Pursuing Business Studies: Why Is It a Practical Choice for Millennials?


Aren’t you decided yet on what course to take? Well, better consider this: Nowadays, several companies, on varying scales, have been emerging and dominating Malaysia’s economy. With millions of services and products offered locally and internationally, it is quite undeniable that money comes in and out quickly of these huge companies’ hands.

However, being a part of these firms is not as easy as one, two, and three. They want to hire people who are competent enough to make ends meet. These people are those who have advanced degrees relevant to the job description. So, if you want to be a part of these top-ranking companies and earn a lot of cash, then it is best for you to take a Bachelor of Business course in Malaysia.

business people

What Do the Trends Say?  

Based on Malaysia’s economic trend, it showed that its economy has been performing well, as evidenced by its overall growth of 5.3% from the past year due to improved domestic demands and strong government support. Thus, economists predict that in the near future, the number of businesses existing in Malaysia will increase dramatically due to increase in crude oil exports and foreign investments. From franchised stalls to large corporations and from local goods to international commodities, Malaysia will soon be dominated by large firms.

Therefore, as large business institutions target Malaysia for capital expansion, it is also predicted that most prestigious business schools in Malaysia will focus more on educating young minds to keep up with these astounding trends. It is expected that the country will produce more entrepreneurs than employees, as the former were expected to fuel and boost Malaysia’s economy towards its further development.


What Are the Perks?  

  1. Business is Everywhere

Because business is involved in almost all aspects of people’s lives, students, who graduated with Bachelor of Business degrees, are qualified on several career opportunities worldwide. During the 3-year learning experience, the schools educate students everything about the functional areas of establishing and managing a business. Hence, these graduates are sought-after by the biggest companies worldwide due to the belief that these minds know how to run a company well.

  1. Easy Start-ups

Once you graduate, you won’t be far from living your dream. Nowadays, starting a business is more convenient and affordable because you don’t need  to sacrifice your entire property just to open a small stall. Well, you certainly need to take some chances. But with your hard-earned degree, you will be wiser and more practical to participate in the economy’s ups and downs.


Hopefully, these reasons were able to persuade you, even to a certain extent, to take up a business course that will help you to achieve success. When opportunities knock, make sure that you are always prepared to accommodate them. Good luck on your future endeavors!

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5 Ways To Get Rid Of Cellulite without Surgery

According to studies, around 90% of women around the world have cellulite. So if you have this skin problem, keep in mind that you are not alone. Even ladies who have a slim figure may have it at some point in their lives.

Genetics is the main culprit as to why women have cellulite. But although the majority of women all around the globe have this, many are still adamant about getting rid of it. The unsightly dimply effect of cellulite on one’s legs, thighs and arms are enough to lose your confidence and affect your fashion sense. You’d want to cover up affected areas even when it goes against your style.

But there is still a way to reduce the appearance of cellulite in your legs and thighs. You can do this by practicing a combination of the following methods:


woman using bath brush

  1. Dry brushing.

We know that cellulite is fat that is lodged just beneath the skin. To remove these fat deposits, go straight to the affected area and dry brush it. Dry brushing encourages blood flow and helps to remove toxins accumulated in the area. Dry brush in a circular motion for at least five minutes daily.


  1. Use the best cellulite cream.

There are hundreds of anti-cellulite lotions and creams available online, so how do you choose the one that’s right for you? Look for products that are most recommended by people around you, and not by people who live across the globe. The climate and the lifestyle may have an effect on the results they achieved. It is best to choose an anti-cellulite product recommended by fellow Malaysians.


  1. Scrub with coffee grounds.

Coffee grounds aid in exfoliation of dead skin cells, while promoting the regeneration of healthier ones. Coffee is usually a primary ingredient in cellulite creams, but you can enhance speed up the reduction of cellulite by using actual coffee grounds on your skin. Furthermore, scrubbing your skin often allows it to better absorb the cellulite lotion you slather on.


  1. Do yoga or stretching exercises.

The best way to get rid of fat is by exercising. Fat is expelled through sweating, and we know that cellulite is basically fat so more movement allows you to sweat more. Yoga is the most recommended form of exercise for cellulite removal because it works the arms and legs more. It further tones the areas where cellulite is apparent.


  1. Lose some weight.

If your BMI is higher than recommended, then it’s about time that you shed some of those extra pounds. It is harder to remove cellulite if there is more fat than muscle.


Getting rid of cellulite naturally is not impossible. However, if your need is so great and immediate that it is already affecting your confidence and your day to day activities, medical procedures are always an option.

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Your Family Vacation Gets Better in Kuala Lumpur



Malaysia is one of the most underrated places in Asia for families. When people think of a family getaway, they almost always have Asia’s more tropical spots in mind. However, Malaysia offers a much more exciting alternative. It offers both the distinct hype of the big city and the quiet of secluded spots. It has dozens of fun amenities and adventures for families, catering both to the parents and to the little ones. And you don’t have to go to various places in the country either. Everything can be found in Kuala Lumpur — Malaysia’s capital and the sixth most visited city on Earth.


Indulge your young ones and enjoy the wide variety of entertainment the city offers. Here are some of the best family spots in Kuala Lumpur.


Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon. This is the first Nickelodeon theme park in Asia, and is located in a 10-hectare span of forested land. The Lagoon offers amazing attractions such as water plays, tube rides, and Nickelodeon’s signature slime. Children of all ages will have a blast in the park’s amenities. Of course, trademark Nickelodeon characters will also be there!


Those who want a dash of extreme can try the Lagoon’s Monsoon 360 Vertical Free Fall ride. For a hot day, there’s nothing better for the family than a wet time with Splish Splash’s various exciting water effects. Adventurers of all ages will enjoy a journey throughout the Lagoon, via the Primeval ride.


Where to stay: The Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon is settled right within the property of Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa. The Hotel has been awarded the 2016 Travellers Choice by TripAdvisor, so it’s a perfect family hotel in KL. There’s also an even larger theme park complex between the Lagoon and the Hotel proper, so there’s much more to see.


101 City Mall. Enjoy a cool time at the mall’s Olympic-size skating rink, or have some extreme fun at District 21. The latter is a post-apocalyptic theme park within the mall itself. Active children will have a blast! Since it’s in a mall, there are lots of shopping and entertainment spots all around.


After a day of activity, you can sit down to watch a movie at the mall’s GSC Cinema. For a relaxing evening with the family, you can check out the Lake Symphony around the main entrance’s picturesque fountains.


Where to stay: The Le Meridien Putrajaya is located within walking distance from the 101 City Mall. It has great rates, and an outstanding Family Program. Get up to half off the rates of your second room, and let your kids enjoy the hotel’s specially designed play rooms.


Aquaria KLCC. This is not your average aquarium — you can actually have a sleepover with your kids here! Children six to thirteen can bed right beside the huge walls of water, watching the varied marine life. Those fourteen and above can sign up for the “Cage Rage” where they can go on a close encounter with the sea’s predators. There are more than 5,000 creatures in this aquarium .


The Aquaria also offers feeding shows at different times of the day, with a different creature being fed at each time. This is an excellent educational experience for the kids as well. Of course, don’t forget to take home a shirt or a cool plushie from the gift shop on your way out.


Where to stay: A couple of minutes out from the Aquaria is the Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur — a premiere hotel with family rooms and babysitting services. There is also a full slew of recreation options within the hotel itself.



Kuala Lumpur is not your average vacation spot. It’s got feels, thrills, and moments of inimitable serenity. Treat your family to the vacation of a lifetime in this Global City. It’s an experience like no other.

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4 Tips to Keep Wooden Furniture Pristine

Exquisite pieces of wood furniture do not come in cheap. It’s quality and workmanship assures owners that the pieces will last for a very long time; and it will, with proper care and maintenance.


Image result for Wooden Furniture Pristine

You can find well-maintained luxury wooden furniture inside a showroom. Or, you can also shop at an online furniture store in Malaysia. These stores go to great lengths to ensure that the items still look brand new and eye-catching by the time they ship it to customers.

But how does one keep wood furniture in top shape? Here are four tips to follow:


  1. Keep Furniture Out of the Sun – Hot summer sunlight streaming through windows can reach a temperature of above 140 degrees. This bakes the lacquer or varnish finishing, causing them to fade over time.

Image result for Keep Furniture Out of the Sun

  1. Keep Furniture Away from Air Vents – Dry air also damages wooden furniture in the same way that overly damp or moist air does. During the summer, you may use a humidifier to keep the wood from cracking and shrinking.

Image result for Keep wooden Furniture Away from Air Vents

  1. Use Warm Water and Mild Soap – Contrary to popular belief water and soap do not hurt wooden furniture. Just remember to wipe, not soak. You can use an old toothbrush with soft bristles to clean the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. Afterwards, use a soft cloth to wipe it down.

Image result for clean wooden furniture

  1. Use Wax – Like skin, wooden furniture must also be moisturised to keep it looking good. A high-quality paste wax will also protect the furniture’s finish and make it shiny and attractive. You only need to apply a thin coating of wax and let it sit for at least five minutes. Buff it using a shoe brush or a piece of cloth. Repeat the buffing process after an hour. You will be left with a high shine and glossy finish.

Image result for use WAX for wooden furniture

Wooden furniture is considered by many as an investment. It can last for many, many years and can even be handed down to future generations. It just needs a few minutes of cleaning and maintenance every couple of months.

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The Alkaline Water Machine – What It Is and Its Benefits

Image result for Alkaline Water MachineYou have probably heard of an alkaline water machine, but you may not know what it does or what its benefits are. Alkaline water machines change regular tap or bottled water to a higher pH value. Alkaline water contains a hydrogen ion through a process known as electrolysis. Alkaline water has a pH value of 8 to 9 while the pH value of bottled water is 7.

  1. How It Works


Alkaline water machines are conveniently attached to water faucets. These machines are made up of two important parts; the carbon filter, which will take the impurities and pollutants out of tap water and make it alkaline and the electrolysis filter. So the machine will produce water in two streams: alkaline water, which is used for consumption and oxidized or electrolysed water, which is used for cleaning purposes.


  1. Benefits of Alkaline Water


For optimum health, it is important that the body be mostly alkaline. There are many health benefits associated with drinking alkaline water; here are some of them:


  • Helps Keep You Hydrated

80 percent of the human body is made up of water, and staying hydrated is vital to one’s health.

  • Supplies Vitamins and Minerals

It contains mineral supplements, such as calcium and magnesium, which are responsible for healthy bones.

  • Supplies Antioxidants

Antioxidants are the little soldiers in the body that destroy the free radicals, which play a huge role in the development of cancerous cells. Antioxidants also slow the aging process, increase health and make you look more young and vibrant.

  • Boosts Immunity

It neutralizes the acidity in the gastrointestinal tract and the stomach, which is brought about by poor diet, extreme stress or pollutants.

  • Reduces Acid Reflux

Alkaline water with a pH value of 8.8 or higher deactivates pepsin in your body. This enzyme is the main cause of acid reflux. You can make water more alkaline by squeezing some juice from a fresh, organic lemon or lime into your glass of water before drinking.

  • Helps Treat High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and Diabetes

While there is not enough research to list alkaline water as a dependable treatment option for those with high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol, research suggests that those with these conditions may benefit from drinking alkaline water.

Where To Buy

Alkaline water machines are quite inexpensive and can be found in local electronic stores. You can also purchase alkaline water machines here.

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5 Amazing Hotels in Port Dickson You Shouldn’t Miss



We get it. You want to take a break, a vacation from your busy life. Malaysia sounds perfect. But you realize that maybe the city life might be too much for you. Here is where we come in with a brilliant location to offer: Port Dickson. It is near enough to the city that you can do a bit of shopping if you are up for a little retail therapy, but also far enough that you can relax on this beautiful seaside travel destination.

The Avillion Port Dickson was modelled to evoke the feel of a Malay fishing village and that homeliness coupled with modern facilities is what keeps guests coming back.

  1. Avillion Village Resort


This is just one of the many beautiful resorts in Port Dickson, or more commonly known as PD to locals, being a famous Malaysian seaside destination. The most noticeable feature that sets Avillion Village Resort apart from other resorts might be that it is built almost entirely on stilts. They also have displays of materials and artifacts that will tell you more about the colorful Malaysian culture.


  1. Lexis Port Dickson


If you are one of those people who are used to a life of luxury, then you cannot go wrong with Lexis PD. In this wonderful beach resort in Port Dickson, you will have a grand view of the clear waters of the Strait of Malacca. All their accommodation rooms have a private dip pool and steam room. This is the perfect place for those who want to relax and escape the busy city life for a while.


  1. Marina Crescent Condominium


For those on a budget, but still wants a taste of the comfort that a resort could offer, Marina Crescent Condominium could be your home away from home. This could be perfect for a wide variety of personalities, be it a small family on a tight budget or a businessman looking for a place to stay. They have a private adult and children swimming pool that you will surely love. Marina Crescent is also just a 5-10-minute walk to the beach of you are feeling a bit social.


  1. Thistle Port Dickson Resort


This place has it all: a spa, a fitness center, a golf course, an outdoor pool, children’s playground, two restaurants with an international menu, a bar complete with a DJ, and lastly, a casual lounge. This is a beautiful place that definitely delivers your money’s worth. On top of all these, the resort is a mere 3-km away from the Cape Rachado Lighthouse and the Blue Lagoon.


  1. Best Western Prima Inland Sea Resort (formerly known as Tiara Beach Resort)


This is one of Port Dickson’s most visited beach resorts and it is easy to see why: all the rooms have beautiful designs, complete with amenities that will make you feel right at home. Their rooms have air-conditioning, mini-fridge, a living room, and a luxurious bathroom. The hotel also boasts of four different cafés and restaurants, a gym, sauna, cinema, and karaoke rooms for everyone to enjoy!


Traveling usually means that you are away from home. But just because you are not in your own humble abode, doesn’t mean that you can’t have a wonderful vacation. Remember to book ahead of schedule especially if you are planning to take a trip on a holiday, as these resorts easily attract tourists from all over the world.


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Cycling tips: Smart Ways to Use Gears



Road cycling advocates active and healthy living but it doesn’t come in a silver platter. Skills are necessary, and the more engaged you become, the more insistent you’ll likely be in your knacks and mastery.


Being adept in changing your bike gears is among your basics. Whether you’re with a mountain bike or a specialized road bike, gears are part of the show. Gears are indispensable to speed up when in smooth roads and to power up when in steep rocky climbs, but these mechanical wonders need much of your attention.


Maximize your benefits from these bike gears through the following tips.


  1. Practice. Newbies, including those with new or changed bikes, have to get used to how gears change. It requires time, but is definitely worth it! The more rides you have, the more chances you get to use your bike gears a lot.


In a fairly quiet path, try shifting up and down, for front and back alike, until changing gears becomes almost instinctive. Remember that a steep climb may immediately need a quick shifting! You just can’t get far away without the skill.

Cockpit - Retain Control_C5FAD230-4F9C-11E5-92220244AC2C042D

  1. Know the bike’s lever controls. Bikes normally have two gear cog sets. The chain rings, which comprised the front set, get the shift from a derailleur controlled by the shifter at your left. The rear cogs, commonly known as sprockets, can be shifted using the right gear lever.


  1. Avoid using extreme ends of the bike gears. Don’t get tempted with staying on just one chain ring and just shifting the rear gears. These cogs are prone for too much stretching and over time, they become deformed. Both chain and gears may wear out and may need costly repairs.


  1. Anticipate the hill. Steep roads may result in too hard gears halfway and a failure to pedal without the needed anticipation. You might just get off and walk in this case.


The best way is to prepare changing your bike’s gears as soon as the loop begins. Almost always, the shift to the easiest gear is the cue that your way up won’t be as difficult as it seems.


  1. Use the bike’s lever controls strategically. It is usually faster to use the left shifter when approaching a hill. The front gears get the easier shift most times. Use the rear gears through the right shifter to fine tune.


These super quick tips will help you get to grips. Learn how to shift your bike gears smartly and see how fun your ride will be. Just spend enough time. It’s a must.

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7 Affordable Accommodations in Kulim, Malaysia



Any travel to Malaysia is definitely not complete without going to the town of Kulim. Kulim is the 3rd largest place in Kedah, after state capital Alor Star and Sungai Petani. It is situated on the southeast portion of Kedah, neighboring Penang on the west side. If you are on vacation and you want to spend quality time with your family, friends or loved ones, this is the perfect opportunity to visit Kulim, Malaysia.


However, looking for a budget hotel in Kulim can be hard, especially since there are not many accommodations in the area.


To help you out, here are some of the best accommodations that you can book during your stay here in Kulim, as rated by travelers who have stayed there:tune-hotels-danga-bay-johor_070620100908379343


  1. Tune Hotel. This hotel is located beside the Landmark Central Shopping Centre. This is only a 36-minute drive from the Penang Airport. It provides basic rooms with its own bathroom. They also have disabled-friendly rooms which can be requested by the customer as needed. It is possibly the best budget hotel in Kulim by a long shot.


  1. Urban Inn Kulim. If you like to stay online at all times, this hotel provides free Wi-Fi access inside its facility. The Urban Inn Kulim also takes pride on its Coffee House, which serves freshly brewed coffee at all times. Their restaurant has a wide selection of dishes made from fresh ingredients.


  1. Village View Motel. This is one of the most top-rated accommodations in Kulim. You can choose from river view, garden view or mountain view in your room. If you have a car, you can also enjoy the motel’s free parking privilege for its guests.


  1. D’Mudah Inn. This hotel is just 10 minutes away from Kulim Hi-Tech Park. Likewise, it is 10 minutes away by car from Kulim Lake Garden. D’Mudah Inn features Wi-Fi access and 24-hour front desk services.


  1. Akar Lima. This particular accommodation offers free parking, has an on-site restaurant, and they have a nice place for you to sit and enjoy the city view. Akar Lima is strategically located in an area where cycling is popular. If you want to tour the area on a bike, the hotel offers bike rentals.


  1. Homestay Eksekutif D’zaty Kulim. If you want to try something different, choose this homestay. It’s like a home away from home. Like other hotels, they offer free parking and Wi-Fi access. Their rates are very affordable, plus you can have a small barbeque party with your group.


  1. Kulim Inn. If you really want to stay in a budget hotel in Kulim, then Kulim Inn is just right for you. Although located at the edge of town, it offers basic amenities that you need when staying for vacation or for business. Their rooms are large and they offer free Wi-Fi throughout the place. One tip from a former customer is to choose a room that is further away from the stairs. This way, you won’t be bothered by the noise of people coming and going.


Although hotel choices can be a bit limited in Kulim itself, there are several highly recommended places to stay in Simpang Ampat, Bukit Mertajam, Perai, Seberang Jaya and other nearby towns. But if you really intend to book a place in Kulim, call or contact these hotels at least a month or two before you travel so you’ll have a guaranteed place to stay.

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Traffic Advisory for Drivers and Commuters During Hari Merdeka 2016

Image result for Merdeka 2016

Hari Merdeka, also Malaysia’s Independence Day, usually occurs on 31st August every year. It’s a national holiday event and among the most celebrated huge events in Malaysia. Consequently, every year the Merdeka Square is usually crowded with an avalanche crowd excited because of the sweeping freedom they’ve enjoyed so far, ever since the country stopped being under the rule of the British regime.


Because Merdeka is such a big celebration, some of the major roads are usually closed, which also means to commute around the country using any kind of public transportation sometimes can be fatal. And because Merdeka big occasion is around the corner, it would be great for people to start planning their journey as soon as possible by checking out the most up-to-date LRT or KTM schedule online for ease of convenience.

Image result for KTM malaysia

All the same, to make your commute endeavors around Malaysia become much pleasant in this coming huge Merdeka occasion, follow the tips shared on this guide and you’re sure to reach your destination within the country safely.


1)            About 18 routes around Merdeka Square are usually closed — Jalan Kinabalu/ Jalan Kuching/ Bulatan Dato Onn; Bulatan Dato Onn; Jalan Hishamuddin/ Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman/Jalan Raja (Dataran Merdeka), etc.


2)            Only those people on duty during Merdeka Day can actually have access permission to the surrounding areas of Merdeka square, and thus important to find other routes pertaining to your destination.


3)            During Merdeka day, majority of the public transport usually push their services to the night, at the RapidKL bus, LRT, KTM and Monorail — all of which usually operate up to 1AM, instead of the usual 11pm.


4)            Each and every public transportation usually connect to each other, which means people can easily find a commute service while using another as they wish.


5)            During peak hours about 6PM-9PM, 6AM-9AM and about 2PM-3PM – it’s important not to commute anywhere, as at these times majority of the major roads around the country are usually crowded with an avalanche of people than usual.



In order for people not to get caught in the crowd, like many people do in most Merdeka occasions, it’s important to plan your journey early. Consequently, following this guide will make your commute endeavors around Malaysia much pleasant, especially now that the huge Hari Merdeka occasion is around the corner. More importantly, make sure you and your loved ones have a splendid Hari Merdeka holiday as you all reach your destination safely!

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Organizing Your Stuff: Easy Craft Ideas For Your Beauty Products

Even with the addition of small details in your house, you can create a more pleasant living space. If you like makeup and investing in beauty products, you might have to organize and create additional space in your bathroom. Here are some clever ways to make room for your beauty items.


  • Box organizers

Image result for corrugated box

You can use different sizes of cardboard boxes to organize cabinets and drawers, or you can stack boxes on a shelf. For instance, the box that came with your smartphone when you purchased it is perfect for dividing the space in drawers to properly store small items such as lipsticks, bobby pins, or hair ties. Simply cover it with a nice wrapping paper, and put it inside your drawer. If you want some texture (especially if the box organizer will be displayed), you can use a corrugated box and paint it with different patterns and designs.


  • Hanging organizers

Image result for Hanging organizers

Attach two hooks behind cabinet doors and hang a recycled tote bag (eco-bag) on them. This organizer can hold items like belts or your hair dryer and other products. If you want to use it for smaller items, simply draw a cross on one side of the bag (both lines should stop at the edges of the bag), and then draw a square around the cross. After which, sew both sides of the tote bag together following the lines you have drawn. Carefully cut one side of the bag along the middle and top horizontal lines, but make sure not to cut through the fabric. These cuts will create “pockets” for organizing your items.


  • Makeup brushes


Following the procedure for the hanging organizers, instead of hanging the tote bag, you can create a roll-up organizer for your makeup brushes. You can change the pattern of the lines to match the sizes of the different items that you will keep in this organizer. For example, draw only horizontal lines instead of a cross and then cut along one of the shorter sides of the rectangle that you have created. You can sew in additional lines to make more compartments. Attach Velcro on both sides of the bag, put your brushes in it, and roll up the bag. The rolled-up eco bag can easily fit in small spaces inside your drawer or cabinet, and it makes it easier for you to find the brush you need when you need it.


With these easy craft ideas, you can even encourage your family members to take part in implementing some organization system in your home.


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