Don’t Have Money to Buy a Car? How to Finance Your Second Hand Car Purchase in Singapore

Buying a new car in Singapore can be tough unless you have the financial resource to meet the hefty prices or have a means to pay the close to 50 or 60 percent Loan-To-Value (LTV) charge. For most people, it is not within their financial reach to be able to purchase a new vehicle. It is a dream for many people to have a car to drive to work, for dropping kids to school, or as a means of showing their lifestyle and status. While the cost of buying a new vehicle may knock away many willing buyers, there is an option–that’s, purchasing second hand cars that can meet individual’s budget and travel needs.


Why consider purchasing a used car

Used cars are cheaper to buy, have lower depreciation than new ones, and are immediately accessible and not like the Certificates of Entitlement (CoE) bidding process unless you are purchasing the vehicle with an open category Certificates of Entitlement.


Financing your used car

While you may want to own a new or used car, one thing that will haunt your mind is how you are going to finance it. Many people who plan to own cars do not even know where they will get the finances. If you have a stable job or business and have worked for a couple of years making substantial savings, you might be lucky to have build yourself a financial kit to purchase a car from a car mart in SG.

However, with the financial challenges affecting many people in Singapore, it is not easy to save money. A drained bank account will not be relied upon for the purchase of a vehicle. In addition, even if you have some cash in the account, you do not want to use it all. You should have a substantial amount that can take you for months should the unexpected happen- whereby you lose your job soon after buying a car.


What should you consider in used car loans?

With the prices of Open Market Values (OMV) and Certificates of Entitlement (COE) growing fast buying used cars in car marts in SG may cost a buyer about 50 percent less that purchasing new ones. If you are going to opt for a loan to finance your car, you need to understand the loan restrictions and how they affect your repayment and amount you can borrow.

A loan intended for buying a used car may have its tenure or repayment period capped at about 5 years. The OMV of the vehicle may also affect the LTV of the purchase price. Monetary Authority of Singapore has put in place measures and restrictions that may affect people who plan to purchase used cars. The effects of Authority have caused banks to raise interest rates to help recoup the losses they are likely to get when the loan tenures are limited to 5 years.

Car buyers shopping for car financing options or loans should make sure they do their homework to find the best interest rates. Banks also use the “Rule of 78” whenever borrowers want to repay loans for their second hand cars. If a car loan borrower does not examine this rule, there is a possibility of overpaying for the loan interest.

In essence, personal savings and car loans can help in financing a used vehicle. A car loan allows you to own a vehicle even when you do not have the cash in hand or enough savings for the car purchase.
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Finding The Best Luxury Watch Brands In The World: A Guide for The Discerning Buyer

The finest watch brands in the world include names such as Tag Heuer, Rolex, Cartier, Tiffany and Breitling. These luxury watch brands take up a considerable amount of the luxury market, and you will be quite pleased when you purchase a watch from one of these companies. Each brand has its own style, and each brand is known the world over for different reasons. Your choice of luxury watch should take into account your needs, the purpose of the watch and the style of the watch. This article will explore these three areas as they relate to your next watch purchase.

#1: Style
Tag Heuer, Tiffany, Cartier, Breitling and Rolex watches all have their own style. Tag is known for providing timing services at the Olympics, and Breitling watches are a favorite of pilots. Tiffany and Cartier are luxury jewellery brands that make effervescent watches suited for a formal occasion, and Rolex makes the Submariner diving watch. You may choose from any of these styles as you should, and you will notice that each watch takes on a different character when it is on your wrist.



#2: Their Purpose
A company like Tiffany or Cartier creates watches that are meant to match the jewelry they have on display. You may purchase a watch from Tiffany or Cartier to match the Tiffany or Cartier jewelry in your collection. You are created a style profile that is easy for people to pick out, and your style will remain classic in these watches.
Breitling and similar brands are helpful for people with active or athletic lifestyles. These watches are designed to rise up to 30,000 feet in the air, and the watches can sink deep below the surface of the sea. Someone who works with their hands, has kids at home or works in a difficult profession may choose a strong watch to help keep up with the wear and tear that will be put on the watch every day.
Watches that are used for timing at the Olympics may be worn in a more casual environment. Someone who sails, plays golf or plays tennis will enjoy a watch that has a casual nature. The band on the watch will be much easier to wear in hot weather, and the watch is designed to take some punishment during a match or sailing trip.

#3: Your Personal Needs
The watch brands listed in this article all take on a different character, and you must match your needs with the watches you see. Your lifestyle is unique only to you, and you should not wear a watch that does not feel comfortable when you are out and about. Someone who works in a fast-paced office may prefer a more durable watch, and someone who works a quiet job should go for a watch that is all style.

You can appreciate the watch for what it is when you are using it for the right purposes. A watch that is taken out of its element will not serve you well, and you will notice that the watch seems out of place. You go where you normally go, but you can see that the watch does not belong there. Imagine yourself wearing the watch to all the different places you go in a day. Do not purchase a watch until you can see yourself wearing it everywhere you go.
A luxury watch like a Rolex will help improve your personal style the moment you put it on, but you cannot expect the watch to choose you. You must shop for your own watch with wisdom as you search for style, substance and purpose in your new timepiece.

Discover the World’s Best Dive Sites in Sabah

If you’ve dived the ocean waters of Costa Rica and Australia, then you may be ready to explore the natural aquariums that are available in Sabah. Sipadan Island, Tunka Abdul Rahman Park and Mabul Island are a few Sabah locales that often make the lists of the world’s best dive sites.


Sipadan Island

Sipadan Island is five degrees north of the equator. It’s in the Sulawesi Sea and 35km to the south of Semporna, which is a major city positioned along Sabah’s east coast. Like other tropical destinations, Sipadan features thick forests that are surrounded by warm sand. The island’s physical location places it in the heart of one of the world’s lushest marine environments. In this rich ecosystem, researchers have catalogued more than 3,000 fish species and hundreds of coral varieties. Under the sea, you may come across turtles, barracuda fish and scalloped hammerhead sharks along with whale sharks, mantas and eagle rays. While diving, be sure to keep an eye out for macro sea creatures like garden eels, mantis shrimps and fire gobies. You may even see leaf scorpion fish and pipefish. The turtle tomb is a unique place to dive to in the area. It is an underwater limestone cave with a maze of tunnels and channels. Turtle tomb received its name from the turtles that drowned after they became disoriented in the cave’s labyrinth.


Tunku Abdul Rahman Park

You should also book a hotel near Kota Kinabalu to visit Tunku Abdul Rahman Park easily. The marine park is a 10 to 20 minute speedboat ride from Kota Kinabalu, and it is made up of an island cluster that features Gaya Island, Manukan Island, Sapi Island, Sulug Island and Mamutik Island. Upon reaching the dive destination, you’ll have access to spectacular coral gardens, powdery beaches and shallow waters. Your underwater adventures are likely to net you a view of blue-spotted rays, hawksbill turtles and cuttlefish. If you’re fortunate, creatures like mandarin fish and the harlequin ghost pipefish will make an appearance. When you book your trip for the destination’s cooler months, which run from November to February, plankton becomes readily available. This tasty food source tempts whale sharks to the area. These enormous creatures loom out of the depths to dine, so keep your underwater camera handy.


Mabul Island

Mabul Island is sure to astonish you since 12 separate diving areas are available. Most people dive in the region to see small exotic marine creatures. Brightly hued cuttlefish, blue-ringed octopi and moray eels frequently swim near the dive site. You may also spot snake eels, scorpion fish and spike-fin gobies. Mabul is positioned along a 200-hectare reef, which is on the tip of the continental shelf. In addition, the adjacent seabed slants out to about 25m to 30m deep. Mabul is a low visibility site, but since the focus is macro life, this isn’t usually a problem. The dive site features amazing conditions year-round. However, the best time to visit is outside the rainy season. The rainy season is from December to March. Mabul is also a good place for novice divers to improve their skills. The island is about 12km north of Sipadan and about 5km to the west of Kapalai.


A New Age of Scuba Diving

Today, scuba diving is a popular recreational sport since people of all ages can enjoy the activity. It also gives you a great excuse to travel to stunning tropical destinations. Along with amazing dive sites, powdery beaches, palm trees and comfortable hotels in Kota Kinabalu await you in Sabah.

Why You Should Stop Taking Health Tips From Magazines



Staying healthy and fit is challenging, and occasionally it may be necessary to get advice on a particular issue. Many women turn to magazines for guidance on diets, exercise and other aspects of wellness. This isn’t always the best idea. With all the medical cures and health treatments found in print and Web-based magazines, it’s easy to get twisted up in the information. It’s even easier to blindly follow the suggestions offered, but doing so can be harmful.

Is It Fact, Fiction or Folly?



An article that advises readers to eat this food or follow that exercise program isn’t necessarily based on scientific evidence. If an author isn’t a qualified medical or health expert, the article may be less informational and more sensational. Important data is often left out, so it can be difficult to judge the accuracy. Truly trustworthy advice will produce solid and substantiated facts.

Many magazines are also created for entertainment, and the articles are more about trends than truth. Some are even based on boosting the sales of a specific industry. This often produces opposing viewpoints and skewed details that are practically impossible to sort out. The examples of contrasting opinions demonstrate just how confusing it can be to live a healthy lifestyle.

Does One Size Fit All?


Body Shapes Sketch for blog
Every woman’s body is unique


Every woman’s body is unique, but the magazines don’t seem to know this. They literally sell the concept that anyone can look like a model or celebrity. The famous faces promoting a miracle diet, pill, cleansing program or exercise routine replace genuine professional recommendations. The articles also don’t explain that those women devote their entire lives to attaining the ultimate aesthetic, which isn’t exactly convenient for the average female.

Magazine articles can cause a woman to feel insecure about issues she didn’t know existed. As a result, she may sabotage her good health by trying to follow someone else’s regimen. Many people overdo things as well. If an article states coffee is beneficial prior to a workout, someone may double up hoping to boost the advantages. On the same note, a person who reads about a somewhat restrictive diet may limit herself too much.

Is the Truth Just a Fantasy?

Sorting through the pages of a magazine isn’t the same as sorting out the truth, but it is possible to get the facts. A good place to start is by checking the qualifications of the author or organization providing the information. It’s also a good idea to gather data from more than one source. This includes medical journals and online studies. These links offer good suggestions for finding valid information when searching the Internet.

Anyone seeking reliable advice on wellness are advised to read healthy lifestyle essays from health experts. These are different than magazine editorials about the latest diet craze or super food. Professionals can provide authoritative, science-based and clear-cut information. Unlike with a magazine article, the suggestions given will likely coincide with the advice of a health care professional.







A magazine article isn’t the best source for preventing illness or fixing specific issues because optimal health means something different to everyone. Wellness is about more than the latest universal trend. When making decisions regarding nutrition or physical training, stick with the facts and toss away the fairy tales. If the magical solution seems too good to be true, move on. Ultimately, when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the goal is simple: Do what feels right.

Tips and Tricks for Working with Special Education Students in Under-served Areas


A look at special education in Malaysia quickly shows that there are a number of children who aren’t being served as well as they could be. While there are numerous programs in place that are aimed at providing special education services, it’s estimated that by 2002, less than ten percent of children and youth with disabilities were receiving the quality of care that they needed. In spite of efforts over the past decade to improve the outlook of children with special needs, there are still children who are going unserved due to geographic considerations.

For those working with an under-served special needs population,it’s necessary to look at the challenges from a different angle than those who are blessed to be able to work with special needs students in high-resource areas. There are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when working with special needs students in under-served areas.

Never underestimate what they can do.

Many children learn and excel in spite of their disabilities. By putting limits on what you expect of them, you run the chance that you will inadvertently limit what these truly special children are able to accomplish. Instead, set clear, measurable goals for each child and work toward those goals. Once they have been reached, set new goals and work toward them.


Encourage cooperative learning.

There’s no reason why students with learning disabilities can’t work together to accomplish goals, whether shared or individual. Encourage students who are working toward similar milestones to work together, or allow a student working toward higher goals to work with one who is still working on earlier skills. While students with special needs need individualized attention and goals that are created according to their needs, that doesn’t mean that they can’t work together to achieve them.


Offer rewards.

Offer frequent praise and encouragement, but don’t hesitate to offer more tangible rewards as well. Giving your students something to work toward will encourage them in ways you can’t predict. Celebrate baby steps. What might not be a major milestone for a child without special needs can be an incredible milestone for a child with a learning disability, and it should be celebrated as such.


Stay organized.

Working with special needs students is very different from working in a normally-abled classroom. It requires a high level of organization in order to keep up with everything and a dedication to maintaining the goals and plans of each individual student. Because of this, it’s crucial to stay organized. Keep track of each student’s progress. Once you let yourself get disorganized, it can be much more difficult to put everything together again.

Develop relationships with your students and their families.


Special education presents a unique challenge, but it’s a highly rewarding one. The same students who have issues with skills that you take for granted often have the greatest appreciation for all the effort that you put in throughout the day. Take the time to get to know your students so that you can appreciate all that they have to offer you.

Things To Look Out For When Shopping For A Muslim Tour

If you are looking for a Muslim tour package that will fit your Muslim values, then you need to be aware of some potential roadblocks before you start your search. It’s not always easy to find a good compromise between your beliefs and having a good time. In this post, we will explain some of the pitfalls that can come up when you want to find a Muslim tour and what kinds of things you should stay on the lookout for to ensure that you have a pleasant and rewarding experience.
The first thing to check is whether the tour employs locals as guides and for other tasks and services. Nobody knows an area like a local, and that goes double for religious tours. You want your staff to be as knowledgeable as possible so that you can benefit from your tour. If the workers are local, it means you can learn about the local culture in a way that a foreign guide wouldn’t be able to show you. It is also an opportunity to support the local economy. This is definitely a case where going local is the right way to go. If the company does not have local workers and guides, then you should question how much they really know about the area. Using a local provides a better experience and usually is cheaper than flying in a foreign guide, so if you see foreign guides then something is off.


The next thing you should question is the tour company’s dedication to Muslim principles. Examine their promotional materials and website to make sure that they embrace the concept of living Halal. It is rare, but it does happen that companies advertise themselves as friendly to Muslims without actually being so- they might fail to seek out Halal food or otherwise compromise your beliefs. If you want to enjoy the experience, it is essential that the company make you comfortable that they understand and respect your values. You won’t know for sure until you actually go on the tour, but you can look around to see how they present themselves. Take a look at the pictures they show you, the food they mention, and the destinations they visit to determine if they seem to be in keeping with Halal.


Finally, tour quality. Does the tour actually visit interesting places and provide good background information about them? Make sure the tour is well-organized and that it has a good schedule. You don’t want hours of dead time, and you also don’t want to have to rush from one place to another. Ensure that the schedule is reasonable and that you will spend enough time at each place to learn about it, but not so much that you sacrifice seeing a variety of sights. Look at several different tours of the same area to learn which sights are the highlights and which are unique offerings from each company. If possible, talk to some locals or people who have visited the area to learn about which things are worth seeing and which are not.


If you are thinking about a tour in the near future and you want it to adhere to your Muslim principles, then you need to do your due diligence and research any tour company before spending money. That way, you can avoid any potential mishaps from selecting a tour that does not respect your beliefs. It’s important to be careful about this research due to how many companies out there do not fully comply with all Halal principles.

What Is a Corflute Sheet?

corflute sheet


These days, corrugated plastic is referred to by several registered tradenames, one of which is Corflute. It is a twin-wall plastic sheet product made from polypropylene. The Corflute designation is a registered trademark of Corex Plastics, a manufacturer and supplier of multi-wall and solid sheet products based in Dandenong, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia.




Corflute sheets have several functions. Perhaps the most ubiquitous applications are temporary signage, products exhibits, and point-of-sale displays. However, they are also found at building sites, where they protect floors; as composite boxes in automotive components; as pharmaceutical and glass packaging; and as containers for produce to absorb moisture and provide wet strength. Moreover, electronics manufactures use Corflute for anti-static purposes — particularly for packaging sensitive components. Other common uses include home insulation applications, tree and vine guards, root barriers, water separators, solar panel protective sleeves, and temporary security windows.


corflute sheet2Manufactured as lightweight material, Corflute has a make-up similar to corrugated fiberboard. It can be easily cut with a utility knife. Any equipment used to cut it, however, has to be very sharp with low hold-down pressure for precision and smooth edge finish. An utility knife is best suited for smaller job runs or craftwork, while conventional paper guillotining equipment is required for larger, more sophisticated projects. Corflute manufacturers usually offer a wide variety of thicknesses, the most common of which are 3, 4, and 5 millimeters. Common Corflute colors include blue, grey, black, yellow, red, green, and white.


The lightness of Corflute belies its strength and durability. Plus, they are impact- and water resistant, very flexible, non-toxic and resistant to chemicals, and are 100 percent recyclable. They are ideal for short-term outdoor applications, especially considering that they have a resistance to ultraviolet rays or other potentially harmful elements. Corflute is available in flame retardant version.

Best Advice for Business/Law Crossovers for Students Looking to Get Ahead


If you are taking business courses with an eye towards the law, then you are definitely looking at the money. You are also looking at a great deal of competition. Although there may not be many people who are taking a business twinning programme that is interspersed with law, you can bet that the people who are will be highly motivated. Every class that you take is especially important – there is no room for slacking even during an elective course. Here are some tips to navigate your way through business school with an eye to the law.



Focus your efforts on a particular firm that can give you your start. 

Most business lawyers are looking to affiliate themselves with a particular firm, and you should be no different. When law firms come sniffing around a college campus, they are looking for young people who know exactly what they want.


Do your research into the firms that interest you. If those firms are visiting campus, make it a point to meet the recruiters and become friendly with them. Angle for an internship. If your preferred law firm after school is not coming to your campus, then it may be time for you to lobby the appropriate parties in order to make that happen for yourself. If you are the driving force behind bringing a law firm to campus, you can bet that you will have special benefits waiting for you if your efforts are successful. Ingenuity, resolve and dedicated focus will give you great rewards in business law.


Look for professors who are in your field.

When it comes to law, and especially business law, you want to be taught by people who are actively practicing. These are the people who will be able to lecture you using real case studies that no one else will have access to. These are also the people who will be able to directly refer you to firms for internships.


Make sure that you consider the name of the professor just as thoughtfully as you do the name of the course. The office hours that you will be guaranteed are a very important part of how you will become successful as a new graduate after you complete your schooling.


Make sure that your elective course gives you another leg to stand on.

Perhaps you are looking to build an international clientele. Your elective should be a language in the part of the world that you see as a market that can actually afford your fee. If you are interested in a particular industry, then you should take a course to familiarize yourself with it. For instance, entertainment business lawyers might benefit from an elective course that is focused directly on copyright law or real estate zoning law. This expertise will give you inside game as to what your clients will expect of you. You will not have to learn anything on the fly; you will have been prepared for situations from school.