What You Want To See When Choosing Your First Server Co-Location Provider

Co-location is one of the most effective solutions for server hosting available today. It allows you use a custom server without having to construct a complex infrastructure to support the hardware. Not all co-location providers are the same. You will want to see a few things when choosing your first co-location hosting service.

server co-location hosting provider is managed services

Full Cabinet Options

You want to use a co-location provider that has different cabinet options available. The cabinet is the physical space where your server and all supporting hardware are going to sit. You usually have shared and full cabinet options. A shared cabinet means that your server will be sharing space with other servers and hardware. A full cabinet is basically a dedicate space just for your server. You want a co-location service with full cabinet options because your business could grow fast and upgrading will be easy.

Appropriate Bandwidth and Burst Capabilities

Something that is very important is a co-location hosting service that offers bandwidth rates appropriate for your needs. Your exact needs are going to depend on your expected traffic and the type of online service or website that you are running. Having too little or restricted bandwidth could leave your online server inaccessible to users. Always check the bandwidth before committing to a provider. Additionally, you might want burst capabilities. This allows the provider to temporarily increase bandwidth to handle a sudden influx of users to your server.

Redundant or Backup Systems

You always want to see redundant or backup systems when looking at a co-location hosting provider. These systems will take over if there is a hardware failure or other problem with the primary equipment. Backup systems are going to ensure that you do not experience long periods of downtime. They also help to prevent data loss and to thwart malicious attacks from hackers in certain situations. This is critical when you are relying on a server co-location provider to maintain maximum uptime with minimal performance problems.

Secure Connections

You are going to have to access your co-located server across the Internet. You want to see a co-location provider that has secure connections. The most basic defence is a configurable firewall that will repel attacks and unauthorised access before allowing users near the server. A second option to look for is support for virtual private networks, or VPNs. A VPN is a secure connection that uses tunnelling protocols in order to mask the contents and ultimate destination of the data you are transmitting. Modern, configurable firewalls and VPNs are very useful features for maintaining secure connections to a co-located server.

Managed Services

A final thing to look for a server co-location hosting provider is managed services. You are going to want this option even if it is not needed at first. Managed services mean that professionals at the co-location site will perform many different technical tasks for you from server monitoring and load balancing to upgrading the operating system and backing up data. Managed services can be very valuable as your business grows.
Do not rush into choosing the first co-location service that you see. Take the time to do some research and look for the key elements that you need. The right co-location hosting service will benefit your servers and could become an invaluable business ally.

How to Prepare For Boarding School – Planning, Packing, and Adapting

You’re probably thrilled about the prospect of going away to boarding school! Many exciting opportunities await you. In all the elation, it may be hard to focus on what to bring. Here is a basic guide for what to pack to make for an easy transition. Tips are also given for a successful first semester.

Attending boarding school is a great privilege


To guide you in your packing efforts, ask your school adviser the following questions:

• How much space does the dorm room have?
• May I have the phone number of my roommates so I can coordinate with them?
• What items should I specifically not bring?


Items you can’t do without are:

• alarm clock
• batteries
• bathing aids – shower shoes, washcloths, bath towels, and robe
• bed linens – blanket, comforter, pillow, mattress protector, and two sets of twin sheets
• cell phone and charger – Ideally, your cell phone should have a camera. Your service plan should allow for nationwide calls and unlimited texting.
• duffel bag
• flashlight
• hair grooming supplies
• plastic bucket – to tote toiletries to the bathroom
• pocket mirror
• prescription medications
•surge protector – to handle multiple electric plugs
•toiletries – deodorant, shampoo, soap, tissues, and toothpaste


To keep items protected, organized, and out of the way, bring the following:

•book shelves
•under-the-bed storage boxes


•beverages – juice boxes, water
•containers with close-fitting lids – for food storage
•eating utensils – stainless steel spoon, fork, knife
•hand sanitizer
•mug and bowl
•plastic cups
•plastic utensils
•snacks and zip-lock bags to store them
•water bottle


Bring items that will put a smile on your face as you remember friends and family at home. These objects can offer emotional support while adjusting to your new lifestyle. Here are some suggestions:

•favorite posters
•family photos
•cheery plants
•cherished figurines


•bulletin board and thumbtacks
•computer and printer – although your school will have computers, a laptop is convenient for doing research and keeping in touch with friends and family. Ask your school adviser if there’s a specific type required. Accessories needed are anti-virus software, operating system restore disk, and a USB hub.
•day planner – use it to record assignment due dates, project deadlines, and planned activities
•desk calendar
•dictionary and thesaurus
•dry erase board and markers – useful for leaving messages for roommates or making announcements to your Hall
•school supplies – backpack, binders, folders, notebooks, paper, paper clips, pencils, pens, ruler, scissors, tape
•sticky notes, such as Post-Its


•blouses or shirts
•dresses and skirts for girls
•shoes – dress shoes, sneakers, slippers
•clothes hangers
•plastic pocket hanging organizer
•sewing kit – needles, thimble, thread, scissors


•sunscreen and sunglasses
•insect repellent if attending school in summer


•all-purpose cleaner
•dust cloth
•laundry bags – pillow cases can be used for this purpose
•laundry detergent
•paper towels
•wet wipes


•Credit Card – This is necessary for unexpected emergencies. Also, make an agreement with your parents on a monthly spending limit for casual purchases.
•ATM Card – Rather than carrying large amounts of cash, make trips to an ATM machine as needed. Try to use the ATM that’s affiliated with your bank to avoid service fees.


Most boarding schools have extensive sports facilities. To guide your packing, you can inquire as to what’s specifically offered. Depending on the school and your interests, you may wish to bring:

•basketball equipment – ankle guards, athletic supporter, knee pads, mouth guard, and wrist bands
•lacrosse equipment – mouth guard, gloves, shoes, and stick. Boys should bring a helmet with face guard; elbow, rib, and shoulder pads; and athletic supporter. Girls should pack lacrosse goggles and a sports bra. Goalies should also bring a chest protector, goalie stick, helmet, knee pads, and shin guards.
•soccer gear – elbow and knee pads, mouth guard, padded soccer pants, protective cup, protective head gear, shin guards, shoes, and soccer gloves. Goalies should also pack helmets, gloves, and sun-shielding caps.
•tennis or squash racket
•board games
•deck of cards
•iPod with headphones and charger

•easy chair – consider a bean-bag chair
•desk lamp


Items that pose a threat to safety may be confiscated by supervisors. Here’s a list of what not to bring:
candles, matches, incense burners, heating pads, electric blankets, space heater – these are fire hazards.


Here are some tips for getting off to a great start at school.

1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It will help you adjust to the new rules, routines, and schedules. Seek the help of your adviser, house parents, senior students, and teachers.

2. Be open to new experiences. Try new clubs, sports, and academic activities. It will help you learn more about yourself and discover your strengths.

3. Try not to be too opinionated. An open mind and gracious attitude promote good relationships.

4. Get enough sleep. It will help you feel strong and do your best.

5. Don’t let yourself get behind in your studies. Trying to catch up is difficult and stressful.

6. Do school work in the library. It will help you avoid distractions.


1. If you’re having difficulty getting along with someone, go to your resident adviser or house parent. They can give you tips for handling the challenge. Don’t think you’re being a tattletale or a weakling. Advisers are tactful in sensitive situations and skilled in conflict resolution.

2. Be willing to compromise. Your flexibility will go a long way in fostering harmony.

3. Avoid the temptation to gossip. Don’t say anything behind a person’s back that you wouldn’t say to their face. Close your ears to rumors. Don’t spill someone’s secrets.

4. Respect the space and privacy of others.


Here are three keys to enjoying school:

1. Make it a priority to get along well with others.
2. Maintain a lighthearted, positive attitude.
3. Put your best effort into everything you do.


Attending boarding school is a great privilege. To be well-prepared, remember the three A’s:

•advance planning
•astute packing
•attitude tweaking

If you employ these three strategies, you’re bound to have a great experience.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful semester!

Good Advice for Buying Property in Singapore

When it comes to good property investment, Singapore is at the top of the list. Although annual home sales have dropped over the past 6 months, so has the government’s land supply for private housing. Whenever easing of new building is forced, the result is a higher demand for existing homes. Who knows how long this restructuring will last? Many investors speculate several years of a cooling period, which will drive personal homes and flats up in value and price.

Is Singapore Property Still a Good Place to Invest?

HDB flats for sale in Singapore are a great investment today. According to the government price index that measures resale flat prices, the significant drop from a 2.5% increase in flat listings in 2012 to a 1.0% decrease in 2015, says it all. The Choa Chu Kang area hosts 4-room flats around $350,000.00 while Marine Paradise is holding firm in the $500,000.00 price range. These are reasonable price ranges that could net a profit in a few years.

Condo amenities
Condominium price is higher compare to HDB because good amenities available!


Condos tend to be a little pricier than HDB flats but are available with more square feet, have pools and other amenities for condo owners, and are within easy walking distance from shops and markets. The schools and activities for children also make high-rise condominiums a great prospect when the time for buying is right. If you are new to the area, renting is also an option where you can get a better perspective on which way the housing market is going.

HDB flats for sale in Singapore
HDB flats are the hot properties in Singapore!

Properties in Hot Spots

The hot spots for purchasing residential property in Singapore change often. If you are looking to invest and resale, it could pay to keep up with the latest X-ValueTM. The asking price and the market value is always a game of strategy, skill, and timing. However, in the real estate climate of Singapore today, there is no better time to try your hand. For example, HDB flats for sale in Singapore might be conservative in price due to an over-abundance of living quarters in one area. This is when the X-Value serves to be important. One flat priced at $425,000 may have an X-Value of $456,000. Scoop it up then sit and wait.

Regardless if you are looking to play the residential investment game, or are looking at a career in Singapore and need a nice family home, this could be the right time to look and buy.

Getting the Best Domain Name for your Website

One of the most important aspects of your Internet marketing will be your domain name. No matter how effective your marketing is when it comes to soliciting clicks and impressions, you will not have as many customers as you should if you cannot procure a domain name that is easy to type and remember. Here are some of the most effective ways to getting the best domain name for your website.

– Consider the suffix.

Many new suffixes have recently been approved for use. The suffixes include country specific addresses, profession specific addresses and many other kinds of localized feature sets. However, you must consider the familiarity of your audience with suffixes before you dive headfirst into these new genres.

Best Domain Name

No matter what, the most effective suffix is always going to be a .com address. You may consider a localization technique for your current audience; however, understand that the farther that you get away from old suffixes, the less likely it is that new customers will come into your forum.

– Learn the art of the redirect.

One of the ways to have a great landing page with a suffix that is less well-known is to take advantage of redirect technology. Even if you cannot get best domain name with a .com, you can redirect your audience to your final website through many domain names if you want to. Many companies will make a purchase of multiple keyword URL addresses and redirect them all to the same website. This is a very effective way to enable different audiences across the board to find you easily and without having to remember a long, drawn out string.

– Try to put keywords in your domain name if at all possible.

It can be difficult to initiate a keyword strategy before you have even chosen your domain name; however, you should strive to create both of these profiles for your company simultaneously. The URL is one of the most powerful places to put keywords that are under your control; the major search engines give your URL a great deal of priority when it comes to search rankings.

How to Get a Domain Name

Even if you have to bid on a short domain name that is easy to remember with a keyword or two in it, this may be a very effective way for you to get new customers into your website. You should never discount this investment as a viable form of creating a bond between your company and your customers. There are very few Internet marketing techniques with the same long-term success of a keyword rich URL that has an easy to remember layout.

If you are having trouble finding an easy to remember domain name, then you may want to consider a Singapore domain. Many of the best keywords that have been taken in other formats have not been taken in Singapore. Start out your business ahead of the curve and buy domain name assets in places that have not been overrun by competition.

3 Reasons Why a Business Course Helps in Law School

A law degree is one of the most prestigious degrees that anyone can get. Many people believe that after getting a law degree, the high earnings will come easy along with a great job that a law degree offers. However, many people graduate from law school and figure out that there are many aspects to life that a law degree does not prepare a person for. One of the biggest areas is business and finances, where many lawyers are notoriously bad in. However, those that are studying law can help themselves by taking some courses in business to round out their education. Here are three reasons why a person studying law should take business courses during law school.

taking a business course

New Ways of Thinking

No matter what type of degree a person gets from university, they are typically locked in to a certain way of thinking. Once you select a degree and begin working towards it, you are generally surrounded by the same like minded people that you are. One of the biggest reasons to take a business course during university is to not get too locked in to one way of thinking. Taking courses in other subjects will help to expand your mind and think differently about the world.

Gain Skills

Another reasons that those studying law should take a business course is that it will enhance their skills in the field. The amount of people that know the law is actually quite high. However, to really differentiate themselves in the field of law, a person could also be very astute in business. Many people in the law field are not very good at business and this will eventually hurt their career trajectory and growth in the long run. In order to continue growing, it is important to take a business course and continue learning in other areas of life.

Network Building

Overall, one of the most important assets that anyone will have in their career is their network. When someone decides to branch out and take courses that are outside of their typical field of study they will meet new people and expand their network. One of the biggest positives of attending university is that you get to meet and have relationships with people that want to succeed in life through their education. Take advantage of this opportunity by taking a business course and expanding your network.

Mountain Biking in Malaysia: 9 Things You Need to Get Started

Mountain Biking

Mountain bikes are one of the best ways to explore Malaysia. Whether you are planning to ride a jungle track or zip along the city streets of Kuala Lumpur, safety is an important part of cycling. Here’s a quick checklist of things you should do before heading out on a bike ride.

Mountain Bike

This is almost a given, but first go to a bike shop and check out MTBs in Malaysia. Make sure you get fitted for the perfect bike and get as much advice as possible from the bike shop pros.


You only have one head, so make sure you protect it. Once you’re out on the city streets with cars and scooters zipping by, you’ll be glad you paid the extra money. And if you’re renting a bike, the bike shop might even throw one in for free.


Your eyes also deserve to always be protected. Make sure to bring your shades or buy a new pair. This often overlooked accessory is one of the most important things you’ll wear. By protecting your eyes, you’ll have a safer and more enjoyable ride.


This is usually an afterthought, but make sure to buy some bike gloves if you’re planning to do any riding more than an hour. If you forget the gloves, you might get blisters or cuts from riding barehanded.

Bike shorts

These spandex shorts may not be the coolest fashion, but your inner thighs will be glad you wore them. Chafing is the bane of all cyclists, so don’t leave home without your bike shorts!

Repair kit

Flat tires always seem to happen at the most inopportune times. Whether you are out in the middle of nowhere or in the city, you’ll be glad you brought a repair kit.

Hydration bag

The key to any exercise is to stay hydrated. Cycling is no different. The bike shop should have a few different hydration bags to choose from. Fill it with water or a sports drink and make sure to stay hydrated on your ride.

Sports gels

Just as your body needs to stay hydrated, you also need to keep it fueled with electrolytes. Buy a few different types of gels and chewables to find out which one works the best for you. They come in a variety of flavors ranging from berries to espresso.


Every cyclist has a story about getting lost. Your smartphone is a great map until its battery goes dead. Luckily, you have an old fashioned paper map that will save the day. And if you’re going to be out in the mountains or the jungle, don’t forget to bring a compass.
Your cycling adventure will be much more fun if you prepare ahead. By getting the right mountain bike with accessories, staying hydrated and asking for advice, you can have an enjoyable ride filled with awesome memories.

4 Secrets to Keeping Your Carpets Looking Clean and Attractive For a Long Time

Carpets are one of the defining features inside of homes today. They can tie the decor of a room together. Carpets can complete colour schemes and make any room feel warmer. They also help to absorb sound and make walking around the home more comfortable. Unfortunately, carpets are also made of fibrous materials that need some care. You should know about a few secrets that will keep your carpets looking clean and attractive for a long time.


Blot Away Spills Immediately

Spills are going to happen in your home. They do not mean that your carpet is ruined. You want to start blotting away spills immediately after they happen. Try to keep a kit in an accessible location with all the cleaning supplies you will need. Always blot spills and never scrub them. Do not press down too hard since you might force the spilled substance into the carpet fibres. If you act fast, then you can stop nearly any spill from causing a stain on your carpet.

No Shoes or Bare Feet

Two things that can slowly damage, degrade and dull your carpet are shoes and bare feet. Shoes can bring in dirt from the outside. The sole will grind that dirt into the carpet so that it becomes very hard to get out. Bare feet are bad because of the oils that are on your skin. Those oils can actually slowly stain and break down your carpet over time. The carpet could turn a pale colour and appear flat. You want to wear indoor slippers or socks to protect your carpet.

Do a Deep Cleaning Regularly 

You do not want to rely solely on your home vacuum to keep the carpet clean. You need to do a deep cleaning on a regular basis in order to get out all of the dirt and particles that are captured between the carpet fibres. The easiest way to do this is to buy or rent a carpet cleaning machine. These machines will deep clean you carpet. They can often remove stains and odours. It is usually best to do a deep cleaning once every three months or more frequently if the house is very busy.

Lay Down Rugs and Mats 

If you want to protect your carpets and keep them looking good for as long as possible, then lay down rugs and mats in busy areas throughout the home. You want to put some rugs in places like hallways, on carpeted stairs and in front of doors. Put them wherever there is heavy traffic. You also want to put rugs underneath of some furniture on carpets such as tables. This will help to stop the feet of the table from damaging the carpet. Rugs can also capture spills from tables long before they reach the underlying carpet.

You need to be very careful with your carpet. If you make a mistake, then you could end up with a permanent stain or visible damage. You want to take every precaution possible to protect the fibres. You can use these secrets to maintain a clean and attractive carpet for years or decades to come.

Can You Tell The Rags From The Riches? 8 Ways to Tell if a Rolex is Fake

Rolex watches are internationally renowned for their beauty, dependability and effectiveness. If you want to purchase a timepiece that will truly stand the test of time, these watches are indeed a terrific option for you. Although watches from Rolex are wonderful, purchasing them can sometimes be a stressful situation. Untrustworthy vendors sometimes sell fake items from luxury watch brands such as Rolex, after all. Thankfully for you, being able to spot a fake can help prevent you from wasting your money and experiencing unnecessary disappointment.

Look For Stampings

Businesses that produce inauthentic watches often don’t make the effort to place brand stampings on their items. If you don’t see a signature Rolex stamping on a watch, then it’s definitely a fake.


Analyse the Dial

The dials on authentic Rolex timepieces are absolutely flawless. If you look at a dial on a watch and notice that it has conspicuous stains, irregular spaces between letters, spelling errors or anything else that looks unprofessional, then you have a fake on your hands and should in no way purchase it.


Think About Its Weight

Authentic watches made by Rolex are somewhat sturdy. This is because they’re made using some of the highest quality materials around. If you’re holding an alleged Rolex watch that just seems suspiciously light and insubstantial, there’s a good chance that it’s a replica that you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on.


Observe the Model and Serial Number Stamping

When you have a true Rolex watch, it will have model and serial numbers that look immaculate, complex with solid and clear lines. When you have a fake one, however, those numbers will probably look a little faded. They’ll often even be composed of small dots. This is the result of poor quality marking.

Pay Attention to the Quartz Dial Movements

If you have an inexpensive fake watch that claims to be made by Rolex, its second hand motions will be conspicuously awkward. Authentic Rolex timepieces, in stark contrast, have fluid and graceful second hand motions. The difference should be very easy to spot for you.

Carefully Observe the Winder

You can tell the difference between fake and authentic Rolex watches by observing their winders, which are located on their sides. Replica watches generally have standard and dull winders that are responsible for the motions of the hour and minute hands. True Rolex timepieces, however, are equipped with highly detail-oriented and intricate winders complete with grooves and engravings that are visually appealing.

Perform a Water Test

There are other ways to tell whether or not a Rolex watch is indeed fake or not. However, they’re sometimes too risky. Authentic Rolex timepieces, for example, are made to be water resistant. Replica Rolex timepieces, on the other hand, are not able to survive water testing. It’s not a good idea to perform a water test on your own in case it turns out that your watch truly is fake, though. If you damage a replica watch, you may not be able to return it to the seller and get your money back.

Go Visit a Watchmaker

If you need a little extra help in determining whether or not a Rolex is fake or not, visit a watchmaker @ CollectorsTime Luxury Watch Brands. This is only possible if you’ve already bought the watch. An experienced watchmaker can take off the back part of the watch and look at its inside movements to determine its status. If you find out that it’s truly a Rolex watch, you can pat yourself on the back for a job well done. If you find out that it’s a fake, lesson learned.

The 6 Common Things Netpreneurs Overlook When Taking Their Business Online

Running a business online is very different from its brick and mortar counterpart. Sure the business fundamentals may remain the same, but the technical and strategic aspects can dramatically change. As a business owner, you must be able to foresee the challenges of transitioning from physical to digital space in order to succeed.


Have a Plan 

Always have a business plan specific to the situation. What will be your new cost obligations when you expand to the digital space? What’s your strategy on client acquisition? Who are your competitors and what can you learn from their strategies? Set short-term and long-term goals on what your online business should be and don’t forget to check them regularly.


If you have an existing business but what to expand online, what would it cost you? Or perhaps what would it cost you to create an entirely new brand? Given the current economic conditions, investors are more meticulous when it comes to who or what they invest in. Before asking anyone for their financial backing, have a clear idea of how much you’re going to need.

Does It Fit Online? 

Some businesses thrive in the retail scene, but falter when they are introduced online. Products or services that are difficult to explain technical-wise are often more successful staying in the shelves of big box stores. Do some research on your market’s statistics. Is the online market large enough that your business can profit from it?

Setting Up Your Internet 

Good internet service is something you should be investing on if you are considering building a business online. You cannot afford to get disconnected as this can cut your client retention and potential sales by up to 50 percent. Browse Streamyx plans and compare prices and speeds. Before you register Streamyx, check to see if they have 24/7 tech support availability.

Get Professional Help 

Most business owners are too proud to admit when they need help. Unfortunately, the longer they don’t get it, the deeper the business falls. Try to find a mentor who will guide you with the ins and outs of running an online business, preferably someone who has done it all before. If you can’t find a mentor, hire an expert who will advise you on how to take the next steps.
Build Your Networks 

There is nothing complicated about this step. You simply need to be more outgoing and try to put yourself out there. Attend meetings or parties to meet friends and potential investors that work in your industry or related industry. In the long haul, these networks can help you build your business through financial or intellectual support.

Halal Not Just for Food: Other Consumer Goods That Can Be Certified Halal


About a quarter of the world’s population — 1.6 billion people — are Muslim, and their numbers are growing. More and more, well-to-do Muslims want to know the products they use are halal, or created according to moral and spiritual principles that guide actions in every area of life. Many of these values are universally admired, so halal products have a potentially huge consumer base.

Businesses that violate halal strictures — firms with profits based on gambling, alcohol, illegal drugs, or other illegal activities — are not halal, nor is the money derived from them, so major international brands that have interests in the production of beer, wine, or other liquor may not be considered clean. Sometimes, however, it’s difficult to determine such holdings.

The term halal covers what you eat and drink, what you wear, the pharmaceuticals you may need, the beauty products you use, how products are made and the equipment used to produce them, and potentially even where you vacation. At present, the market for such products is in the trillions of dollars — and that value is only going to grow.


Made using eco-friendly and sustainable materials and processes, halal apparel protects modesty and assures quality. Some fashion houses have begun using this as a selling point — and if even half of the world’s Muslims spent US$120 every year on apparel, according to some calculations, it would create an industry work almost US$100 billion.

Beauty products

Consumers worldwide like beauty products that are made without animal testing or other cruelty to animals and that are eco-friendly and produced from sustainable sources. In addition, halal beauty products contain no alcohol to dry out skin and any fats or animal byproducts or derivatives used are carefully monitored for adherence to halal practices.


Knowing whether gel caps and vaccinations are made from vegan or halal-compliant sources are two of the issues that face Muslims. Halal practices in manufacturing are also a concern. Just as food manufacturers have begun to label products manufactured on machinery that handles potential allergens like peanuts and soy, there’s potential for tagging pharmaceutical products as halal compliant.


More and more Muslims will look for vacation spots that don’t serve alcohol and have separate swimming pool and spa areas for women and men. Halal practitioners believe such resorts could cross religious lines by providing cultural experiences as well as safe places for families to relax and rejuvenate.

Since September 11 and the Asian financial crisis, Malaysia has played a key role in creating, sourcing, and identifyinghalal products. It hosts MIHAS (Malaysia International Halal Showcase) in conjunction with the annual World Halal Summit, where leaders in business, manufacturing, certification, and academia meet to source and sell products. Visit Zilzar online halal hub in Malaysia for businessmen and buyers who want to learn more about halal markets, manufacturing, and logistics.