12-Days of Christmas Beauty Gift Guide Shopping

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It’s this time of the year again when we prepare presents to bring smiles to the faces of our nearest and dearest. Christmas gift shopping can be just as fun as giving them, but if you’re running out of ideas, you might find yourself wandering aimlessly in the malls. Why not skip the usual holiday buys and get your friends and family the perfect products to help them glow all season long? Find out which beauty products you should definitely throw in your holiday shopping cart, by following this 12 days of Christmas beauty gift shopping guide.

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1. Sunscreen – On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me optimum skin protection with sunscreen! For that friend or relative who’s always complaining about cracked, blemished, and dry skin because of harsh sun, give the gift of skin-love with the best sunscreen for the face there is. I’d personally recommend Clarins as it truly worked for me.

2. Lip Balm – Wind burn is a serious holiday hassle because air tends to become dry and harsh. Help keep your fabulous friends’ lips ready for any sweet Christmas hook-ups they might make by giving them some light tinted hydrating lip balm.

3. Eye Shadow Palette – Christmas is the only other celebration aside from Halloween that gives people a reason to mix up their makeup and get away with the most daring looks. Gift your gals a festive eye shadow palette and help them discover their inner makeup junkie.

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4. Exfoliating Mask – Late night parties and binge eating during holiday feasts? Keep skin healthy even with the month-long change of diet and sleep pattern with an exfoliating mask.

5. Luxury Perfume – Time to give that shabby grocery store cologne a rest. Give the gift of an enticing fragrance with a luxury perfume.

6. Makeup Brush Set – Have a friend who wants to break into the makeup scene to become a professional artist? A makeup brush set should be the perfect present.

7. Contour Palette – Jawline so sharp, it can cut. Contouring is the ultimate makeup trend these days. Plus, it’s perfect to help hide those chubby cheeks earned through holiday eating.

8. Facial Wash – All of those festivities that go on through the morning can take a toll on skin. Keep your friends’ faces prepped and healthy in time for the New Year with a deep cleaning facial wash.

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9. Face Powder – Make it easy to perform touch ups and cover ups even during the height of a holiday party with an easy and effective face powder.

10. Body Scrub – Everyone loves being pampered. Get your special girls and guys feeling like a million bucks by shopping for the best body scrub for a relaxing and soothing night time body skincare experience.

11. Hand Lotion – Those hands have probably worked extra hard all year round just to be able to guarantee a great Christmas celebration. Make them feel appreciated by giving a little love to the hands that helped make your year a blast.

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12. Deep, Dark Colored Lipstick – Christmas is the time of year to pop out the dark lipstick, but if your friends don’t have any in their makeup arsenal, it would be wise to give them the ammunition.
What are you giving to your true love on the 12 days of Christmas? Be sure to make your presents count. Give the best gifts to your special ladies and lads by following this beauty gift buying guide.

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