to be cognizant of these potential poor behaviours in order to avoid them. These might seem too obvious but healthy hair practices need to be discussed and taught so that people are aware of the danger they are doing to their hair.
-Many women wear their hair pulled tightly on their head in stylish braids or pony tails. These types of hair styles may actually be removing your hair at the roots. By avoiding these types of hairstyles a person’s hair can recover and avoid hair loss. It is important to remember that once your hair is gone from a certain area it will stop growing there for good.
– Any chemicals you apply to your hair for any reason, colour, style or treatment can obviously damage your hair and lead to hair loss. That means if you continually undergo hair stressing styling, perming, straightening, hot ironing or hot oil treatments your hair may be taking so much damage that it will not be able to recover. All chemicals, even herbal chemicals should be avoided because they will change the structure of your hair and that is not going to be healthy.
– Most people do things each day that are too harsh for healthy hair. Blow drying your hair does not only remove the moisture from water on the surface, it can dry a person’s scalp and damage your hair follicles leading to hair loss. Allowing hair to dry over time is healthier for your hair. At the very least use the lowest adjustment rather than the hottest. When it comes to towelling off your hair if you work your hair too roughly it can damage the roots and lead to hair loss. Damage can also be done by combing your hair in a rough or violent manner in the name of saving time. This is easily avoided and is a cause of baldness that can be avoided just by being aware of the manner we are treating our hair. Be gentle with your hair.

Some of the most effective hair loss treatments that a person can practice do not involve expensive products or messy treatments. More often than not they involve common sense and treating your hair with gentle awareness. All people are capable of doing this.

An International Music School Could Bring Out the Best in Your Child

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For many people that are talented, a music school in Malaysia is a place that they can acquire more knowledge and experience to move their career along in an upward movement. With their talents, skills and the practice that they put into their dream, they can bring it to a realization that they never could before.

A Music School In Malaysia Focuses On Dedication, Perseverance And Determination

With a music school in Malaysia education, a student will acquire the needed skills that they need to play better and also to write music that will entice their audiences. Since there are many different classes that will enable them to aspire to great heights, they will continue to produce the best work that they possibly can.

Why An International School Is Very Important

An international school will give a student a very, versatile ability to get along in a variety of situations and cultures. With an international school background, a person will be able to move into various positions that they have the abilities to.
The Prince of Wales International School 

At The Prince of Wales International School, teachers are highly educated. They have the knowledge to give the students the ability to garner skills that they couldn’t achieve elsewhere making them highly desirable in a variety of positions in the music field. Students that attend this school are admired for their tenacity and talents.

Classroom And Hands-On Education

With this type of schooling, a student will get both classroom and hands-on experience. This means that they will have the advantages of both giving them an extraordinary amount of progress as they move along their professional ladder after they graduate. Many of the graduates move on to extremely important positions in the music industry. The Prince of Wales International School proudly acclaims their graduates for the work that they do in the industry.

Applying To The School

A person that wants to apply to the school can do so online. They will want to make sure that they have all the background that is necessary to be accepted into the curriculum. There is financial assistance that they can apply for. They should do so as soon as they can in order to help facilitate the beginning of their education with the school. For many people, they are able to do this in a short amount of time, and they can begin their studies as soon as possible. They will want to make the most of the time that they spend at the school by following all the necessary steps that they need to in order to get accepted and move into the program.

Having an international education is a plus for a musician. The abundance of education that they can learn is something that they will never regret having. Since it will give them the ability to deal with all types of people, they can utilize the benefits of the education for the rest of their lives.


How Do You Find A Good Cycling Jersey?


A good cycling jersey will help you make sure that you are comfortable on the road, but you need to know what goes into a nice jersey that you would wear on the road. You have been riding on the road for a long time, but you need to make sure that you have found all the best jerseys so that you are in the right jersey when you get on the bike. The bike riding that you do will go much better when you are using the right jersey, and you will avoid problems that people have when they are in something that does not fit right.


The Material

The material that is used to make the jersey needs to be made from spandex or a rayon blend. The blend will be able to breathe just a little, and you will be able to get a better fit from this nice jersey. The jersey that you are wearing on the road will help you glide through the air, and it will not catch the air when you are riding. You are moving at high speeds a lot of the time, and a fitted jersey will not catch the air and pull you off the bike. You also get better aerodynamics, and you will not slow yourself down. You are trying to be as streamlined as possible, but you cannot do that unless you have spent the money on a nice jersey.


The Fit 

The fit has to be skin tight, but that is why you need to get the blend so that there is a smooth fabric on you. The fabric will feel much better because it will be smooth on your skin, and you will be able to get a size that you know will be skin tight. Most people will get a size that is one smaller than what they would normally wear. This helps you pick out the right jersey, and it makes you comfortable when you hit the road.


The Styling 

The styling of the jersey needs to be in a colour that you like, and you should make sure that you have chosen something you want to wear. You will feel better about yourself, and it will make you feel like you can do anything. You need to get that kind of boost from your clothes, and you will be able to ride on the road where everyone will know that it is you.

Riding in a jersey that fits right, feels good and is your style is very helpful because you will not have to worry about being uncomfortable when you are riding. The jersey is there to make you feel better about riding, and the jersey makes it easy for people to find you when you are on the road. People on your team can see you easily, and drivers on the road will be able to see you pretty easily. This is the best way to get the results you need on the bike.


Delicious Kota Kinabalu


Kota Kinabalu is continuously growing as a city. More restaurants are popping up, you can look up online or through your travel agent for the newest restaurants. However the best way to find a great restaurant for what you are craving is to ask the locals. It is a coastal city with rainforest and beaches with waterfronts. There is plenty for visitors to do while in Kota Kinabalu with all the natural attractions. There is scuba and snorkelling, wildlife reserves, markets, tours and a railway just to name a few. When the sun starts to set there is one favourite thing to do for visitors which is the waterfront and boardwalk. The boardwalk is loaded with many eateries, café’s and pubs. The delectable smells waffling in the air will make you choice of where and what to eat quite hard, because it’s all so good.


There is a melting pot of culture. Spanning from Malay, Japanese, Western to Cantonese. Of course being a coastal city there is lots of restaurants with seafood style eats, however there are western styled restaurants to enjoy as well. Such as El Centro, The B Side, The Glass Bar and Grill, The Chub’s Grill, Upperstar Grill and Bar, just to name a few. Finding a western restaurant in Kota Kinabalu isn’t as hard as one may think.

One of the higher rated restaurants is El Centro. This cosy restaurants and bar features a varied menu. An internationally inspired food on the menu and they add a twist by adding a bit of the local flavours. Some of the melting pot of flavours would be Chinese, Malays, Bruneis, Javanese, Filipino, Western and European. There is also Kota Kinabalu local food available at high end restaurants. There are many specialties offered. One highly mentioned delicacy is the grilled string ray. SEDCO Square is a popular eating spot, for both locals and visitors. SEDCO Square has a huge variety of freshly caught seafood. Most of the higher end seafood restaurants sit along the coastline, which gives you a nice view while you enjoy your meal.


KK Waterfront along the beach is the hot spot to grab a drink. There are large popular night club type bars but there is also the smaller bars for a more relaxing intimate time. The large night club type bars usually have a live band playing and even host karaoke nights. Another popular drinking spot for both locals and visitors would be coffee shops.

So whether you are looking for something new to try such as the local seafood delicacies or you want a chicken parmesans sandwich with fries, Kota Kinabalu will have something for your tummy to enjoy. Most restaurants are highly rated and highly reviewed. What most people say they like the most about the restaurants, cafes, and bars is the waterfront view from which they sit. So when you are in Kota Kinabalu, stop by and enjoy some of the mouth watering food just waiting for you.


Five Reasons to Come Back to Azeroth with Legion


This year, doom will come to both the Alliance and the Horde as the Burning Legion returns and it brings with it, Sargeras, the Ravager of Worlds! Legion marks the sixth expansion to World of Warcraft taking place after Warlords of Draenor and opens up a dire new chapter for WoW players to come back to Azeroth. With the introduction of a new class and new artifacts, returning to the WoW game brings new excitement and challenges for players.


The latest expansion will take place after the events of Warlords of Draenor and will return WoW’s mightiest heroes back to the land of Azeroth to fend off the third invasion by the Burning Legion. Players will find themselves racing against time looking for the fabled Pillars of Creation believed lost forever on the Broken Isles. They must face off against the powerful orc warlord Gul’dan once again and find out the secrets he keeps about the mysterious Burning Legion, an army that has grown larger and stronger than any invasion in the history of Azeroth.


When it comes to playing WoW, players love the release of a new expansion and the new features that come to their favorite game. With the use of a WoW time card, players can get in on the action now in anticipation of the coming release. Here are a few features that are coming with WoW’s sixth expansion Legion:



  • The level cap will be raised to 110 and to help the heroes prepare for the invasion WoW: Legion will allow one free character boost to level 100 which includes any newly created character.


  • A new hero class called the Demon Hunter. This class, similar to the one from Diablo, will be a melee hero that can turn into demonic forms during combat.


  • The introduction of the Honor System. A new ranking system which will not only offer new ranks and bonuses but also PvP-specific abilities to use against opposing factions.


  • New Class Order Halls and Class Orders. Recruit NPCs to your class order and send them on specific missions for fame and glory.


  • A new continent named the Broken Isles. A place of mystery and secrets, this island chain brings forth twisted fragments of the Emerald Nightmare and players will not only square off against the hordes of the Burning Legion but also twisted versions of a lost night elf civilization.



The Broken Isle will be new content for players over level 100 and will offer new dungeons like Black Rook Hold and Darkheart Thicket. New raids will feature a trip into the Emerald Nightmare and battles within Suramar Palace. One of the most interesting new features of Legion will be the introduction of legendary Artifacts, 36 specialized weapons that are customizable and have their own ability trees.

How to Save Money on Your New Business


If you’re thinking about starting your own business, you might be deterred by the initial costs. For those who are starting a business online, there are less initial costs than you might realize. It can help to save before launching your business, and you can also save money on costs that you thought were set in stone.
In order to look like a legitimate, professional business, you’ll want to have office space where clients and potential customers can meet with you. If you have a business that requires space infrequently, you could look into meeting rooms for rent. You’ll only need to use them when you have large meetings with investors or clients. A serviced office has a receptionist who will forward calls as well as serve as a mailing address while you work from a remote location.

part-time-workersYou can also save on employee salaries by hiring a part-time employee who works from their own office. You won’t have to worry about providing benefits to a part-time worker, and they have their own space with the equipment needed to do their jobs. To save big on employee costs, you could take on an intern who is willing to work for little to no money for the experience. For sales associates, you could have them work on commission, which means you won’t have to pay them unless they bring business into your company.

0625_workfromhome_630x420When you work from home or in your garage, don’t forget to find out about all the important deductions you can make on your taxes. You’ll be able to deduct a portion of your rent or mortgage as a business expense depending on how much of your home is used as part of the business. You’ll need to check with a tax professional before taking these deductions.

savingmoneyAnother way to save money as a new business is to save on shipping costs. If you have a friend or a family member in the area of some of your suppliers, you can save hundreds on shipping costs by having it picked up from the manufacturer. While you’re saving money if someone is naturally heading near the supplier, if you do it yourself, you might not be saving all that much since you won’t be involved in any activities that will generate revenue while traveling.

best-price1Before contracting for work, make sure you get at least three bids to ensure you’re getting the best price. Once you’ve chosen a vendor, find out whether you’ll get a discount for paying bills at a certain time. Many vendors will give you a credit for paying early. If they don’t, consider keeping the money until the last minute to earn interest on every dollar possible.

There are plenty of ways to save money when you’re starting a new business from a rented meeting room to saving on shipping costs. Before you open your business, think about the ways you’ll be able to save money on the process.


Beauty Tips from Head to Toe

Your skin is the tell-tale indication of how well you are feeling. Did you have a flare of acne the last time you were stressed? Sadly, it’s not a coincidence. If you and your complexion are in need of a boost, the following tips and tricks should help to give yourself the happiest face possible.


Layering Skin Care

When applying different products, are you confused about when to put on what? We’ve broken it down so can you can be out the door in a flash:


  • Begin with a serum. Gels and liquid treatments such as Garnier products must be applied to your skin when it’s clean and dry.


  • Next up, apply your sunscreen. If you are using a chemical-based product, it needs to be applied before lotion.


  • Time to moisturize. After applying your skin serum and sunscreen, wait a few minutes so it’s completely absorbed.


  • Last up, eye cream. Using your pinky finger, gently tap the product around your eyes


Down Below

When it comes to your lower half, what’s most important? Feeling fresh when it’s that time of the month probably sits at the top of your list. With Laurier pads, you don’t need to worry about leaks.


Fashionista Indeed

After you have pampered yourself from head to foot, choosing the perfect outfit is next. With Malaysia online shopping, the perfect party dress is only a click away. Online shopping is the no longer a thing of the future. With access to virtually every designer online, the hardiest decision will be which one to choose to get your shop on!


Being a woman definitely has its rewards. From gorgeous gowns to fantastic stilettos, the possibilities are endless. The benefits of being able to pamper yourself outweigh any discomfort we go through as a female.