Maintaining Your Teak Dining Room Furniture

wood tableIt is really important to take care of your furniture. Wood furniture requires different maintenances from furniture made from other things. It is really important to take care of them carefully, or else your furniture would not last long. A lot of people have started to use wood furniture in their dining rooms, especially the ones made from teak. Today, we will discuss further on how to take care and maintain teak furniture.


care your wood furniture


Read The Instructions

If you bought new teak furniture, do not forget to ask for brochures or pamphlets that contain instructions on how to maintain them. This is important because these instructions are made by the manufacturers of these furniture, they are the one who knows about the furniture the most. And then, you should follow the guides and instruction carefully.



If there is any drawer on your furniture, for example there are some drawers on your dining table, it is important to keep the drawers open. The purpose of doing this is to allow the smell of the furniture oil to dissipate.


dining table drawer

keep the drawers open


Move Them Carefully

It is really important to move your teak furniture carefully. It does not matter how strong it looks, or how sturdy it is, you still have to be careful in handling it. It is advised to move it by lifting instead of dragging. This is because dragging your furniture can sometimes cause bumps and other damages to them, which is not something you want to happen to your new furniture. By doing this, you are also preserving the joints’ integrity.


No Hot Items

Do not forget not to put hot items such as pans directly on the surface of your teak furniture, especially dining table It is okay to put hot items on them, but you should use tablemats or place mats.



use tablemats


Direct Heat or Sunlight

Aside from pans, it is also important not to place your teak furniture in direct sunlight or next to a source of heat. This is because they will cause dryness. As an addition, they can cause the colors of your furniture to fade, as well as cracking surfaces.


furniture oilFurniture Oils

It is also important to maintain your furniture with furniture oils periodically. Not only tables, but also the dining chair. It is advised to do this once every month to prevent cracking.



Those are the few things you can do to take care of your dining chair, table, as well as other dining room interior. It is important not to forget any of these things. Taking care of your furniture will help them to last longer with the best condition possible.

4 Benefits of Folding Bike

If you are that person who frequently travels on a bicycle, and you want to go with your bike everywhere, then you need a folding bike. A folding bicycle is a bike that you can fold into a smaller and more compacted form. Since folding bicycles are smaller than ordinary bikes regarding the overall size, they can be carried to buildings or offices easily and hoarded in your cubicle during the daytime. They can be as well be brought into public transportation like the train or kept in the truck of a car. Here are some of the benefits of bicycle folding.


folding bike travel


1. Convenience

It is very easy to travel by bike that can be folded into something small to any place of your choice, for instance if you are going for a vacation and you need a bike; you can fold your bike and carry it in your car truck. This experience will maximize your capability to seize precious cycling opportunities. Bicycle folders are also idyllic for those individuals who are flat dwellers, where space is limited. Even in a big room, the capability to hoard your bike in the under-stairs cupboard assures the security of your bike, warm, dry and ready to use it anytime.


folding bike car

you can keep the folding bike inside your car


2. Multi-model

A folding bicycle will permit you to combine cycling with other modes of transport such as trains letting you make speedy, independent, door-to-door journeys faster than you ever believed. The possibilities of a cycle tourist are even more thrilling. Imagine being capable of hopping effortlessly on buses and trains in far-flung localities, lengthening your range of travel way beyond your normal abilities.


folding bike on train


Cycle touring traditionalist might scoff, but your main objective is exploring the world rather than cycling every last inch, and then a folding bicycle tour takes some beating.


3. Security

folding bike in officeThe contemplation of your bicycle disappearing from the cycle rack is an issue of the past when you have your folding bicycle because you can go with your bike any place you want. Many compact folding bicycles are tiny enough to sit inconspicuously under your desk at your office. If you need to pop into the supermarket for bread and milk on your way home from the office, you can fold up your bike and take it with you. At your house, the bike can stay in a safe location in the house, rather than in the unprotected environment of the shed or garage. Another security point is that folder bikes are an alcove product that many thieves will not dare to touch.


4. Environment

A folding bicycle is much convenient compared to any other model of a bike. It implies that you will use it more and find more opportunities to reinstate heavy carbon trips.


folding bike


Individuals who cycle for leisure purposes can benefit too. If you are using a van to get to your destination, it is much more economical to store your bicycle in car truck rather than on a roof rack or rear-mounted cycle rack. They are many benefits of using folder bikes; you can find more at

Hair Care: 3 Tips on How to Keep your Hair Healthy at Any Length

Every woman derives much of her confidence from her general outlook. This can be partly achieved by facial makeup, manicure, and pedicure but when it comes to hair, keeping it healthy and natural is important. Maintaining shiny and strong hair can be quite a task but with the right guidance and products, it can be achieved at very little or no cost at all.
howIn the recent past, women and girls have turned to artificial hair, either for its shiny or smooth appeal. What they don’t understand is that the same can be achieved with their natural hair. This piece, therefore, is meant to educate women and girls on how well to take care of their natural hair of any lengths using healthy hair products like the Elastine perfume shampoo so that it remains strong, shiny, and with a smooth texture that’s appealing and a boost to their confidence.

Regularly washing your hairwash hair

Your hair is unlike any other body part that is most of the times kept safely tucked away under the cover of cloths. Hair is left exposed to many harmful conditions like dirt, chemicals, and pollution. There is, therefore, need to regularly keep it clean. However, while every day cleaning will have it clean and you felling fresh, it is not healthy to your hair. Everyday cleaning especially with hot water washes away your hair’s protective layer taking away its shiny appeal and leaving it dry. One should also understand that, while it is in your best interests to clean your hair, you should also avoid overdoing it. Cleaning should also be accompanied by the right products.

Using the right products on your hairhaiz

This is the part where most people fail and a major contributor of overly dry, weak, and brittle hair. Recent surveys have shown that women and girls are very quick to experiment every new product that appears in the market stores with their hair. These unauthenticated products end up ruining their hair. However, online shopping has made it very easy to not only shop for the right products but also get proper product description from the manufacturers as well as the correct usage guide. Care should however be observed to ensure that those online orders are placed directly on the production companies websites to avoid shipment of counterfeits.

Eating healthy

Your hair health is just a simple reflection of your body health. The surest way to keep your healthy is first treating your body to healthy foods. Eggs, sweet potatoes, salmon, and oysters are some of the foods that provide your body with vital minerals not only healthy for the body but also the hair.
These three; Cleaning, applying quality products, and eating healthy are the surest ways to maintaining healthy hair. The good thing is that incorporation of online shops on most hair products companies has made their shopping easy. Apply these simple tricks and you are on a sure path to maintaining your super natural

Important Study Tips To Follow To Be Successful In Law School

Getting into law school is a huge achievement. Once you are there, it is important to do well enough to graduate. If you want to be successful in law school, it is important that you adapt proper study habits. The way that you studied in high school and undergraduate school may not be enough once you get to law school. There are several study tips that you should follow if you want to get good grades in law school.

Do the Assigned Readinglaw school

It is very important that you do all of the assigned reading when it is assigned. If you fall behind, you may never be able to catch up, as most professors will assign a great deal of reading after each class. When you do your reading, you should do so at a time that you are most alert. This will prevent you from falling asleep while you are reading, and you will be able to better absorb the material. You should also read far away from any distractions that might take you away from what you need to do.

Brief the Cases

When you are doing your reading, you should brief the cases. This includes writing down the legally significant fact, the holding of the case, and the reasons for the court’s decision. When you brief the cases, you should keep them brief. You will waste a great deal of time if you get into too much detail with each case.

Review Before Each Class

Before you go to class you should review your notes. This will help you be able to follow along with the class discussion much easier.

Go to Class

It is very important that you go to class. You will not be able to get all of the information that you need by reading alone. Many professors will go over material in class that is not discussed in the reading. This will put you at a great disadvantage when it comes time to take an exam.

Pay Attention and Participate in Classraise_hand

Law school can be very difficult. If you want to succeed, it is important that you pay attention and participate in class. You may not realize it, but even when you are in class you are studying. Some students spend the class checking their email, answering text messages, and updating their social media profiles. While you are doing this, the information being taught will not be absorbed. You should also participate in class. When you are part of the discussion, you will remember more of what you are learning.

Form a Study Group

When you are part of a study group, you have a great advantage over those who are not. First, when you are in a study group, you are forced to study. Law school students who are not in a study group can procrastinate, and put studying off until it is too late. Also, when you are part of a study group, you can get different perspectives on what you are studying. If you are unsure about something, someone in the group can help.

Take Practice Tests

Before a big exam, you should take practice tests. It is a good idea to take as many tests as you can get your hands on. Many law school libraries hold copies of tests given by professors in the past. These tests are a great way to gauge your knowledge of the subject, and study more of what you don’t know.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute to Prepare

A terrified student about to start studing for an exam

You should understand that law school is much more difficult than undergraduate school. Because of this, you need more than a few hours the night before an exam to prepare. It is best to study a bit each night to retain the material, and give yourself several hours the day before the exam to prepare.

Create a Study Plan

When midterms or finals are approaching, you should create a study plan for yourself. You can do this by creating a schedule of what you need to accomplish each day. This will prevent you from rushing at the last minute to cram as much information in your brain as possible.

If you want to be successful and learn more at Brickfields Asia College, the above study tips will help you a great deal.BAC

Be Certain You Are Buying a Genuine Rolex Watch

There has always been a fake Rolex watch market working throughout the watch industry, and today’s forgeries are more difficult for the watchful buyer to realize. Most are manufactured in China but recent research shows that production is rapidly spreading into all of Asia, including Malaysia. This heightens the need for the buyer to use due care.

If You Don’t Know Rolex, Know Your Dealer

Most lay persons have not studied jewelry and fine watch making to the extent that they are experts in determining real from fake, especially competing against con artists who have devoted their time and skill to cheating you with a fake. P.T. Barnum, American carnival entrepreneur, was famously quoted saying that a fool is born every minute and ten cons to take him. While buying a fake Rolex does certainly not categorize you as a fool,the numbers of con artists eager to fool you have definitely multiplied.

Buy only from jewelers and watch dealers who have an impeccable and widely respected reputation. Their watches will have a certification and guarantee of being genuine Rolex watches. If you are concerned about a watch you already own, take it to a jeweler or watch dealer with that same unquestionable reputation for authenticity for examination. Never purchase high end jewelry or timepieces from Craig’s List, EBay and other such sellers. It is asking for trouble and disappointment.

Pre-Owned Rolex Price Saving

Yellow Caution Lights, Red Stop Lights in Rolex Buying

The fake Rolex market is quite varied. Some actually have managed to retrieve a genuine Rolex case that they have filled with cheap fake works. The commonly looked for case virtues are there, so the buyer is fooled.

Check Case Appearance:

• The Rolex face is perfect, with no imperfection in spacing and the lettering high quality on the dial. The trademark crown at the 12 o’clock mark should be examined carefully.
• At the 6 o’clock point, the magnifying crystal over the date should be convex, not flat, clear and magnify the bold date well.
• Serial Number engraving is so finely printed it will catch the light delightfully.
• Rolex does not make watches with clear backs to show the mechanics inside. Many fakes do, as they have falsely marked the viewed mechanics inside to trick buyers.

Check Mechanics:

Every mechanism inside a Rolex has the Rolex name clearly and beautifully engraved.

Check Weight:

The Rolex has a definitely hefty weight factor due to its genuinely designed high end materials. Fakes usually feel lightweight and can be weighed to demonstrate the difference.

Pre-Owned Rolex Price Saving

It is extremely important to buy from a well-known dealer directly when buying pre-owned Rolexes. “Buy the seller, then the watch”, always. Any repairs should have been at an authorized Rolex watch repair service with only Rolex factory parts. There should also be a lifetime authenticity warranty in addition to standard guarantees. Buying pre-owned can represent a great savings for an awesomely great watch. Vintage Rolex timepieces are frequently snatched up by collectors.

The Common Uses of PE in our Everyday Lives

recyclePolythylene (PE), also known polythene, is the most common type of plastic used by everyone in their everyday lives. Today polythene has unlimited uses and it is a real asset in the material industry. PE is processed into different types. There is the soft, the hard and the flexible varieties. This material is almost unbreakable, it is recyclable, it resists caustic materials and it is environmental friendly. It can also withstand different temperatures and it is very reliable for any use. The following are some of the manufactured types of PE and their uses.

Polyethylene foam (PE foam)

PE foam

PE foam has very many uses. It is often used to package and transport goods from the manufacturers to the customers. This material is preferred to others due to its availability and low cost of purchasing it. Different shapes for different goods can be achieved when processing the material. Many choose PE foam because it can protect goods from water and moisture and can cushion very delicate goods.

Foam is the preferred material used to make seats because it is comfortable and very flexible unlike other materials.

ESD boxes


ESD boxes have numerous applications. They help in storage and protecting sensitive devices. The different applications of ESD boxes include safe bins, which are often used for household storage and organization. Conductive Corrugated totes, bins and in-plant handlers are perfect for transportation.

ESD-safe bottles can be used to hold liquids like beverages and other solvents hence avoiding spills or leakages. ESD-safe trash cans are best for the office, classrooms and homes. They help in managing waste and keeping the environment clean.

Polypropylene sheets


PE sheets are often used to protect, cover and decorate objects. They are very flexible and can be folded or wrapped around different objects. The sheets are of different quality, thickness and colors. Farmers use PE sheets in the form pipes while construction companies use them to decorate wooden poles .The sheets can also make floors and floor coverings for home decorations.

Other items made out of Polypropylene

PE is the main component that makes very many items we use in our everyday lives. It is used in making electronics like computers, TVs and cell phones. It is also used in making certain protective materials including: protective clothing, face masks, footwear and helmets.

It is evident that PE is very important in the current world. Since its invention, it has provided numerous innovations that are useful to everyone. More innovations are being made to provide more safe and environmental friendly materials in future.

4 Best Countries to Travel to For Great Halal Food

Halal tourism finally seems to be coming to age. Halal tourism has taken off with hotels under Halal tourism offering halal food and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as separate swimming pools and leisure activities for both men and women. Some resorts offer private beaches that are exclusively for women and family beaches where women are able to wear appropriate Islamic swimming attire and spend quality time with their families. Many countries now happily promote halal vacations making holidays a memorable experience.


Malaysia is a vibrant, bustling city that will delight travelers of all ages. In addition to the breathtaking island resorts and scenic tropical landscapes, the combination of halal food in Malaysia and exquisite hospitality has afforded this vacation spot number one rank as halal-friendly destinations. Kuala Lumpur is home to some of the most exquisite five-star hotels you will ever find.

combination of halal food in Malaysia


Halal tourism has also made its way into Egypt. Tourists can enjoy separate female recreational activities and hotel rooms as well as dry hotels and family-oriented activities. During Ramadan, Muslim travelers can request specific facilities during Suhoor.


Turkey is a beautiful nation that is located between Asia and Europe. Although it is an Islamic country, liberalism is practiced. Considered a melting pot, Turkey offers many historical and archaeological sites. Seaside resorts and availability of halal cuisine has placed Turkey at number four in the Top 10 Halal Destinations in the world.


Morocco is located in the most northwestern tip of African. Known for its snow-capped mountains and captivating beaches, it is a county that will mesmerize you. In mystical Marrakesh, you will experience shopping like never before in the expansive outdoor market. In exotic Casablanca, there seems to be a story waiting to be told down every street you walk. Halal tourists will delight in Morocco with its welcoming hospitality.

Whether you want to be adventurous and go wherever the wind takes you, or have the assistance of a Muslim travel agency to help you plan your next vacation, rest assured that finding locales that cater to halal cuisine is easier than you think.

Cycling Tips: How to Become a Better Climber?



For most cyclists, riding on flat plains is a pleasing experience. However, there are times when cyclists yearn to climb steeper paths, which require stamina and physical strength. Experts suggest that there is no quick fix to become a good climber, but certain tips come in handy when climbing uphill terrain. So next time you buy a bike rack to take your bike on the mountain, keep these tips in mind because your body muscles also need to be as sturdy as BNB rack brand.

Strengthen Your Gluten Muscles

gluteal muscles

For most cyclists, it is very common to use their hamstrings and quads for climbing. Whenever, it comes to climbing faster, some even use their ankles to pedal faster. As a result, riders can often feel ankle pain because their joint muscles are directly aligned to hamstrings. However, most riders don’t realize that expert climbers always use their glutes muscles more than hamstrings or quads. If you ever watched, Tour de France or any other major cycling event, watch how cyclists raise their glutes to push for speed even on the flat plains. Fortunately, anyone can build enough glutes to climb steep hills with simple exercise. As such, riders don’t need a personal trainer to build glutes muscles. There are plenty of informative articles on the Internet explaining various types of glutes exercise.


Power of the Core

core muscle

Another important tip is to strengthen the core muscle in the body. The core muscles are directly responsible for hip and pelvic control that provides power to the lower body. A weak core muscle is one of the most significant reasons why some of the best athletes often complain about lower body pain when climbing uphill. In reality, many of the best cyclists will also falter on hills due to weak core, which takes the brunt of pressure during the climb. Once the core is established, it is very easy to stabilize by transferring power to the pedal.

Learn to Ride Out of Your Seat

During steeper climbs, most cyclists forget that they need to ride out of their seats frequently. By riding out of the seats, different lower body muscles can get ample rest to power up for the long ride. In addition, if the cyclists understand how to balance the weight properly, cycling uphill by riding out of the seat helps generate immense power to the pedals. Similarly, most cyclists make the mistake of bending towards the steering while climbing. However, the position is against the law of physics, which dictates that riders need to put their weights further back by lifting their chest to balance the inertia. Also, remember to climb at a steady pace as it will help your body transfer body weight equally to all muscles that consistently play their part in generating additional thrust required for climbing.



How to Eat in a Restaurant Like a Raw Vegan

tortilla wraps

While the vegan diet is becoming rapidly more popular due to the myriad amount of benefits, it is still quite niche. Likely, then, a vegan won’t have many friends or family members who hold the same dietary restrictions, but that shouldn’t have to preclude your opportunities at dining out with your loved ones. And, truly, it doesn’t have to if you possess good information; many restaurants will have a variety of food that can fit in you raw vegan diet. Following, you’ll find out exactly how you can maintain your diet and your lifestyle at the same time. SaladBar

A Phone Call Goes a Long Way

The most proactive way to eat in a restaurant as a vegan is to call whatever restaurant you’re planning to visit ahead of time. Ask them if they can accommodate your diet and many will reply positively, especially the larger restaurants that have a large supply of different fruits and vegetables. Also, many restaurants have their menus posted online nowadays so you can have a little heads-up. Otherwise, you can accommodate yourself with a buffet style restaurant. Almost all of them have salad bars and, even better, it is all you can eat.

Group Of Friends Having Dinner Party At Home

If Not Sure, Just Ask!

If you’re already at the restaurant, then feel free to speak to your waiter about our dietary restrictions. Often, they’ll have dealt with those on a raw food diet before and will be able to discuss which menu items you can modify to your benefit. Additionally, they can point you to items on the menu that do not need to be modified such as cold soups.

Then there is always the option of bringing your own materials to combine with the restaurant’s raw foods. You can bring some salad dressing from home, without all the excitotoxins and preservatives says is pumped into the restaurant dressings. Also, try taking with you your homemade raw hummus and fresh avocado, both wonderful additions to any meal. Moreover, they can serve as your appetizers as you and your friends wait for your main courses.

Likely, your friends and family think a raw diet is a whole lot of hard work, but as seen above it only takes a little bit of time to figure out how to eat in a way that leads to a healthier and happier life while not sacrificing any social time with others. All your meals don’t have to be eaten at home, alone. Indeed – by following the aforementioned tips – you can dine out with your friends and family whenever you desire.