Qualities Of A Great Feng Shui House

Whether one is thinking about buying a house; selling a house; or simply remodeling/renovating one’s home, a little knowledge of Feng Shui concepts may tip the point in favor of achieving one’s goal.

In Feng Shui, one’s dwelling place is an entity and its parts are intricately connected. Moreover, a house is conducive to balance, peace and energy flow coming together and achieving the positive life forces in life.

Following are certain qualities that make a great Feng Shui house.


Location And Surrounding Areas

A primary factor to look at when considering buying a home is the actual location of the house. This is one thing that is essential in Feng Shui. A careful study of the house needs be done at various times of day during times of diverse activities. Scrutinizing the neighbors is also helpful. Not always foolproof as neighbors come and go, this practice generally gives a good idea of who and what is surrounding the house.

Likewise, railroads, parking areas, school crossings, sloping backyards and sunken front lawns also are telltale. Look for apparent positive energy conductors or possible energy deterrents–what does or does not produce stressful energy forces.


The Front Door Entrance.

How does the entry or front door feel like? Is it peaceful having a clear path of entry or is it blocked by obstructions such as trash cans, tires, bicycles or old broken pots? Good Feng Shui doors feel free and smooth. There is nothing conveying blockage. If anything they should emanate a sense of welcome.

An unattractive pathway sometimes becomes attractive with a bit of uncluttering and landscaping. Likewise, A wide double door may look out of proportion on the front of a small, narrow house.


The Main Entry.

“Welcome” is an invisible but tangible sign that every visitor needs to feel. The mood, ambiance, feel or Chi begins at the main entry or foyer. If it is not there, then a better selected color, door hardware or strategically placed plant may suffice.


Feng Shui Trinity.

Consisting of the bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen, these three most widely used rooms of any house set the stage for either positive or negative energy flows into the rest of the house. Colors chosen, accessories used and availability of windows and closets are of foremost important in these three sections of a home.


New, Vibrant Feng Shui Energy.

Experienced Feng Shui specialists agree that Feng Shui is free-flowing. It does not box in. Therefore, maintaining a house free of clutter from closets, basements and rooms in general forms part of any Feng Shui-based home. Bright, cheerful lighting and clean smelling fragrances also come into play as does house decor and furniture.

When thinking in turns of living in a house or buying a new one, one must start slow and easy. Do not allow overwhelming advice of so-called Feng Shui specialists to over-ride one’s Chi. Trusting in one’s own senses, judgement and following after peace makes for good Feng Shui. Read the latest #FengShui stories @ StarProperty.


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