Purchasing and taking care of your wood furniture

When you are furniture shopping the task can be daunting, especially when picking out wood pieces. As you start to shop you have to decide what type of wood you prefer. There are so many choices from hardwood to softwood or even the tropical wood. From each of these types, there are many kinds of woods depending on what’s your favourite.


If you prefer woods such as oak, cherry or maple, these are known as hardwoods. These woods come from trees that produce fruits or nuts and produce a much harder wood that make the furniture heavier and give more of a hefty look.

Another option is softwoods that come from trees that produce needles. Woods such as cedar, fir, pine and redwood are associated with softwood furniture. This type of furniture has more of a lighter weight and handling is more delicate with this wood.  There is also wood known as tropical hardwoods that grow in the tropical forest. These woods are mahogany, rosewood and teak.


There are a lot of choices when your furniture shop and each wood can visually give a different look. If you are concerned with finding out the true level of hardness to your wood furniture, there is a rating system called the Jarka rating system that shows a chart that rates the level of hardness of the most popular desirable woods. For an example of how the rating works, the system considers hickory woods the hardest and aspen woods the softest. Taking a look at the rating chart before shopping could possibly help with your decision of the wood you want to purchase.


After deciding what type of wood you want for your furniture, you have to decide what style you would like. Sometimes getting some help from a professional will help decide what lifestyle you have, if you are unsure. Most furniture shops will have staff members who can guide you with those choices while taking in consideration of your overall home furnishing style. Or if you prefer shopping for furniture online in Malaysia than you can ask the site’s customer service for help if needed. As you shop it becomes a personal choice what style you like and the more furniture you purchase you’ll start seeing your style come out in your choices.


14201 Teak M rack (2)


After picking out and purchasing your furniture it’s time to make sure you keep a cleaning routine so your pieces have a good chance of lasting for years to come. It depends if your furniture is oiled, painted or polished on how you clean it.  Oil finished furniture can be cleaned with a simple routine dusting with a soft cloth. If your furniture is painted than a vacuuming with a soft brush attachment can be used for the heavier cleaning and a soft cloth for the everyday wiping. Polished wood is the only wood that needs to be treated with a polish or wax routinely.


No matter if you are shopping at a store for furniture or furniture online in Malaysia, you have a full range of options and plenty of styles to pick from for your favourite pieces. The purchase of wood furniture can be a rewarding experience and it’s the one item in our lives that has a good chance to being passed down to others.

Add a Touch of Class in Timekeeping With Luxury Watch Brands.


Time is an essential element to your life. Your personality can be defined by your ability to keep time. With the introduction of new technologies like smartphones, many people thought that the era of wearing a watch will be soon gone, but they were wrong.

Your watch defines you.
You cannot tie a gold coated smartphone around your wrist that will make your workmates turn their heads around as you pass around. This classic and admired look can only be felt when you wear a real watch around your wrist.

Luxury watch brands are normally associated with people who attract respect to themselves and are conscious of their appearance. These watches are available for both men and women. All the same those who wear this watches declare their high status to the society. You can be sure people will judge you by your appearance when they see you for the first time. One of the things that will sell you as an elegant and goal oriented person is that piece of metal around your wrist that shows time. If you have a cheap watch that looks like you picked it from a scrap metal dealer, then you will be taken cheaply. On the other hand, if you have a smart looking fine piece of watch then you will be treated with dignity and accorded all due respects.

Old school or new school.
This watches can be antique or modern. You can have a nice looking antique watch that looks like it has been passed down from tycoon to tycoon over generations and it will look good on you. This is for those who love antique watches. There are hundreds of antique watch collectors going around the earth looking for the most luxurious watches to meet your desires. You may even find yourself with the first prototype watches ever made.

Walking down the road of modern classical time keeping, you will find wonders. Many watches that used the gear system to show time are thought to be old school. No, nowadays you will find many luxurious modern gear watches like the Tag Heuer in the market that will leave you puzzled.

These modern watches have more to offer to you apart from helping you keep time. These are some of the added luxuries that come with luxurious watches:


Water resistance.
We all know the tales of the relationship between water and watches for as long we can recount. For a long time water has been known as the number one enemy of your watch, but not anymore.

Modern watches are now built in a water resistant design. On the forefront of this move is Rolex, who offer highly unique water resistant watch designs.Have you ever imagined that you can check on your time underwater, maybe when you are swimming. Yes, you can, these watches have great abilities to resist water penetration into its system.

Smart watches.
This is the new dawn in the luxury watch industry. Smart watches do a lot more than just showing you what time it is. Some of this watches can be linked to your smartphone and Bluetooth device.

Furthermore, some have the ability to check the weather. They can measure temperature, humidity, sunshine intensity and also altitude, latitude and longitude.

So if you are a fanatic of luxurious watches go for it. It can be tailored to your specifications, different from the normal gold and silver coated watches. You can think of any metal or material, and your watch will be made of it.


HEPA Helps A Home

Air quality in the home is something taken for granted. This is not due to deliberate willful blindness to the importance of air quality. People just assume that a home is free of impurities and pollution. While the average home is hardly as troublesome as an industrial facility, air quality can and does suffer due to a number of factors.


Air Travels And So Do Impurities

Air circulates through a home and this is a good thing for persons hoping to avoid dealing with stale air. Unfortunately, air that travels through the exterior environment is also bringing in dirt, dust, fibers, and various other not-so-nice particles. While these impurities are not visible to the naked eye, they do cause a host of troubling problems.

Be ever so mindful of the fact that whatever is in the air is going to be breathed in by the occupants of a home. A host of health woes can arise from poor air quality. Thankfully, there are things capable of reducing the presence of impurities.



The HEPA Solution

HEPA helps. The word stands for high-efficiency particulate arrestance and its purpose is, as the name suggests, to ensure the quality of air in a home is up to high standards. A portable HEPA filtration unit could prove to be a tremendous asset when concerns over air quality reach very high levels.

Basically, the device is used to funnel air through a dust collector and filtering system. The air enters in with impurities and exists in a much cleaner and more natural state. As a result, air in the home improves dramatically.

Picture 3


High Air Quality And High Quality Filters

Do not try and save money with low-grade filters. They are not going to be of any help to the cause of keeping the air in a home clean. Look towards purchasing solid, high-grade HEPA filters in Malaysia as they are going to deliver the best results.


League of Toxicity: How Riot is Trying to Make a Less Hostile Playing Experience


League of Legends is the 800-pound gorilla in the middle of the MOBA world. It boasts more players, more fans, and more everything than any other massive online battle arena. However, all is not lollipops and rainbows on the battlefield. Many players curse and harass other players, use racist/sexist language, or help the other team because a player gets angry at his own team.

Opinion-League-Of-Legends-Tribunal-1The Tribunal

A reporting mechanism is in place that allows players to report those guilty of a number of no-nos. If a player is reported enough times over a certain amount of games, he/she may face the so-called “Tribunal”. The Tribunal decides whether to punish a player and what the punishment should be. While some players act nice after discipline by the tribunal, there are plenty who give the finger to whatever judgment is handed down.

ScreenShot2014-01-17at4.17.35PMUseless Blocking

Leaguers can “block” a player that used toxic language, trolled, or committed some other infraction. This is basically a useless function, though, as a blocked player may still end up on the team of someone who blocked him/her. Riot worries that if a player could be blocked from never ending up on the same team as the blocker, wait times for the games would be too long.

lol-team-builder-title-660x330A Potential Solution?

Despite their best efforts, Riot still has a lot of toxic gamers that ruin the game for others. In an attempt to end this problem, Riot is working towards making all games “Team Builder”. Team Builder is a mode that lets players pick their particular roles so that there is no arguing in character select as to who plays what. If a player wants to jungle, they will only wind up on teams that need a jungler, and so forth. While this may help to some degree, it will drastically change the game. In Team Builder mode there is no counter picking, which is a crucial element of the selection process.(1)

pnltuUseless Rewards

Another step Riot has taken is to give rewards to players who make nice, at least most of the time. These rewards take the form of a free champion or skin once a year. If Riot seriously thinks anybody is curbing their bad behavior in the hopes of winning these trivial prizes, they are deluding themselves.

The Only Real Fix

Being able to block a player from all future games is the only way to provide an actual amicable gameplay experience. While Riot worries that this would cost them money, their feeble attempts at lessening toxicity are pretty toothless. Hopefully Riot will keep one of the most popular online games in Malaysia a fun and exciting experience.

It can be tough to deal with ragers in League. The ignore button is a good option, but it’s use is limited. Just grab a game card or gear from www.seagm.com and pick up some gear or champs. Buying that new skin/champion will make any gamer forget those toxic noobs.

Cathodic protection


Metals are in constant change when they are in contact with air or water in any situations that they are. Cathodic protection comes reliable when such circumstances arise. It is defined as the process through which the surface of a given metal is protected against corrosion. Corrosion affects most metal surfaces when they react with other circumstances. The method was first introduced and developed by Sir Humphrey Davy in the year 1824. He improvised it to be used as a way of reducing and controlling corrosion on the British naval ships. The process is used to protect the metal surface by making it the cathode of the source of power. The cathode is the negative part of a cell while the anode is the active role of an energy producing element.


It is clear that the method of protection connects the element or metal to be protected to an exposed metal that is easily corroded. The exposed metal that is applied as a sacrifice corrodes instead of the protected metal. Two main types of cathode protection are commonly used. They are the galvanic and the impressed current systems. They are both utilized in the prevention of corrosion on metal surfaces of most equipment and surfaces. Modern technology allows all modern pipelines to be coated with an organic protective coating to prevent them from corrosion. The method is applied to various products: pipes are mostly used to transport liquid substances thus they should be protected from any corrosion that they face. Pipes that carry hazardous products in them are always shielded by a system that consists of a DC (Direct Current) power source, an anode and, a powered transformer rectifier.


Protection is also applied on ships. Ships are always in constant motion and in contact with water and other liquids that may affect their functioning. It is achieved and implemented by attaching galvanic anodes to the hull of the ships and boats and Impressed Current Cathode Protection (ICCP) for larger vessels. The galvanic anodes are always replaced when the ships are taken out of the water to be inspected and maintained. Companies using steel in concrete that are used in tall buildings are also advised to use the method when erecting their buildings. The method is somehow different since it involves inserting of the anodes and the relevant reference electrodes into the concrete when it is being poured during construction. It can also be applied in the construction of bridges. A bridge being more exposed is allowed to use more anodes distributed throughout the bridge due to the atmospheric exposure.


In conclusion, the method is the best way of protecting exposed metal surfaces to reduce corrosion. Corrosion is an enormous loss that can happen to most people that are involved in conducting their businesses beneath or in the water. Pipes are commonly used to transport liquids are in more threat to corrosion, but this can be controlled using the method. Individuals and companies can reduce accidents that lead to spending enormous amounts in compensation.


Tips for the Online Entrepreneur to Build a Foundation for Success

For online entrepreneurs, you have to be focused, driven and passionate about your business. There will be setbacks and failures on the road to success, and an online entrepreneur knows that there will be mistakes. It helps when you can avoid common mistakes in the beginning and have a good solid foundation for your business. It means you’re more likely to be successful and avoid common failures when you plan ahead.

working at office space for rent

Pick Dynamic Web Addresses

For the online entrepreneur, the web address is one of the most important aspect of the business. It’s how customers and clients will find you online. When it comes to retail shops, location is one of the most important rules. The same is true of the online address. It’s all about how you name your website. The web address should be easy to remember and simple to spell. Stay away from tricky spellings that seem cute or clever. Don’t use hyphens since that can be confusing to customers.

Create a Mailing List

When you’re selling a product or service to clients and customers, you can do the equivalent of cold calling to gain sales. This won’t be as effective as warm leads or permission based marketing efforts. With a mailing list, a potential customer has already seen some value in your service or product, so they’ll be more likely to be receptive when you contact them with a product opportunity. Before trying to generate cold sales, consider offering a free incentive for them to sign up for a mailing list. It’s one of the best ways to gain sales and customers.


Be Professional

Many entrepreneurs think that they need an office to be a legitimate professional business owner. For the online entrepreneur, everything can be done virtually except on certain occasions. The online entrepreneur doesn’t need to buy or lease office space to feel like they’re more professional. By expanding too early, many business owners are sinking money into a part of the business that isn’t really needed. Office space for rent from a virtual office provider can give you the business space you might need occasionally. This could be perfect for certain client meetings or meeting investors to talk about money. It’ll give the entrepreneur a professional looking space without the monthly expense of leasing.

Brandingdownload (2)

While you can jump in with your business idea and create a website to start gathering names and addresses for your mailing list, when nobody knows you, they’re less likely to purchase your product or services. You have to create a brand and make sure that brand is a reflection of your business’ personality. It should be consistent across all platforms and able to stick in the mind of customers.

Picking a good web address, branding your business across multiple platforms, gaining an email list and having a professional office when you need one, are some of the most important things in your online business. These things will help you achieve success in any venture you choose as an online entrepreneur.

Career Advice for Law Students


You can study law to make a new life for yourself, but you need to know what you are doing when you start your law course. The A level program that you are going to use also needs to help you get some business studies that are going to be much better for you. You have to make sure that you have learned all that you can, and you need to try to do this before you get on the job market. You will be able to run your own business, and you will better understand the way that these businesses run if you are representing them.

The courses that you take are going to help you get ready for a new world where you need to know more than the law to get your job done. You need to have an understanding of a lot of the things that you are going to use. This means that you are going to have more knowledge, and you are going to be able to get some more help with these things so that you know what is going on when clients come to you.

The people who are taking these courses are going to be able to get certification, and that is going to make it much easier for people to do their jobs. There are a lot of people who are going to need this so that they can take their own business courses when they are working in law school, and they will be able to apply that the people that are working with them as their clients. Everyone who needs this kind of work is going to need to make sure that they are going to get the help that they need.

A lawyer that has taken to these classes is going to be able to hold onto the texts that they used when they were in school, and it will become a desk reference that they can use in the future. Everyone who is doing this kind of study is going to be much happier with what they have learned, and their clients are going to see that they have gotten much better service overall.

There are a lot of people who are going to be more effective in their jobs because they have put some time into figuring out how we are going to get the right results for everything. That means that these courses are going to help people get the results they want, and their clients are going to feel more comfortable because they have this kind of expertise. Having gone to law school is not always enough, and that is going to make it much easier for everyone to get what they need. That is going to make life easier for everyone, and it is going to make it simple for someone who is planning to represent a business for the first time. This is going to make life easier for everyone who needs business helps.


The Era of Road Bikes

Not most people are comfortable with the outdoors where there are rough terrain and other impediments, and this means that a certain niche of people prefers to ride on tracks and paved roads or in indoor arenas. It is this group of people that requires the services of road bikes. These are the bikes that are easy to use on ordinary roads especially in competitions.

buy road bikes in malaysia

There are many specialized brand name road bikes available for use in the market, and this means that competitions are more often than not colorful. The road bikes are made according to the manufacturer’s designs meaning that different brands will have different weights, colors, and branding techniques.

The Experience

Road bikes offer the rider a different experience from the conventional bicycles in that they are made with tires meant for smooth rides along paved roads. Smooth riding is important during competitions as the tires provide traction that ensures that turns and hills are easily maneuvered. Road bikes are on high demand for people in active competitive racing, delivery organizations, scholars and people who ride to work. The ease of riding ensures that the riders get to their destinations without being tired which is important for scholars and workers.

Specialized Brands

road bike brands in malaysia

Most of these road bikes come with their branded apparel and gear that depends on whether the brand is high end or low end. Performance is everything in competitive racing, and this means that the brand manufacturers will go to great lengths to advance the performance of their products. Knowing which brands offer the best equipment, and road bikes offer the rider an edge in competitions and less soreness and fatigue.

Practicality of Road Bikes

Most road bikes in Malaysia are used for commuter transport and exploration purposes, and although the brands vary from person to person, the common denominator is the ease of use. Most places within the cities have road bike pavements and malls, and office places have parking spots for employees and clients who use this mode of transport.

Road bikes do not offer much regarding trails within parks as they are not designed for such use but the experience of exploring the city skyline’s whether it is daytime or night is indescribable. Competing on the tarmac surface from city to city is also an opportunity to maintain one’s fitness and enjoy what a road bike has to offer.

Depending on the brand, there are smaller lighter road bikes that are designed for use in indoor competitions, and this means that the weather not need be a factor on when one can ride these bicycles. Specialized brand name road bikes also come in a variety of forms that will allow disabled people compete or just enjoy a ride within the cities of Malaysia. It means that the experience and the uses of these road bikes are inexhaustible and apply to all people despite their age, gender, disability or social standing.

The branding of such road bikes is not just a marketing gimmick but also helps the user identify the brand that provides the best quality bikes in the market.

Office Safety tips for the Safety of your Employees and Staff


Office safety should be a high priority for any office. It is essential for the well-being of employees and employers. Besides violence in the workplace, other safety issues are important such as diseases and other health concerns. All of the above concerns affect an employee’s ability to effectively perform his or her duties. That is why it is vital for employers to take the necessary steps to protect employees from potential health and safety hazards. Building security is also important.


Prevent falls with these tips 

Falls can be prevented in the office area. One common cause of office falls is tripping over an open file drawer or an open desk. Other common hazards are tripping over electrical cords or wires or bending while seated in an unstable chair. To be clear, office falls are often caused by slippery wet floors. Other hazards are loose carpeting and inadequate lighting. Here are some actions to take to prevent a fall:

• Close drawers completely after every use
• Make sure electrical cords and wires are away from walk areas
• Use a stepladder for overhead reaching
• Report spills quickly
• Report loose carpeting or a damaged floor


Practice safe lifting 

Safe lifting is another office safety tip that may prevent an accident. Our backs are especially vulnerable to heavy lifting. So, before you pick up a heavy load of anything, here are some questions to ask before you lift:

• Is this too heavy for me to carry?
• How far do I need to carry it?
• Should I get help with this or do this by myself?

Another area in an office that can cause problems is storage of materials. Office materials that are improperly stored can lead to poor visibility, objects falling on employees or employers and fire. Examples of improper storage are piling materials too high, unstable piling and obstructing aisles, doors and fire exits. To prevent any of these hazards from occurring, do the following:

• Place heavy objects on lower shelves
• Place materials inside files, cabinets and lockers
• Place heavy office equipment on the middle of desks, cabinets and tables, instead of on the edges of these objects
• Do not stack materials in corners, aisles and passageways
• Use storage areas only for storage


Workstation Ergonomics can prevent many health problems 

Most importantly, workstation ergonomics can prevent a host of safety hazards such as pain in the shoulders, neck and back. Other health concerns that can be prevented by incorporating ergonomics in the workplace are lower back pain that comes from a poorly designed chair or a chair that is too high, causing loss of circulation in the legs and feet Intelligent video surveillance can add even more safety and security to your office.

To arrange your workstation to fit your needs and prevent certain health problems, try the following:

• Adjust the back rest straight up and down so that it supports the curvature of your spine
• Place needed documents on a document holder close to the screen

To conclude, office safety should be Job #1 in any office. Follow some or all of the above office safety tips, and you will have healthier and safer employees and employers!