Tips For Investing In Real Estate In Malaysia

Many real estate hot spots such as Singapore and Hong Kong are falling out of favor which is benefiting the Malaysian market for property investment.

For the last few years Hong Kong has lured billions in investment from Chinese and Western investors, but tighter regulation and fear of a bubble are leading people to look at Malaysia’s cheaper housing market which promises higher returns. Here’s what you have to know to make a sound investment in Malaysia.

Malaysia has a large and highly educated labor force which is highly mobile. This means that not only is there ample manual labor available but there is also no shortage of management level talent to run large projects.

Malaysia’s overall economy is stable having rebounded from the last crash faster than most of its counterparts. Industrial output and consumer spending have continued on an upward trend for multiple quarters and this makes the real estate market more predictable with less chance of drastic interest rate changes or changes to lending policies. The economy and population is also diverse which means no single industry crash can upset the economy as a whole which makes a real estate play a safer bet in Malaysia as opposed to some neighboring countries.

There are numerous other indicators which make Malaysia attractive for property investors. The country was ranked number 18 for best places for Americans to migrate. The government’s investment and tax policies are quite liberal and allow for 100 percent foreign ownership of investment properties. And it is ranked as the safest country in Southeast Asia which is something to consider as a real estate investor since this is often the number one concern of expat families who are considering buying property in the region.

Malaysia’s economy in general is outpacing most countries in the region which makes it a fertile ground for real estate investment. For more information please contact Selangor Properties who are experts in investing in Malaysia.