Top 6 Features You Need To Have When Picking a Web Hosting Service

Every website requires a few basic things from a hosting service whether it is an e-commerce site or a personal homepage. You do not want the hosting service to hold back your website or restrict what you can do. You should know the top features you need to have when picking a hosting service.

High or Unlimited Bandwidth

You need a provider offering high or unlimited bandwidth. This is how much data can be transferred through your website. If the number if very low, then your website could become inaccessible or incredibly slow in the middle of the month. This can reflect poorly on you or your business. Unlimited bandwidth is the best option since you will never have to worry about it.

Large Amounts of Storage

You are going to need more disk space than you think when running anything but a basic static website. Your storage requirements increase as you add new content, grow the site or implement new dynamic features. You need to have large amounts of storage with any hosting service. You want a host with generous initial amounts of disk space and the option to upgrade later if necessary.

Content Management System Access

Content management systems have made it unnecessary to do everything on your website by hand. You do not need to micromanage file permissions, individual files or directories all through a command line in a shell. You need a website hosting service that provides content management system access. This means the service has specifically set up the servers to work with popular content management software. You will have a much easier time creating, managing and maintaining your website with this feature.

Scripting, App and Database Support

If you are planning to make a website that includes dynamic features or apps, then you must have a hosting provider with scripting, app and database support. Check that the languages, libraries and features your apps or scripts rely on are supported by the provider. You also want to see if the provider is using the latest versions of those packages to make certain everything is compatible.

Optional Managed Services

Something you want to have is access to optional managed services. You might not need these at first although they can become invaluable as your website grows. Managed services are tasks that the hosting provider will handle internally for you. This can include nightly backups, automatic server upgrades and server monitoring. You might even see options for design and marketing services. These options are useful to have.
Good Technical Support

The final thing you must have is good technical support. You want a provider with a dedicated customer service or technical support line so that you can always get help. This is especially important if the website is for a business. You specifically want 24-hour service and a phone number to call if problems occur.

You should not settle for a provider that does not have everything you need. The wrong provider can inhibit the growth of your website and become an obstacle when trying to grow a business. Take the time to find a website hostingservice that has all the features you need.

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