Buying A Condo in Singapore? Here’s Where To Look

Singapore has one of the most diverse populations of any country worldwide. It attracts expats from all over the globe who want to experience the culture and lifestyle of the island. Where you choose to live in Singapore will depend on your budget, your lifestyle, and the type of accommodation you’re searching for. One of the best options for anyone moving to Singapore, is to buy a condo.

If you’re interested in buying a condo in Singapore, you have to familiarize yourself with the various neighborhoods around the city. One of the up and coming regions is the area of Kampong Glam and Bugis, in the southern portion of Singapore. The community is growing rapidly and extending the downtown area further south to the peninsula. It’s also one of the more colorful regions in Singapore. It features a network of pedestrian walkways, shopping, dining, and attractions including theatres, museums, galleries, and green, outdoor spaces.


A prime location to look for a condo in Bugis is near Marina Bay. It’s a perfect location for arts lovers. Museums, an array of stores and boutiques, and sidewalk cafes line the streets. It’s an established arts and historic center and is host to an array of cultural events. The Singapore Art Museum is in the vicinity, along with more than 20 historic sites. Overlooking the Singapore skyline and the bay, is the exclusive DUO Residences, designed to promote sustainability and be environmentally friendly. The amazing complex has been called an innovation in the development of real estate in Singapore .


duo singapore




The premium residences feature services usually only found in luxury hotels. The condos are available as studios, 1-4 bedroom condos, and penthouse suites. DUO has designed facilities so residents live in luxury and comfort. The cutting edge complex features a 49-storey tower of residences, commercial space for offices, and a 5-star hotel and retail gallery. The high-rise condo complex is one of the most exclusive addresses in Singapore.
Unprecedented in condo development in Singapore, DUO offers an environment to live, work, and enjoy shopping and entertainment all in one convenient location. Amenities included in the purchase of DUO luxury condos, are private elevators which go directly to recreational areas for residents, private entrances, and a design that’s optimized for privacy and recreation. DUO is designed with the discriminating buyer, who wants to experience the good life.




Four levels of luxurious amenities exclusively for residents include The Peak on level 31 with several landscaped terraces and gardens, a gym, dining lounges, and many other exclusive amenities. The Upper Deck features floral walks, gardens and a 50-meter pool. The themed gardens, recreational spaces, outdoor event space, landscaped footpaths, and access to the retail shops and restaurants in the Galleria, make DUO a prime location for anyone who wants the very best that living in Singapore has to offer.

Overview of Vipod Suites, Kuala Lumpur

The ViPod KLCC building at 6 Kia Peng Road is the newest condominium project of Malaysian retail estate developer Monoland. Situated between the Kuala Lumpur City Centre and the Bukit Bintang district, its collection of suites offers potential residents a comfortable central point from which to explore many of Kuala Lumpur’s liveliest areas. The two side wings of the tower stand at 41 stories while the middle is three stories shorter. Guests and occupants receive concierge service and reception at the ground level, and conference rooms, offices and a business lounge are also provided to meet professional needs. Information about this development has been kept closely guarded leading up to and including the building’s completion; however, prospective buyers can still learn more on ViPod KLCC.

1—3-bedroom suites are accessed by the three groups of three lobby elevators, and they are currently for sale with the following dimensions:

 1 BR: 635 sq. ft.

 2 BR: 793 sq. ft.

 3 BR: 1,350 sq. ft.



ViPod KLCC building situated between Kuala Lumpur and Bukit Bintang District
ViPod KLCC building situated between Kuala Lumpur and Bukit Bintang District




Vipod Suites Sky Pool
Vipod Suites Sky Pool





Vipod Suites Living Room
Vipod Suites Living Room





These suites are clustered together with other similar units in either groups of three or four depending on the buyer’s preference. Each resident is also allowed a single permanent parking space. Biometric locks provide a powerful layer of security for residents along with cards and CCTV cameras in key locations. Premium floor tiles in the suites use solid timber, travertine, marble and fritted glass. Bathrooms feature rain-style shower heads, whirlpool island bathtubs, and designer toilets. The outer walls in each suite consist of a continuous array of 10-foot-tall panels throughout each suite.


Vipod Residences Layout
Vipod Residences Layout



Since these windows even include the bathrooms, some potential buyers are finding that this design may strain the prospects of a purchase somewhat. As is often the case in a residential high-rise, the ViPod’s clusters are likely to prove more popular and more expensive on higher levels. Major attractions such as the Petronas Towers are not easily seen when on the lower half of the building or even at an unfavorable angle, and what’s worse is that the fully visible windows can allow strangers on lower floors to see what’s happening in a ViPod resident’s bathroom from the neighboring Menara Pinang.

The ViPod also offers some of its occupants exclusive access to a luxurious rooftop space. The Sky Club includes a spa, a gym, a large pool, a bar and a banquet hall with a large table. The Sky Club is inaccessible to the outer public and access is counted as an additional expense that occupants can choose to pay. For those that do purchase a pass to the roof, however, the space has a relaxing design with an impressive view of the KL skyline. Other properties may not have the exclusive leisure accommodations that the other developers offer that are on the same level as the Sky Club.

Interested potential investors can learn more on ViPod KLCC here or check out similar listings.