5 Tips To Overseeing a Business’ Global Expansion

Every business starts out small. Yet over time, it requires more space, manpower, and infrastructure as it continues to grow in consumer base and product/service lines. Global expansion is something many business owners want for their entrepreneurial offspring. Sadly, not everyone knows how to oversee the process and ends up consuming a ridiculous amount of resources and failing to execute the business plan.




Prepare a Different Pitch

Forget how you sold your business to investors and consumers in the past. When you are entering new space in a foreign location like Malaysia, the pitch has to be tweaked to comply with local standards. This could imply changing the pulp of the pitch or the format. In some instances, completely different business cultures may require you to just make a new pitch altogether.


Be Proud Of Your Existing Track Record

Don’t discount the success you’ve had in your local space when entering a new space. Just because your product or service line wasn’t created in the foreign space, doesn’t mean it will not work. In fact, existing success incubates new success. However, don’t expect to be successful overnight or to achieve new success if your local business is still down in the dumps. If you can show a strong track record, it will be easier to acquire foreign investment.


Portrait of young confident business man with laptop


Building Your Base

Picking a location is probably the trickiest one to figure out. You’d want to find a location in Malaysia that is easy to find, safe, and cost-effective. Ideally, you should set up a small base with a limited number of staff that will collaborate on core operations. You can also delegate your IT needs to a virtual office provider. A virtual office in Malaysia gives you access to local expertise for your customer support needs. It also minimizes the cost of utilities, space, and manpower by combining them into one virtual office package.


financial_stableMake Sure You’re Financially Stable

Expanding to a new market can be expensive. It will burn through a lot of funding before it starts generating money. Expenses include user acquisition, advertising, legal fees, and employee salaries. Set a hard limit on spending and make sure there is enough money in the bank to raise an additional round of investor funding after the product launch.


stand_up_from_compatitorsDefine Your Strengths Against Local Competition

When entering a new market, you will encounter new competitors who are more established and trusted by your target audience. Defining and capitalizing on your strengths is important to level the playing field quickly. For instance, if you have a better manufacturing infrastructure than your competitor, you can easily set a cheaper and more attractive price point that will easily attract new customers.


While global expansions are never a cakewalk, it is well worth the effort and resources you put into it. The key element to succeeding is to know what to expect and use those expectations to adjust your business strategies. Remember, no market will change their consumer habits to conform to your business.

Travel Tips To Malaysia


Of all the countries in Asia you can visit, only a few can compete with the wonders of Malaysia. Boasting a rich and multifaceted culture, a diverse number of animal species, fantastical landscapes, and luxury hotels and shopping centers in every corner, Malaysia’s booming tourism industry comes as no surprise. If you’re off to the country soon, here are travel tips to keep in mind that will come in handy whether you’re looking for cheap hotels or finding the next big tourist attraction.


Saving Money

There are several ways to save some Malaysian Ringgit during your travel. For starters, when riding a cab, make sure the meter is switched on otherwise the driver is free to charge you with any amount they want. And sure enough, they’ll charge you more than what the actual fare costs. Another way to save is by staying at cheap hotels. If you are visiting for no more than a week, cheap accommodation is better than luxury hotels since you’ll likely be out visiting landmarks most of the day.



What Not To Miss Out

If you haven’t booked any Malaysia hotels, try to find one near Kuala Lumpur. The Malaysian capital harbors a number of historic and modern landmarks including the Petronas Twin Towers, Perhentian Islands, Mount Kinabalu National Park, and Sarawak Cultural Village. Regardless if you’re an adrenaline junkie or a city dweller, there is something for everyone in Malaysia. And thanks to the current public transportation infrastructure, it is easy to get around these must-see places.

Petronas Towers
Petronas Twin Towers
Mount Kinabalu National Park

Minimize Stress By Preparing Requirements

While there are standard requirements for every domestic and foreign traveler, some countries enforce additional requirements that should be researched and prepared for. Gaining entry to Malaysia requires visitors to have a valid passport and travel documents that should not expire within at least 6 months beyond the intended period of visit. Every visitor must also fill up a Disembarkation Card, also known as IMM. 26. This will be required by an immigration officer upon your arrival.

Disembarkation Card

Know The Cultural Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t be that tourist who makes a fool of himself/herself by doing even the most basic don’ts. For example, being a Muslim country, drinking is frowned upon in Malaysia. If you need to drink a couple of shots to calm the nerves, make sure to do so privately. There may also be unspoken dress codes when entering mosques and temples. Shoes must also be taken off when entering a local’s house as this could be perceived as a cultural offense.




Know Where To Ask For Help

If you lose your way, need to ask a question, or feel that you are in danger, find a tourist police officer. You can recognize them by their dark blue shirts and trousers, striped hat bands, and a prominent badge on their breast pocket bearing the letter “I”. There are also apps you can download on your smartphone that will give a more comprehensive map of Malaysia including where to go and how to get there.


How Can You Be Sure that Meat at Restaurants are Certified Halal

It can be quite difficult to be a devout and observant Muslim with regards to eating out at restaurants, especially in restaurants that don’t specifically serve halal certified foods and drinks. This may not mean much to non-Muslims, but for devout believers of Islam, this could mean the deciding factor between the basic right to self-sustenance or starvation.


muslim food


So, how does one as a devout Muslim ascertain whether meat severed in restaurants is halal certified? Restaurants that serve halal food in Malaysia are many, but there are those that don’t publicly post that they serve halal foods. Whether you’re in Malaysia, or any other country, how do can you tell if the food is halal?


Here is a quick guide on how to ensure that meat served in restaurants adheres to Islamic dietary laws.


How to Ascertain if a Dish is Halal – A Brief Guide

If you’re in a community where the Muslim population is relatively low, chances are you may find it difficult to discover certified halal dishes at restaurants or eateries. In such instances, you can do a few things:


1. If the restaurant has a ‘kosher’ certification (i. e. they serve certified kosher foods), then you’re good to go. As per Quranic edict, a devout Muslim may freely partake of foodstuffs prepared by any of the ‘Ahn al-Kitab’ (‘People of the Books’, i. e. Jews and Christians). A good thing about ‘kashrut’ dietary laws is that they are quite similar to Islamic dietary laws in that they do not serve pork, non-scaled fish, or crustaceans.


2. You can order foodstuffs which do not contain meat or which are basically poultry, beef, or dairy-based, or you could opt for vegan or vegetarian dishes instead. If one is aware of the method of preparation or ingredients of food to be haram, then one may not consume it.


3. You can ask the restaurant if they are halal certified, or if they cater to Muslim dietary needs. If the restaurant staff is unfamiliar with Islamic dietary needs and restrictions, you can simply explain the types of food you can eat. You will usually find that most restaurants around the world are quite accommodating to the needs of their customers, regardless of their religious beliefs.


If you are in a community where the Muslim population is size-able, you can readily find restaurants that claim to serve halal foodstuffs. However, just because the sign may say halal food available, it’s not a perfect guarantee.


To better ascertain whether an eatery or restaurant is ‘Muslim-friendly’ you can also check for the following:


Is there a sign prominently displayed

Is there a sign or other indication on the menu that they are certified by the Muslim Food Board as serving authentic halal food?




Ask about the restaurant

You can discreetly inquire about the background of the restaurant or their menu to the maître d’hotel. In most cases, Muslim-friendly restaurants tend to have a practicing Muslim chef or staff who have been properly trained in the correct preparation of food that completely adheres to Islamic dietary laws.


Choose restaurants that are frequented by a large majority of Muslims – As per Quranic Law, the sect of the individual Muslim who sells or serves food needn’t matter, nor are their preparations suspect in any way by virtue of their religious belief.


Fortunately, restaurants that serve halal food in Malaysia are found everywhere – from high-end restaurants, regular eateries, and even street food stalls. Being a devout Muslim needn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy eating out with family or friends, especially where there are a lot of ways to enjoy halal food without fear or worry. Good eating to you, and Assalamualeikum!


buka puasa food

Thinking about Hair Restoration Surgery? 3 Surprising Facts You May Not Know about The Procedure

Hair restoration surgery, also known as a hair transplant, involves harvesting hair from areas of the head where hair still grows rampantly and transplanting it into balding areas. While the procedure is considered a successful and permanent male pattern baldness cure, it is not a viable option for many men. To find out if transplant surgery is right for you, consider the following facts about the procedure that you may not know.


Hair restoration surgery,



Hair Loss Has to Be Stable

If your hairline is actively receding or if you’re losing large amounts of hair, you’re probably not a good candidate for surgery. You see, in order to be considered for surgery, your hair loss must be fairly stable. You should also have an established pattern of loss, meaning that your hairline isn’t going to change very much in the future. Men under the age of 30 are usually not good candidates for this reason as they are still seeing dramatic changes in their hair.


Hair Loss Can’t Be Advanced

In order to qualify for surgery, you can’t be any higher than a Class 3 on The Norwood Scale for male baldness. This class is identified by a receding hairline in the temples as well as significant loss in the crown. Class 4, a class that is too severe for surgery, is identified by severe hair loss above the temples and in the crown. Since the distinction is small, it is the best for you to get examined through hair scalp treatment to see what class you fall into and if you qualify for the procedure.


Hair Transplant Surgery


Surgery Doesn’t Eliminate The Need for Medications

If you’re taking advantage of hair loss treatments and topical cures presently, you will have to continue them after you have surgery. Surgery doesn’t magically eliminate the need for such treatments since the scalp conditions that cause hair loss in the first place will still be present after surgery. If you haven’t used any medications up to this point, you will probably have to start using them after you have surgery. If you’re not prepared to make a commitment to follow a strict regimen after surgery, you may end up wasting your money.


As you can see, there are several factors you should consider before you have hair loss surgery. Not only do you have to qualify for the surgery, you have to be dedicated to following a strict haircare routine after surgery. To find out if hair restoration is for you, talk to a hair loss expert today.

Air Filters Breathe New Life Into Healthy Living


Human beings are societal creatures; we spend most of our lives with other people. Our families play a crucial role in our development socially. Homes play even a bigger role putting up for us. How we live in our homes, the air we breathe, the food we eat, go a long way in our overall wellness. Air purifier’s work to jettison pollutants from the air we breathe and are especially helpful for people with allergies, asthma and lung correlated maladies.





  • Air purifier’s work to ensure the air around is clean by doing away with particles bigger than 0.3 microns from the air.
  • Purifiers also work to deodorize the air using suction, streamer and suction technology to alleviate prejudicial odors
  • Air purifiers work to ensure the air we breathe stays as clean as possible



Modern air filter are equipped with HEPA (high efficiency particular arresting) that help optimize the cleaning process. HEPA filters vary in compliance, such as HEPA filters in Malaysia all have different specifications. HEPA filters can vindicate the air of dust, smoke, pollen and a diversity of other occurring pollutants. HEPA-compliant air purifiers are estimated to clear out 99.97% of impurities from the air



Keeping air conditioning equipment as sterile as possible is another way of keeping the air we take in as garden-fresh as possible. Regular maintenance should be done to ensure they remain dirt-free. Regular vacuuming is also a good air cleaning implementation that’s very easy and straight forward to implement. Vacuuming also helps clear the air of dust mites



Ventilation is a sure way to keep a constant supply of renewed air flowing in. Smoke from cooking can pollute the air we take in at home. Proper ventilation ensures there is a constant supply of air coming in and out of the home
Pesticides are one of the most communal pollutants to our homes. There are proven alternatives to the use of pesticides that are more aero-friendly and reduce pollution. Pesticides can prove to be very detrimental for people with breathing related conditions.

New paint can change the overall outlook of a home. But paint can be a very bad pollutant to the air especially after a fresh coat of paint has been applied. Low volatile organic compound paint are safer as they give off less pollution in the air when compared to regular paint.

Carpets and beddings should be kept clean and aired out often as they give refuge to a lot of pollutants that can be very toxic to the air.

5 Types of Lip Products You’ve Got to Have

Your lips are one of the most important features you have, and that’s especially true if you’re trying to make the most of a date with your crush! To look great wherever you go, you’ve got to have these 5 types of lip products in your makeup bag.


1. Lip liner


If you’ve ever had your lipstick bleed or run into your skin and off your lips, this is going to be your life saver. Lip liner will keep your lipstick from running, and it will also keep the color on your lips all day long. You should definitely have at least 2 lip liners in your makeup bag. One should be a nude color for all of the lipstick shades that aren’t very dark, and the other should be a deep cherry red for darker shades of lip color.

2. Lip stain or lip tint


You also should have a lip stain or a lip tint, such as Berissom lip tint in your makeup bag. This is a great item to have when you just want a little bit of color on your lips and not a deep shade. Lip stain actually comes in a liquid and goes on like a marker most of the time. On the other hand, lip tint usually comes in a small pot, and you can put it out with your finger or a lip brush.

3. Lipstick


This is the most classic piece of lip makeup that you will see. Lipstick comes in a range of colors and shades. It usually comes in stick form and has a creamy consistency that goes on smoothly. The only problem with lipstick is that it needs to be reapplied regularly throughout the day so that you have lasting color. If you kiss someone or brush your lips against something, like your t-shirt, beware that the lipstick may rub off.

4. Lip gloss


Lip gloss is another classic piece of lip makeup that you’ll want to be sure to have. This is an item that you can bust out on a date or when you’re going out of the town with a girls. It will either come in a squeeze tube or a container that has an applicator on the lid.

5. Lip balm


When your lips are chapped, it’s lip balm that will come to the rescue! This product usually does not have any color to it, but it is possible to find a version that has a small amount of pink, purple, red or orange sometimes.

Where to Buy Your Makeup Products

You will definitely want to get the best deals on your makeup products, so we suggest that you buy them online. You can get things like lipsticks, lip balms and other makeup products, such as buy IOPE air cushion in Malaysia here. All of these items are available on online retailers at great prices to fit your budget, and they’ll even be delivered right to your front door. Now head online and start shopping for your favorite lip products and other makeup items!

Pedal Pushing: 4 Tips for Beginning Cyclists


Whether it’s a casual hobby or a lifelong passion, cycling is great exercise and a fantastic excuse to enjoy the outdoors. Here are some tips that will help beginning cyclists reap the full benefit of their new pastime.

1. Safety First!

No one wants to think about the possibility of being involved in a fall or collision while cycling, but it’s important to be safe and protected, just in case. Bicycle helmets are close to 90% effective at preventing brain injury when fitted and worn correctly. Ensure your helmet is a snug fit, and remember to replace it if you’re involved in an accident. In addition, outfit your bicycle with a headlight and a blinking taillight, especially if you plan on riding at twilight or after dark, and consider adding reflective tape to your bike frame as well. Wear brightly colored clothing that’s easy to spot — the more visible you are, the better.


2. A Perfect Fit

You’ll enjoy your rides more if your bicycle is the right size. Reputable dealers will be happy to help find the ideal frame for you, so don’t hesitate to ask questions at your favorite local bike shop! They can also recommend the best seat — your selection will depend on your gender, the type of riding you want to do, and the spacing between your “sit bones”. Some saddles include special cut-outs or gel pads to ease friction and pressure. Make the right choice now and your posterior will thank you later!

3. Be Prepared


You’ll also want to stay hydrated, so remember to fill those water bottles before each ride!

Consider what you want to wear and carry while cycling. Moisture-wicking, close-fitting clothing is essential to keep you dry and comfortable while reducing friction. You’ll need cycling shoes if you use clipless pedals. You’ll also want to stay hydrated, so remember to fill those water bottles before each ride! Longer rides may require energy-rich snacks as well. Look for cycling jerseys with pockets for protein bars and energy gels, and you’ll always have a quick boost at your disposal. If you’ll be transporting your bike by car, don’t forget a quality bicycle rack as well to keep your investment safe.

4. Socialize!

Solo rides are great for calmness and balance, but there’s nothing quite like heading out on a group ride. Seek out cycling groups in your area and surround yourself with new friends. You’ll find everything from slow, easy rides for beginners to advanced, long-distance treks. Riding as part of a group increases your visibility to passing motorists and motivates you to keep going.
A little planning and prep work will go a long way toward making cycling a fun, enjoyable, and beneficial new pursuit!

You’re Not Cycling Right (Yet): The 6 Pieces of Advice Pro Cyclists Say You Should Know


benefits of biking

Cycling can be made a better activity done by a person through more practice, and every time you turn the pedals, your riding experience will improve a little. With one well-placed tip or nugget of wisdom, you will be able to achieve something that you would not have learned for years.


Muscle Sores and Fatigue

muscle soreThe best cycling is one that you do not hunch your shoulders, this helps in avoiding muscles sores and fatigue, you can tilt your head every few minutes for the purpose of staving off tight neck muscles. Cycling a road bike requires you to slide rearward or forward on the saddle, this assists in emphasizing different muscle groups, the method is useful when having a long climb since it gives the cyclist’s muscle a rest of the muscles will take over the work. As the cyclist moves forward, and accentuates the quadriceps, moving back will emphasize glutes and hamstrings.


Making Faster Sprints

There are easy ways one can free speed in a sprint, first the upper part of the cyclist has to have minimum movements as possible, in its place, and the back should serve as a fulcrum and the road bikes waying from one side to another beneath. To free speed, keep the shoulders behind the front wheel axle, having too much weight forward will make its hardtop handle causing the rear wheel to skip up into the air. The other method that can be used to free speed is to pull on the bar with a rowing motion that will counter the power of the rider’s leg, this will help transfer the available energy to the pedals instead of transferring the movement into wastage.

Sprint with formal pro-sprinter Marcel Wüst


High Speed Riding

The hand position has to be change periodically, this can be done by grasping the drops for descents or when riding at high speeds, for relaxed cruising, a rider can hold the brake-lever. During long climbs, the top of the bar can be held to sit in an upright position then open the chest to have easier breathing.


Favorable Riding Style

The width of the handlebar has to be equal to that of the shoulder, with a wider bar, the chest will be open for breathing, while a narrow bar give way for more aerodynamic. A rider has to pic a handlebar that will favour his riding style, and therefore, the angle of the bar has to be positioned at the bottom because a flat position will be parallel to the ground, or point slightly towards the rear hub.


Keeping a Clear Vision

It is better to ride while not staring the rear wheel you are following while in a pace line, instead, keep the peripheral vision tab as you look a couple of rides ahead to see what other riders are doing. This makes you as a rider to be prepared in case something happens that will make them veer or change the speed.


Riding in Rainstorm

riding on rain


When there is a rainstorm, you have to be extra cautious the first ten minutes, especially when oil and dust float on the surface of the pavement and they have not yet washed away. Painted road lines or steel surfaces often get slippery when it rains, you should stay treacherous until the road dries up completely.



It is evident that cycling is much enjoyable and a healthy way a person can travel and experience outdoor. If cycling is done vigorously, the heart and the circulatory system will have a workout and some calories will be burnt. New bicycles have been developed, and it can to combine the speed of a road bike together with the ruggedness found in mountain bikes. You can even consider owning a specialized road bike @ USJCycles.com if you are passionate about cycling.



Why You Should Buy Teakwood Furniture

Teakwood furniture last longer with regular cleaning and care. Marks caused by water, scratches and food stains can make your beautiful furniture look less than perfect. The best way to care for your furniture is to use a gentle cleaner made especially for the finish. Take furniture look stylish and beautiful. You can purchase the best teak furniture online in Malaysia for reasonable prices.


Why Buy Teakwood Furniture?

The great thing about teak furniture is the fact that it offers beauty, elegance and durability. This tropical tree has been used for fine furniture for hundreds of years. Teak wood has a natural resistance to changing weather conditions, which make it an excellent choice for the outdoors. Most teak trees are 80 years old before they are harvested for their wood. It also has natural oils and rubber that make the wood stronger than other types used for furniture. These natural oils also protect the wood from rotting, parasites and fungi.

Why Buy Teakwood Furniture?


Teakwood Furniture Care

Indoor teakwood furniture does not need an oil treatment like outdoor furniture. Outdoor teakwood furniture will take on a silver appearance after several months. If you want to keep the natural honey color, then you will need to use a sealer after each regular cleaning. It is a great idea to purchase teakwood furniture cleaners and sealers when buying your furniture.

A regular cleaning will prevent the furniture from developing dirt that will make your furniture look dull. Use light sandpaper when trying to remove scratches and marks from teakwood furniture. If you care for your teakwood furniture, it will last for several decades.

DEMA Minutes “TIps for Teak Wood Maintenance”



How to Choose Outdoor Furniture

The first step to choosing outdoor furniture is to know your style. Look through home magazines to find your outdoor living style. You can easily duplicate the look by buying the same type of pieces in the photos. They do not have to be the same color, but the grouping should be similar. Thoughtful planning will save you time and money when designing your outdoor hardscape.
Think about the size of space that you need to entertain family and friends. For example, purchase enough seating to accommodate your guests around a fire pit as the focal point. Consider function, design and high quality woods such as teakwood. Plastic outdoor furniture will not look as elegant and beautiful as teakwood. The outdoor furniture you choose should be just as comfortable as your indoor furniture.

Choose seat cushions made out of durable and high-quality fabrics. Storage chests and end tables make the area look appealing and comfortable. Fabric materials such as polyester fibers that resist moisture and mildew will keep your furniture looking elegant. They should also provide comfort for your guests and include designs that match the outdoor décor.

Choose seat cushions made out of durable and high-quality fabrics.

Seat cushions with the same patterns on the front and back are a great way to preserve the look. Lounge chairs and rockers are a great addition to regular chairs. Make sure you have an awning or umbrella to provide shade during hot, sunny days.

How to Eat Out When You’re a Raw Vegan

In our modern market, it’s easier than ever to make poor choices when it comes to our diet and overall health. It takes discipline and clearly defined goals in order to overcome the many temptations that lie around every corner. The choice to become a raw vegan is one that offers a variety of benefits such as a boost in the immune system and a decreased chance of developing certain cancers.

The idea of veganism is not new. In fact, there have been numerous people in the distant past who have recognized the vast benefits including Albert Einstein and Abraham Lincoln. However, they weren’t tempted with fast food restaurants and processed foods infiltrating the supermarket shelves. You don’t have to limit yourself to carefully-prepare, home-cooked meals, however. It is possible to maintain your diet when eating out when you follow a few helpful tips.


Seek Out Likeminded Establishments
Do your homework when your are unfamiliar with local vegan availability.


Seek Out Likeminded Establishments

A great way to maintain veganism on the go is to seek out restaurants that cater to your lifestyle. This can be done easily from your computer. Websites such as Happy Cow will tell you the nearest vegan restaurants as well as provide you reviews of the various results. This can prove especially helpful if you’re traveling and unfamiliar with local vegan availability. You can also ask your social media friends if they’re familiar with any vegan-friendly establishments in your area.


Raw Vegan



Plan Your Dinner Outings

Preparation is key. Before going out to dinner, obtain a copy of the menu ahead of time. This can be done easily online. Take the time to review the menu in private, and carefully weigh your options. You can pinpoint their vegetable-only menu items or those that can be modified easily.

Furthermore, don’t be afraid to call the restaurant to ask questions. If you’re having trouble finding meal items that will accommodate you, ask the manager if they can prepare something for you. If they value your business, they’ll be happy to help.


What I Eat in a Day…FullyRaw Vegan Style!


Ethnic Restaurants

Ethnic restaurants often feature a number of menu items that fulfill a vegan diet. Asian entrees such as sesame rice and adzuki bean cakes with miso sauce or baked tofu salad with broccoli and pineapple are both delicious and a delightful change for the palate. Best of all, you can find new recipes to add to your arsenal at home.



Be Proactive
Let your voice be heard on online forums!


Be Proactive

Today, it’s easier than ever to voice your opinion. Whether you have a terrible experience where there were no accommodations made or a great one, let you voice be heard on online forums. The more people who open up, the more likely restaurants will make options available to the growing vegan population.

Healthier life
Maintaining a vegan diet lead to you to a healthy life.


The Road to a Healthier You

The benefits of maintaining a vegan diet are numerous, and sticking to this type of diet can help you better enjoy the only life you have to live. Adjusting to this lifestyle can prove challenging, but, it only takes about four weeks for actions to become habitual. By following these tips, you can be on the road to a healthier you on a viable diet you can stick with in a world full of temptation.