Path of Exile Beginner’s Guide

Path of Exile is an action role playing game, or ARPG, developed by a company based in New Zealand called Grinding Gear Games. The game borrows heavily from the Diablo game series. There are six classes; ranger, maurauder, duelist, shadow, witch and templar. There’s another class that won’t be freed until players have released her from a cage in Act 3. The core attributes for the classes are intelligence, dexterity and strength depending on the type of character chosen.




Gameplay and How to Start

The player lands on the shores of Wraeclast where criminals and other unwanted types are sent from the city of Oriath. The player will have no weapons and no armor. The undead and other creatures will attack, and the player must use any weapons they find during exploration and battles. Once the player has made it from the shore into the first town, they will be able to buy items from NPCs with items that dropped previously. There are four Acts in Path of Exile. Each act brings more quests and higher difficulty.

The PATH of EXILE SURVIVAL GUIDE 2.0 – The Ultimate Beginner’s Walkthrough



Loot and Currency

Unlike other online games in Singapore, this game doesn’t have a traditional gold or money system. Items are sold for currency items like orbs or scrolls. There’s no auction house like some other games. Orbs and scrolls have their uses as well. They can upgrade items, open portals to the nearest town, corrupt gear or weapons or change the statistics of an item. Players can trade high level gear for orbs in the trade chat channel.

Orb Currency


Passive Skill Tree

Each class starts in a certain section of the skill tree. Each class has base skills, but each point can create an extremely customized character. They help increase the base stats and the health or mana of the character. Each skill node will help the character enhance attacks and spells.

Path of Exile: The Awakening – Socketed Skill Trees and Act IV Expansion



Spells and Attacks

Players can change their attacks and spells with the use of gems. There are colored gem slots on gear that allow players to add an attack or spell gem. Blue gems like Firestorm can be added to the blue slot on a witch’s wand to give the witch the Firestorm ability. Any class can use any gem as long as they have the right stats to use it as well as the corresponding color gem slot. There are support gems that can be used to further enhance the spells and attacks. They have to be linked to the appropriate gem.



Every few months, Grinding Gear Games will start a temporary league. Previous temporary leagues included Warbands, where players would come across bands of enemies with high level abilities, and Bloodlines, where magic monsters with difficult modifications would attack players. One of the leagues that is always in the game is Standard, which is where all characters end up after a league is over. The other constant league is Hardcore. Hardcore players cannot be resurrected. A player who dies has their character sent back to Standard.

The game is free to play. The game is sustained through microtransactions that have no impact on gameplay, but give players a way to customize the look of their character and support game creators.

These 3 Exercises Help You Go Through a More Pleasant Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a joyful time for any woman, but it also comes at a price. From swollen feet to an aching back, women often experience a lot of discomfort. Fortunately, there are ways to ease feelings of discomfort. Exercise can improve a woman’s body so that it is better equipped to handle both pregnancy and birth. In fact, there are at least a few exercises you can safely do while pregnant.




Take a Stroll

Walking can do wonders for a pregnant woman. Walking is an easy and bearable form of exercise that you can do throughout any stage of pregnancy. For added benefits, take a stroll outdoors. The sunlight and fresh air can help boost serotonin levels in the brain, which can create feelings of happiness. Feeling calm and happy can help reduce pain and discomfort.

Furthermore, as your midsection swells throughout each stage of pregnancy, you may begin to feel slightly off balance. Walking allows you to adjust to your changing center of balance, therefore diminishing the risk of trips and falls while pregnant. Trips and falls can result in injury to both you and your unborn child. Therefore, walking is a highly recommended exercise.


Easy Exercises for An Optimal Pregnancy


Rock the Pelvis

Rocking or tilting the pelvis has amazing benefits for pregnant women, and it is a fairly easy exercise to perform. To perform this exercise, you need to get down on your hands and knees and gently tilt your pelvis up and down. Avoid arching your back to tilt your pelvis. Instead, gently contract your abdominal muscles to create the tilting motion.

Pelvic rocking, or tilting, loosens the pelvic region, which allows you to prepare for labor and delivery. Furthermore, it is recommended that you perform this exercise at around 30 weeks to help your baby turn into the correct head down position that is optimal for birth. Sometimes babies have trouble moving into the proper position. This simple exercise will make things easier for both you and baby.


Perform Butterflies


Perform Butterflies

A simple, yet highly recommended exercise called the butterfly can also make pregnancy easier. In order to perform this exercise, you need to sit on the floor and place the soles of the feet together. You should then move their legs up and down similar to that of a butterfly’s wings. The motion helps to make the body more limber, therefore easing pain and discomfort associated with back pain.

The butterfly can reduce pressure on the sciatic nerve and even create more flexibility in the pelvic area. For additional benefits, have your partner push down on your knees to create a bit of resistance. Women can perform this easy exercise at any stage during their pregnancy. Of course, it is recommended that you speak with you physician before starting any routine.

Most importantly you should also check out what to eat during pregnancy. The right diet combined with proper exercise can greatly improve pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Furthermore, your body needs the right kind of foods as a source of fuel, particularly when performing any specific exercises. Since you are now eating for two, you will need to learn which fueling foods work best for you and your baby.

Gaining a Better Understanding of Law Studies Around the World


People work to develop a good career all over the world. One of the most solid careers involves law studies. The truth is, someone that studies law can have a solid career in almost any location of the world. They are almost constantly in demand and once they establish themselves on a professional level, they can virtually write their own ticket when it comes to deciding how, when and where they want to work. However, it is important to realize that there is a great deal of effort involved in getting to that position in the first place. People that study law have to study extremely hard and it takes several years to get a real foothold in the business. As a result, it is important that anyone who is interested in studying this particular subject learn as much as they can about it before they get started.


Getting Prepared


The first thing that a person wants to do if they are interested in studying law is try to pin down the type of law they really want to study. At this point, a person may not fully realize what type of law they want to study. They may not even be 100 percent committed to studying law at all. This is a phase that allows anyone who is interested to explore their options and find out more about the subject matter. This is the perfect place for deciding if this is truly something that is for them or if they should walk away and find a different industry to pursue.


Honing In

After an individual has committed to the idea of studying law, the real work begins. This is the time when it is appropriate to begin studying in earnest. Make no mistake about it, it requires a great deal of effort and a huge time commitment in order to pull it off successfully. Anyone that is not willing to put in the time or the effort will probably not do very well and is largely wasting their time. For those who are truly passionate about this particular job, this is an opportunity for them to grow their passion and then pinpoint the most specific types of law that they wish to study. It is also a good time for them to start considering what it would be like to practice law in other countries.


Practicing Law Around the World

Without a doubt, a good lawyer is in demand in almost any location. Many people make the decision to practice law in other parts of the world because they want to have the opportunity to make a difference and experience some culture that they might not have been previously exposed to at the same time. For example, anyone that is interested in pursuing law in Malaysia could visit BAC Malaysia for more information. The truth is, many people make the decision to practice law in other countries and may enjoy the time that they spend doing so. Even if you do not personally consider yourself as an individual who would ever consider living in another country, you might be surprised at how enriching this could really be once you get used to the idea. Still others can’t wait for the opportunity to live abroad. In fact, this could be the opportunity that many people like yourself are waiting for.


BAC Malaysia

How To Organize Your Closet: Tips From Pro Organizers


There is no point in owning clothes, purses, shoes, or belts if you can’t find them in your closet. Oftentimes, these things go without being worn because you never see them. If your closet is a cluttered mess, it is a good idea to take a day off, and organize your closet. All you need is a chest drawer, a shoe cabinet, and a few tips on how to get your closet organized so that you can maximize your space and see everything that you own.


Throw Some Things Away


For many people, throwing clothes away or donating them can be very difficult. As hard as it may be, it is necessary if you want to make room in your closet so that you can see the things that you will actually wear. You should start with clothes, shoes, and accessories that you have not used in the last two years. If you have clothes that are too small or too large, you should throw get rid of them. If you are dieting or are trying to put weight on however, these items can be kept. When you look at an article of clothing or an accessory, ask yourself if you saw it in a store today, if you would still buy it. If it holds not sentimental value, you should get rid of it.



Find Storage Solutions


Hanging all of your clothes on hangers is not a good idea. Most people do not have enough room in their closet to hold all of their clothes. Also, you can’t hang certain items on a hanger. Bringing a chest of drawers for heavy sweaters will help save a great deal of room in your closet. Shoe cabinets will keep the shoes together, so that you are not always searching for a missing shoe. If you have shelves on the top of your closet, you can use small plastic bins to store clothes that are out of season.




Different types of clothing would need to be organized and hung in a different way. If you know the solution for each, you will have a more organized closet.


Tops: If you have enough room in the closet to hang all of your tops, you should. If you can see them, you will wear them more often. This will give you a variety, rather than just grabbing for the only ones that are in plain sight.


Sweaters: It is a good idea to keep your sweaters folded properly, so that they don’t lose their shape. Using a sweater folding board is a good idea to fold your sweaters perfectly. When storing your sweaters in a chest of drawers, you should store them according to their weight, and use dividers. This way, you will be able to find light sweaters, heavy sweaters, and button down sweaters easily, without needing to pull every sweater out.


Jeans: There are many ways to store your jeans. Some people store by size, some by color, some by cut, and some by style. The most popular way to store jeans is to hang them by the shade of the denim, going from light to dark. The jeans should be hung on a hanger, by the hem.


Slacks, Skirts, and Shorts: These items should be hung in the closet. You should use the hangers with clips. When hanging them, fold in the sides so that the clips don’t mark the outside. Also, it will be easier to see what you have.
Dresses: The first thing that you should know when it comes to hanging dresses, is that you should never leave them in the dry cleaning bag. This is true with any type of garment. The chemicals from the dry cleaning will attack the fibers, causing damage. When it comes to hanging your dresses, you should keep the short dresses together with the long dresses. After you have separated those, you should separate the sleeveless dresses with the dresses with sleeves.


Bags, Scarves, and Hats: It is a good idea to keep the purses out of their dust bags. They will not get damaged, and you will be able to see them, making changing bags easier. Scarves should be folded neatly, and organized by color and material. If you have several hats, keeping them in hat boxes on the top shelf of the closet is a good idea. You can take a photo of each hat, and glue it to the front of the box. This way, the hats will be organized and you will still be able to see which hat is in which box.


Shoes: When you organize your shoes in the shoe cabinet, you should keep them separate. One row of sneakers, one row of flats, one row of heels, and one row of open toe shoes. When the shoes are separated, you will be able to find what you are looking for quickly.


Lingerie: Lingerie should be organized by color, size, and type. Be sure to rotate your bras and underwear often. This will prevent you from wearing the same few over and over. Rotating will get full use out of everything that you own.


Jewelry: The best place to store your jewelry is in a built in drawer in the closet or in the dresser. This will keep things neat and it will keep your jewelry out of sight.


When you have an organized closet, dressing each day will be much easier, and everything will be neat and tidy. If you need additional tips, you can view more at


The Art of Collecting High-End Timepieces and Lucrative Luxury

Many people around the world choose to become collectors of different items. Some individuals like to collect things of no value, some individuals like to collect things of high value. There are some who like new collection items and some who prefer something vintage and antique. It is thought of, more of than not, that a multitude of individuals like to collect watches. These are not just any type of watches, these are luxury watches that are timeless, expensive and go on to be worth a lot of money.

collecting luxury watches

When it comes to collecting luxury watches there are advantages and disadvantages, benefits and discrepancies. It is often used as a showcase for wealth whether new or old. Collecting antique watches has proven to be quite lucrative and profitable over the years.

If you are a fellow high-end watch collector, you may have heard of Gordon Bethune. Bethune is one of most well-known and established watch collectors in the United States of America. Fulfilling his position as Chief Executive Officer of Continental Airlines, Bethune spends his spare time selling his watches at prominent auctions. It is known that some of his pieces could cost upwards of $3 million, with one watch of his known for selling $1 million or more alone. He often opts out of discussing the value of specific watches. Many of them increased in value in recent years that he chose to start keeping them in a safety deposit box. One of the main reasons that Bethune has optioned selling his watches is for the sheer fact they have become too expensive to wear and could risk him physical danger. His pieces are said to include brands such as Rolex, Patek Phillipe and Cartier spanning from the 1930’s through the 1950’s. They are known to have unique features such as rectangular faces or rare types of materials. One of the showcase gems of his collection that was sold is a rare 1945 Patek Phillipe Reference 1518 in 18 karat rose gold. It was appraised and estimated to be worth $600,000 and $900,000 and with interest rising consistently, it could easily break the $1 million range.

Collecting vintage watches is known to have some kind of flight risk. The watch market is known to be filled of imposter brands and fake watches. There are also false claims on certain watches and what they will appreciate. Some collectors have said that you do not have to be wealthy to be a top notch watch collector, as long as you follow the rules.
Some of these rules are to stick with high-end names such as Rolex, Cartier, Tag Heuer and Patek. It is best to purchase from the pre-owned market, available at most trade shows and auctions. Do not be afraid to invest in hiring an expert to give advice on what watches are worth it. This is necessary given the amount of fakes and over-priced pieces on the market.

A $20 Timex can tell time, but the art and value comes at much higher price. It’s practical, a masterpiece, reliable. You can always count on a watch to be more than mechanical, it will always tell you what time it is.

Best Beach Destinations in Malaysia

Malaysia has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Some of these are open to the public while others are on the property of hotels and resorts. Malaysia has many islands on both of its coasts, providing a wide diversity of beaches. When visiting this amazing country, you should make it a point to visit at least a few of these incomparable beach destinations.



Borneo has the distinction of being shared by three nations -Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. It’s an especially appealing destination for divers and people who are interested in wildlife. Similajau National Park is a large nature preserve that is full of diverse animals and plants. The park also has two popular beaches, Golden Beach and Turtle Beach. Visitors to Borneo will also want to visit Kota Kinabalu, capital of Malaysia’s state of Sabah. This region has several islands with magnificent beaches. When staying at a hotel in Kota Kinabalu you might want to visit Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, which is ideal for swimming and diving.




Langkawi is one of the most popular islands on Malaysia’s west coast. It has a variety of hotels and resorts. It’s also a duty free island, making it an attractive shopping destination. Another benefit of visiting this area is that you can come any time of year. Unlike many other locations, hotels don’t close for monsoon season. In addition to enjoying time on the beach and participating in your favorite water sports, you might enjoy taking a cable car up the island’s tallest mountain.



Pangkor Island

Pangkor Island, located off the coast of Perak, is a convenient destination if you are in Kuala Lumpur and are looking for a weekend getaway to the beach. The island has several resorts and a number of beaches, including Coral Beach, Pasir Bogak and Teluk Nipah. Beaches on this island tend to be quieter than many others in Malaysia. The island also has several picturesque fishing villages that you can visit.




Redang is one of the most beautiful islands on Malaysia’s east coast, renowned for its blue waters and coral reefs. This island is famous for its sea turtles; there is even a beach on the northern side of the island called Turtle Beach. Because of its clear water, Redang is a great place for snorkeling and scuba diving. Diving spots such as Tanjung Tokong are among the most popular in the nation. You can also take boat and ferry rides around the island.



Pulau Tioman

Pulau Tioman, or Tioman Island, is on the east coast of Malaysia and close to Singapore, part of a protected marine park region. Because of its tropical beauty, this island was the set for the famous `959 movie South Pacific. Two of the most popular beaches on Pulau Tioman are Paya Beach and Panuba Beach. The island has several diving companies and is one of Malaysia’s favorite destinations for scuba diving and snorkeling.



Perhentian Islands

The Perhentian Islands are located close to Redang, but offer travelers a quieter and less expensive option. There are two main islands, Kecil and Besar, which translate, respectively to small and big. If you prefer staying in a cozy hut right on the beach rather than a fancy hotel, this is the place to come. Both Kecil and Besar offer many options for diving and snorkeling.


Malaysia has an abundance of islands and beaches. If you visit this unique Southeast Asian country, you should try to visit some of the beaches on both the east and west coasts. Whether you want to dive, relax on the beach or see some of the world’s most exotic wildlife, Malaysia has a great deal to offer.

What You Need to Know about Male Pattern Baldness

According to recent statistics released on male pattern baldness, baldness among men is significantly more common that most people are aware of. A recent report released by WebMD revealed that 66 percent of the male population has experienced some level of appreciable hair loss, and this number increases significantly by age 50, with 85 percent of all men having experienced noticeable hair loss. As high as 25 percent of the male population will begin the process of consistent hair loss before age 25.


What is Male Pattern Baldness?

Male baldness, which is also known as androgenic alopecia, is recognized as the most common type of hair loss among men. Less than 20 percent of all men will go unaffected by male baldness throughout their entire life.


Stages of male pattern baldness


The Common Causes of Hair Loss for Men

One of the most common causes of men’s hair loss is genetics — having a direct family history of hair loss. There is pragmatic and empirical scientific evidence that reveals that male baldness is directly associated with certain male sex hormones called androgens. Androgens have multitudinous physiological functions, including regulating hair growth. Each strand of hair on a person’s head has a growth cycle, male baldness begins when the growth cycle starts to weaken, causing the hair follicle to begin to shrink, subsequently leading to the hair growing in finer and shorter over time. Eventually, the hair follicle completely shuts down, and hair no longer grows from that follicle.


Some other common causes of male baldness include:

  • Certain cancers
  • Medications
  • Thyroid conditions
  • Anabolic steroids
  • And more…

Are there any risks associated with balding?

As a general rule, male baldness that is associated with a genetic proclivity does not carry any health concerns; however, when baldness is the direct result of other physiological conditions, such as thyroid conditions, cancer and medication, male hair loss can be indicative of a significant health risk. It is not the hair loss that represents the health risk, but it can serve as a powerful warning sign.


male pattern baldness


Who is At Ricks?

Male baldness can begin as early as the teenage years; however, it is more common in adult men, and the risk increases with age. Genetics also plays an integral role in determining the likelihood of systematic hair loss.


How to Address Male Hair Loss

If the hair loss is not directly linked to an illness, there is no absolute need to seek medical attention; however, there are treatment options for men who are unhappy with the aesthetic aspects of balding.


It is important to understand that while there is a plethora of hair loss remedies on the market, the vast majority of these remedies are highly ineffective. The men who get the best results in their efforts to address their male pattern baldness are men who visit reputable hair treatment centers. It exposes them to a process that allows for accountability. Some men even travel around the world to visit some of the most successful and renowned hair treatment centers in the world.