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There is a lot of wood flooring choices that you can select for your house and you should definitely take the time so that you can see the perfect wood flooring available for you. Wood flooring needs to look really good because you would immediately replace wood that’s not very good to look at. Before you buy wood for your floor, you have got to know the type of wood that you will select. You can’t just go for ordinary wood. The wood that you should install on the floor of your house should be smooth and shiny.

Ranging from the popular timber flooring, parquet flooring, solid hardwood flooring by using the Asia wooden such as Burmese Walnut, Indonesia Teak, Golden Wood and Keranji. Whereas the North America and Europe wooden including White Oak, Hard Maple, Cheery and Beech. There are aslo having the South American Golden Teak as well as Tasmanian Oak. All of these wooden are having different characteristics, quality as well as variety of maintenance methods. You might consult the wooden flooring company to get the insight for your favourite wooden before install it to your home. Carefully choosing the right wooden floor will bring your a lovely home ambience and great lifestyle concept. 

Grab some trendy wooden flooring ideas for your room:

Wooden Floor Tile


Italiana Style Wooden Flooring


Colored Wooden Flooring


Diagonal Stripe Painted Wooden Flooring


Eco-Friendly End Grain Driftwood Flooring