Why The Answer to All Your Beauty Woes is Sunscreen


If you’ve noticed that your skin has lost some of its suppleness, if it has fine lines, wrinkles or uneven pigmentation, you may have sun damage. As studies have shown, sun damage can lead to skin cancers such as basal and squamous cell carcinoma, the occasionally deadly melanoma and precancerous conditions such as solar keratoses. The problem is especially acute for people with fair skin.

Fortunately, the way to preserve the beauty of the skin is easy to obtain. It is sunscreen.


What Is Sunscreen?
Sunscreen is a topical preparation used to protect against the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. There are three types of ultraviolet ray, but only two, A and B, affect people on earth. UVA radiation damages the skin by stimulating the production of dangerous free radicals and puts a person at higher risk for melanoma. UVB light also causes free radical production as well as sunburn and other types of skin cancer.

Ultraviolet radiation also damages those substances like collagen and elastin that keep skin supple and young-looking. A sunscreen that contains titanium oxide gives extra protection to these substances. Other ingredients that should be in a good sunscreen include zinc oxide and parsol. The sunscreen should also be hypoallergenic and should not block the pores, which can lead to acne, rashes and other skin problems.

Sunscreen can be a lotion, a gel or a spray. There are two types: one absorbs UV radiation and the other reflects it. The most effective sunscreen when it comes to preserving both the beauty and health of the skin is one that protects against both UVA and UVB light.

Sunscreens are rated by their SPF factor. The higher the rating is, the longer it can be worn before the person’s skin starts to suffer the effects of sunburn. However, this doesn’t mean that the person doesn’t need to replenish a higher rated sunscreen. Usually, sunscreen is reapplied every two hours or so. Experts recommend that a person wear a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.


How To Wear It
As noted aesthetic doctor Dr. Chen Tai Ho said, “To get the best results, sunscreen should be worn every day, whether the sun is shining or not. Some ultraviolet rays can penetrate through cloud cover!” Not only that, but putting on sunscreen as assiduously as one puts on clothes or make-up trains the body to work with sunscreen and prevent damage to its DNA. Make sure that the sunscreen thoroughly covers exposed parts of the body, and make sure to refresh the sunscreen according to the manufacturer’s directions. One other bit of good news is that newer models of sunscreen are water-proof. This means they don’t automatically have to be reapplied after swimming.

By the way, it is important for even dark-skinned people to put on sunscreen when they go out into the sun, even though they may not need as high an SPF rating as people with fair skin.

As Dr. Chen Tai Ho said, “Find a good sunscreen, slather it on, keep it on throughout the day, and your skin will stay vital and beautiful for years to come.”




Due to the metabolic reactions in the body, sweating is important to extract the unwanted products from the body. However, excessive sweating also referred to as hyperhidrosis is commonly reported among people. Victims of hyperhidrosis suffer from humiliation and low self-esteem due to the tremendous sweating. Underarms, sweaty palms, and feet are the parts of the body the condition adversely affect. Hyperhidrosis treatment is, therefore, an option that people seek to get their sweat glands controlled. The following are some tips on how to control the excessive sweating.


Use antiperspirant 
This is the basic way to deal with sweating in excess. Many people first try the antiperspirants to reduce the body odour. Aluminum chloride and pentapeptide are the ingredients in these products which tend to form a layer that clogs the sweat pores thus reduced sweating rate. If this option is not satisfactory, choose iontophoresis therapy.


Iontophoresis therapy 
This is an advanced technological to help people with hyperhidrosis where hands and feet are passed through a mild electric current. The electric current and ions in water end to thicken the epidermis and drastically reducing the sweat flow.

The right wears 
If one is experiencing sweaty feet or underarms, the type of clothes and shoes that one wears is an aspect of putting into consideration. Sweat protect undershirts are available for both men and women. They ensure that the sweat is absorbed, and the resulting sweat order is minimized. The sweat protect shoes insoles are also highly recommended for a person having sweaty feet as they also soak up the sweat. The socks fabric is also a factor to consider when purchasing the socks. One should buy those that have silver fiber with the antimicrobial and odour traits.
Botox injections 
This is a newer treatment for hyperhidrosis where an injection is given to the affected body part including underarms, hands, feet and the face. Statistics show that they are approximately 87% effective in the rate the sweating occurs. It has a long- term effect compared to other treatment options and perpetual Botox injections can give long-lasting relief to the victims.

Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy (ETS) surgery 
This is the least appropriate treatment option to consider. However, unsuccessful hyperhidrosis control, medical professionals advise one to give the surgery a trial. Some side effects of this option include extreme hypotension, heat intolerance and an abnormal sweating all over the body.
These tips are essential if one wants to control their sweating problem. Before attempting any procedure, one should seek medical advice so as to have a positive outcome. Hyperhidrosis is just a condition which should not limit one from living an ordinary life. Therefore, helping a victim of hyperhidrosis boost their self-esteem and should not be isolated.


Must Have Small Apartment Furniture


Having a small apartment is great. However, the fun goes away when furnishing the apartment comes into the picture and there are no ideas. Let’s face it; furnishing a small apartment can be troublesome, especially because you have to consider the space available. Still, there are fabulous ideas when it comes to furniture for the apartment to try out. When looking for furniture for your home, optimize on the largest space available. Here are some great furniture options for your tiny apartment that save on lots of space.

Chest of drawers 
Having a small apartment means you have no room to keep clothes, shoes and make-up. To economize on storage space, consider getting a drawers for the bedroom. They are tall and have several compartments meaning several things can be put inside. They are available at different heights depending on preference. Chests of drawers, commonly known as dressers, are mostly used to store socks, pajamas, jeans, tee-shirts and any other form of casual wear. Some even have open shelves designed for keeping your shoes. The perfect bedroom furniture everyone should get for keeping clothes and shoes is a chest of drawers.

Wooden sideboard 
In small apartments, the living room also doubles up as a dining room. Or the dining room is a tiny space between the kitchen and living room. Extra dinnerware, glasses and cups, spoons, and table linens will need a place to be kept. The solution to this is getting a sideboard made of wood. Utensils and other dining things can be conveniently stored and taken out when needed. In the living room, wooden sideboards can also be used to keep books and magazines. Depending on the height and design, they can have spaces to put a television and even wine compartments. They come as a complete package storage solution, and flowers can be put on top to add to the decorations of the room. The great thing about wooden sideboards is that they fit any room including the bedroom.

Platform beds 
Since space is a major issue in small apartments, having a big bed is out of the picture. To save on space, consider the option of getting a platform bed. These beds save on space depending on how they are designed. Having platform beds can increase the number of storage spaces available as they can have inbuilt cabinets under them. The beds can also have pull-out drawers built in them. The beds are convenient especially since space is not readily available. The drawers on platform beds can also be made in the form of steps leading up to the bed. Getting this kind of bed is a smart idea and will ease the chance of having clutter in the house.
Small apartments only need the right furniture and decorations to turn them into beautiful homes. Furnishing a small apartment has been made easier with these space-efficient furniture. Decorating the apartment using the right furniture will make the house seem larger as there will be space left to move around.


Low Cost of Public Transport Services in Kuala Lumpur


Travellers, residents, and other individuals seeking transport in Kuala Lumpur have access to a broad variety of affordable public transport options. As the capital of Malaysia, the public transportation system has a developed, modernized, and reliable network of taxis, KTM trains, Rapid KL buses, Light Rail Transit Trains, and Express Rail Links for its citizens and travellers. Users can expect affordable and expedient options that enable easy travel in a broad variety of viable and populated locations.


KL Train System

The main rail operator of Kuala Lumpur is known as KTM, or Keretapi Tanah Melayu. Trains are one of the more preferred methods of travel due to their low cost and reliability. Ticket prices vary depending on the grade of ticket one purchases and the distance of their destination. Destinations within the city can typically cost between 1-2 MYR, which is less than half of a British pound.

There is a KTM schedule app available for those who expect to frequently use Kuala Lumpur’s train system. Through the app, one can select their train station and browse departure times while also receiving reminders for train arrivals. This app was developed due to the reluctance of individuals that were puzzled by the KTM timetable. Those who wish to use the app can acquire it through kltransit.my
Passes and Convenience

Those that are expecting an extended stay in Kuala Lumpur should be aware of the passes and cards accessible to them. One particular pass allows its users to skip long lines for token machines and ticket windows. There is also a pass available for frequent users of the MRT and LRT systems. Certain public transport passes and cards extend their use across different train services and buses, making cards exceedingly versatile for users.

One of more popular pass services charges 10 MYR for a card, which is the equivalent of 1.65 British pounds. Users of the pass can expect all the conveniences of a typical travel card, with transit charges going through the card at applicable scanners.

Other Transportation Services

Many travellers tend to utilize the trains, but the bus system also has a viable journey planner and low cost service. Fares range between 1-3 MYR, depending if you’re traveling within one or across multiple zones.

Taxis will typically charge you 15 MYR, which is a little over two and a half British pounds, for a distance of 2 km. However, the cost of a taxi can vary between specific drivers. Shopping malls, prime transportation hubs, airports, and other areas have taxi desks that can be used for potentially cheaper fares. Taxi desk clerks will process the distance you need to travel and give you a quote, if you accept the charge you will get a ticket. This taxi ticket can be given to any participating taxi and no additional fees will be charged after the ticket is exchanged.

General Cost of Transit

In summation, traveling in Kuala Lumpur is cost effective and expedient. Users of public transport should be aware of the services available to them for their convenience, as well as what services can enable them to travel at a low cost. Staying informed on what services provide the best rates and quickest travel times will ensure that travel expenses remain low for residents and travellers.


Top 6 FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Myths


Ultimate Team is an optional component of EA Sports FIFA, a popular football franchise. Rather than control a true-to-life team, FUT gives you the chance to build an all-star squad that you use to compete against other players. Team building occurs through the acquisition of trading cards, which you can spend real money on, and that aspect has led to some prevalent myths that simply aren’t true.


1. There’s No Skill Involved 

Players being able to purchase an unlimited number of player packs has led some to the conclusion that it eliminates skill altogether, but this isn’t true. FIFA 16 Ultimate Team pack purchases provide diminishing returns with each purchase, and if a player wants to compete for best overall team, they still have to take that squad onto the virtual pitch and win games against other good players.


2. Success Requires a Large Financial Investment 

Your FIFA 16 gameplay skill is a much bigger determinant of success than your ability to spend real money on additional card packs. Additional card packs can help, particularly if you have a lot of disposable income, but there are other core ways to earn cards. Every time you win or lose, you earn coins that you can spend on either packs or in the trading market.


3. EA Forces You to Purchase Packs 

Every season, there are people high on the leaderboards that spent far less than the community average. Keep in mind that you’re essentially earning cards every time you play an Ultimate match, and you can trade your duplicates in order to do more with the resources you do have.

4. Trading Is a Waste of Time 

Trading is arguably the most efficient way to build a team, but some dismiss it because it’s not as easy as simply purchasing another pack. If you take some time to learn the market, you can apply real-world economic strategies that let you generate a return on the coins you earn playing matches.

5.Points Yield Better Pack Pulls than Coins 

This one is a popular legend. EA makes more when you pay for FIFA Points, so naturally card packs purchased with points yield better than those purchased with in-game coins. Except that it isn’t true. The FIFA 16 system used to generate and deliver packs is the same regardless of how you purchase them.

6. Gamers Have to Be Near Their Consoles or PCs 

A final common misconception is that you need access to your Xbox One, PC or PlayStation 4 in order to monitor the trade market, which provides an advantage to people who are home all day. The truth is that EA has a FIFA 16 Ultimate Team app that supports most mobile devices.

A Better Ultimate Experience 

Many gamers spend real money on FUT in order to enhance their experience. You may get lucky, and there’s nothing wrong with that if you’re prepared for unlucky pulls too. It’s a good idea to set boundaries, and some players like to do that by limiting in-game purchases based on their actual playing time.


Cycling Tips That Everyone Riding a Bike Should Know About


Cycling might seem like an easy hobby or type of exercise. The reality is that you need to have some knowledge about the proper way to use a bike in order to get the most from the experience. If you do things wrong while cycling, then you could be injured or get into an accident. Here are some tips that every cyclist should know when riding a bike.


Take Time to Adjust the Saddle 

The first tip everyone should know is to take time to adjust your bike saddle to fit your body dimensions. A saddle in the wrong position can make riding your bike for any length of time very unpleasant. It can also potentially lead to injuries. The best way to do this is by following the instructions in the bike manual exactly. You could also just visit a professional cycling shop and ask someone to adjust it for you.


Wear the Right Shirt and Shorts 

Wearing the right cycling shirt and shorts is critical. Baggy or heavy clothes can become caught in the bike gears or cause you to sweat unnecessarily. A good cycling jersey will make you more aerodynamic. It also wicks away moisture and allows your skin to breathe. Cycling shorts help to support your muscles. Cycling shorts will not catch in the gears either.


Learn To Maintain and Repair Your Bike 

You want to study your bike and the accompanying manual to learn the proper way to maintain and repair it. You never know when your bike might break down on the road. You will also need to tune your bike regularly to get the best performance. Learn how to repair flat tires, fix popped chains and tune the gears. Get the tools you need to do this and carry them with you whenever you go cycling.

Switch to Clipless Pedals 

You will want to switch to clipless pedals as soon as you can to improve your cycling experience. Clipless pedals will attach to nearly any bike. They are accompanied by cleats that you secure to your cycling shoes. Clipless pedals lock your feet to surface without straps or anything else. They allow you to get maximum power every time you push down with minimal strain on your muscles. They are also safer than other types of pedals.

Refine Your Brakes for Control 

A final tip is to refine your brakes to make the bike easier to control. You want to make certain that the brakes can be easily reached by your fingers and hands. Ensure you can easily pull the brakes back to different degrees without fighting against the mechanisms inside. This is going to improve your safety while cycling and increase the amount of control you have especially when moving fast.

You do not want to take anything for granted when cycling. Small oversights or mistakes can have big consequences once you are cycling on busy streets or moving very fast. Following these tips will help you to be a better cyclist and avoid common problems.


Floor Cleaning Tips & Technology


Clean floors are an important part of any space. When a floor looks good, it makes any space look good and feel inviting. Keeping the floors clean in a home or a place of business is one of the key components of keeping the house clean overall. For those in search of the best possible way to keep their floors clean, they may want to want look into the many ways there are to accomplish this task. Technological improvements such as a scrubbing machine can help keep any home or place of business in great shape.

Cleaning Equipment 

To keep a floor clean and in good shape, it helps to have the best possible cleaning equipment on hand at all times. The right kind of equipment allows any owner to immediately clean when necessary should a major spill happen. This kind of equipment also allows the owner of the space to clean up the space on a routine basis. It also allows the owner to clean up the space each week thoroughly. Doing so can make it easier for an owner to be assured of having clean floors at all times. In many cases, problems with flooring can build up over time, leading to floors that look grimy and unattractive. A home or business owner who wants to restore their floors to pristine condition will have many kinds of options to make their floors look great.

Dealing With Existing Problems 

Many owners find they have problems with their flooring. The flooring might look unattractive or dull. There might even be pieces missing from it in the corners. In that case, it is often best to start with a full examination of the floors and create a plan for restoration. All areas of the flooring should be looked at closely to determine what kind of problems exist and how best to correct them. The home or business owner will want to take steps to confront this problem as soon as possible. Redoing the floor materials can have immediate benefits and make the entire house of business look clean and modern.

The Right Upkeep 

After any flooring has been thoroughly clean and mended, it is important for the home or business owner to make sure the flooring stays that way. Using equipment such as a floor scrubber can help the owner be assured of always having floors that are clean and pleasing to the eye. Using modern technology makes this goal easier than ever. An owner need only have the equipment on hand. They can then clean the flooring as necessary. It is best to consider setting up a schedule that makes this process easier and allows any given user to be able to know that attention is paid to the flooring. In many cases, a cleaning service can help. Many cleaning services will come right to your house or place of business and clean your floors for you. Working with them can help you get the look you want and need.


Understanding Corrugated Boxes



Many people may have an idea of what a corrugated style box is, yet very few are able to accurately describe what they are. They are very similar in shape and appearance to cardboard boxes, which are arguably the most well-recognized box in existence. The corrugated style box however, is much more durable and reliable than cardboard boxes. The corrugated style box consists of three different layers of a paper material. There is a standard inner and outer layer with a very critical middle layer that is folded in a way to make the sides of the boxes more durable and long lasting.


The sturdiness and shape of corrugated boxes make them the ideal use for many different occasions. The first and perhaps most important use for corrugated style boxes is for shipping boxes. Because of their durability and convenient shape, these boxes have been used to ship all kinds of things across the world for years. Another great use for these boxes is for storing as well as organizing a lot of things. Their compactability and size allows them to easily be stacked upon one another and stored in a closet or room. Using more than one can help to keep track of a large amount of items. Another way in which these boxes are used in everyday life includes pizza delivery. Even food is trusted to be put into these boxes. It helps to keep the food warm and safe from damage during delivery.


Although many people may not be familiar with corrugated boxes, they are certainly useful for a myriad of occasions. They are proven to be more sturdy and reliable than cardboard boxes. Whether a manufacturer or simply working with a lot of stuff, anyone can find a beneficial use for corrugated boxes. The best part is, they can easily be stored when they are not being used. They can be easily stacked onto one another or folded together and placed in a smaller location.


Great Advice That Will Benefit New RuneScape 3 Players


RuneScape originally launched in 2001, which makes it one of the longest-running MMORPGs online. Developed and published by Jagex, the game still boasts a vibrant online community that welcomes new blood, and with them in mind, here’s some great advice that every RS3 player should heed.

Three is RuneScape 1 and 2 Too 

The game that launched way back in 2001 is the same game people still play today. In addition to new content on a regular basis, the game has undergone two major evolutions. The name changed to RuneScape 2 after the first evolution and then RuneScape 3 after the second. They’re still the same game, however, and products sold them for them are interchangeable.
Use Prepaid Cards for Membership 

RuneScape 3 has transitioned to a free-to-play game. While there’s a wealth of content available to the F2P member, there are locations, skills, enemies and other objects locked behind a paywall. You can opt to buy this additional content in packages, but if you’re invested enough to pay, a subscription is a better value. In fact, RuneScape prepaid card codes may be the best value of all because Jagex often sells them to retailers at a discount, and those stores can then pass those savings on to consumers.
Some Membership Cards Offer Added Benefits 

Subscription cards are either sold as prepaid time or as prepaid money that you can convert into time or other items in the RS store. Default codes simply contain their face value, but as you buy cards in larger amounts of time and currency, Jagex throws in gifts, such as RuneCoins and in-game attire. Gamers can go to seagm.com for more information about the special codes that are available.

Purchase RuneCoins to Expand Your Experience 

As a quasi-F2P game, the RS experience depends heavily on microtransactions. If you’re a subscribed member, you get an allotment of in-game currency to use every month in addition to the content that comes with the base F2P game and the extended subscriber game. If you want additional currency to spend in the in-game store, you can purchase RuneCoins, which are available either directly through Jagex or as RuneScape prepaid card codes.

Opt for Prepaid over Direct RuneCoins 

RS3 players can go to seagm.com for more information about coin prices. These are often available at a discount or with certain benefits that make purchasing codes a better deal than buying direct through Jagex. Note that some sites sell RS gold, but these types of sales aren’t condoned by Jagex, and the transition to RuneCoins was in large part an effort to make gold buying and selling not worthwhile.

Becoming a Better RS3 Player 

RuneScape can seem intimidating at first, but you’ll overcome that with time. The best advice we can give a new player is to watch for outdated information. The game has changed a lot in 15 years, and some abandoned websites feature information from RS1 and RS2.