10 Must-Have Bike Tools, Accessories and Gadgets For Avid Cyclists



If you’re a hardcore cyclist or are a cycling enthusiast, there are a few things that you must have to make your ride smoother and better. The bike tools, accessories, and gadgets you need may also depend on your biking habit if you love to ride in Malaysia. But for any avid cyclist, these bike tools and gadgets are must-haves:








  1. Power meter system


The power meter system is pedal-mounted, easy to install and is portable. The gadget works by recording various metrics including kilojoules, power zones, and average power, which all help in keeping track of your journey.








  1. Cycling watch


Cycling watch is one of the essential things every cyclist must have. It helps you by measuring and displaying stats. Plus, it comes with a barometer and GPS.








  1. Wheel-mounted LEDs


A pair of wheel-mounted LED lights is very useful especially if you cycle at night. They could also help you avoid any accident and increase your visibility in the dark.








  1. Handlebar-mounted Bluetooth speaker


If you’re using GPS, ditch the ear pieces and use a wireless Bluetooth speaker for comfort instead, which is mounted on the handlebar.








  1. Bike turn signal


This is also one of the useful things to have. Whether you’re cycling during the day or night, you no longer have to use one hand to indicate where you’re going with the battery-powered LEDs. The signals can be activated wirelessly using a controller mounted on your handlebar.








  1. Cycling shoes


A well-fitting pair of cycling shoes is essential if you want to stay comfortable for the long ride. Wearing a pair that fits poorly could result in injury or even accident. If you’re looking for quality cycling shoes in Malaysia, there are reputable online and offline stores, which can help you find a pair that suits your taste.








  1. Cycling helmet


You can’t ride a bike without wearing one of these for your own safety. Cycling helmets also come in a variety of design and style. Just make sure you get the right size for your head.








  1. Portable bike pump


You don’t have to wait for anyone to rescue you while on the road if you bring a portable pump with you.








  1. Cycling jersey and padded shorts


You’ll need a few pairs of cycling outfits for recreation and competitions.








  1. Cycling multitool


A small and portable multitool enables you to do some minor adjustments such as tweaking gears and lowering or raising the saddle on your bike, which help in making your ride comfortable and smoother.



Most of these items can easily be purchased online or offline at most bike shops and select sports stores. If you’re planning to join a cycling event, perhaps some of these things might come in handy for your ride, whether you’re cycling in the city or other nearby places.

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