3 Essential Biking Tips to Turn You Into a Cycling Pro


Whether you’re hoping to engage in a fun new sport, or if you’re looking for ways to navigate the concrete jungle with ease and convenience, you should definitely give cycling a try. These days, riding bikes have become more than just an exciting off-road sport – it’s also a practical and affordable way to get around the city. There are lots of great places to buy bikes, so don’t limit yourself to just what’s near you. For instance, an online bicycle shop in Malaysia may offer some of the best picks you’re bound to find.


If you’re new to the realm of cycling, you might feel a little clumsy when riding a bike. To make sure all your rides are safe and satisfying, be sure to take note of these three tips to help turn you into a cycling pro.1

  1. Understand Where to Hold Your Handles – Riders tend to think the best way to manage fatigue would be to change their position on the bike, but there’s actually a lot to be gained from proper hand positioning. The different parts of your bike handles are designed for specific phases of your ride, and understanding when to hold the handle a certain way can decrease your energy usage ten-fold. For relaxed cruising, place your hands over the brake-lever hoods to reduce tension. To support high speeds and descents, grab the handle drops for greater control. If you’re going uphill, grab the handle bars at the top to open your chest up to make it easier to breathe.2
  2. Know Where to Sit on the Saddle – If you’re riding your bike as a workout routine, you should know that sitting differently on your saddle will change the muscle groups that you activate. If you’re trying to improve your quadriceps, moving forward on the saddle and leaning towards the front will give you the right position to target your anterior thigh muscles. To work your hamstrings and glutes, lean back and move towards the rear of the seat to place emphasis on muscles along the posterior thigh.3
  3. Shift Just Right – Shifting is one of the biggest challenges for a lot of beginners because getting the right timing can be tough. According to experts, the best time to shift your gears would be just a few moments before you actually need to. To get the right shift timing, change gears when your feet are at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock along pedal stroke. This allows the least amount of pressure on your gears, making a smooth transition.

Stay safe on your bike whether you’re riding in town or burning some treads off-road. Be sure to keep these three tips in mind and practice whenever you can to make the most of your biking experience and to become a pro biker.

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What are the Prospects of Biomedical Science Students in Malaysia?


Biomedical science is a branch of study in the allied health sciences which trains people to provide auxiliary services and consultation to doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other medical personnel. Usually a biomedical degree takes about four years to finish. During that time, students will be exposed to subjects such as genetics, microbiology, physiology, immunology, and biochemistry.

Traditionally, biomedical students end up in the course because they just can’t get into a medical or pharmacy course for one reason or another. Parental expectations, peer pressure, and societal perceptions drive them to consider this course, which makes it something of a backup plan.

The good thing is, many Malaysian students who have taken a biomedical science course in Malaysia find it extremely enriching and inspiring. They also find that it has its own merits and benefits. In addition, biomedical science graduates are able to work in many fields, which makes it one of the most versatile and dynamic degrees out there.

In essence, biomedical sciences equip you with the skills and knowledge to provide support to the medical community, especially in terms of laboratory work technicalities and research. Here are some of the jobs that biomedical science students usually pursue after graduation:1

Researcher or Academic Staff


There are plenty of opportunities for biomedical science grads to pursue a post graduate degree in various topics, especially things like disease control and development of new treatment methods. One biomedical research field that is rather active in Malaysia is cancer research. If you choose this path, it will probably land you in one of our private or public universities where you’ll have to complete a Master’s of Ph.D. thesis under an academic supervisor, which will take anywhere from 3 to 8 years. After that, you can continue at a research institution or in any university as an academic staff or as a postdoctoral researcher who is solely responsible for producing and publishing data.2

Medical Lab Manager


With a biomedical science degree, you will usually be put in a leadership position in pathology labs, whether independent or connected to a hospital. Usually, you won’t be actually performing the tests, but will be overseeing operations, doing quality control checks, signing off results and the like. You may start off as a technician, but usually degree holders are trained by companies for administrative or overseer posts.3

Medical Sales


Whether drugs or instruments, a medical sales representative needs to speak the lingo and understand medical concepts when they’re trying to sell something to a doctor or a researcher. Therefore biomedical science graduates are in high demand as salespersons.

FAU | Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine | Laboratory Photo Sessions
FAU | Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine | Laboratory Photo Sessions

Product Specialists


Medical technology is fast expanding, and new treatments, as well as research methods are being developed. Product specialists are therefore needed to provide the necessary training and consultation for anyone that needs these new technologies in their work. Their expertise is also crucial in maintaining and repairing these technologies, whether they are chemicals, machines or software.

A quick research on Malaysian job portals reveals that demand for biomedical science is still high. As with any other type of job, your chances of being employed will increase if you have a good command of English as well as of local languages. Additionally, work experience is a good way to improve your employability especially when you’re a fresh graduate, which is why summer internships are a really good idea.

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The 2 Types of School Holiday Activities that Incorporate Fun into Learning

In a classroom setting, it is not always easy for educators to encourage their students to learn according to the school curriculum. Students are often found to be unwilling, lethargic and distracted, finding the class boring. This is why many schools have incorporated several school holiday activities, which is organized outside of the classroom, such as school tours, to mix learning and fun into students’ classroom hours.

Have no idea where to start? Here are the 2 most essential types of school holiday activities to organize:


  1. Team building activities

These school holiday activities involve putting the students into teams, often distinguished by color, to instil values such as teamwork and sportsmanship. Such types of activities can be done on a beach or any coastal area in Malaysia, for example, Port Dickson. The traveling aspect of such activities can strengthen friendship among the students and build on excitement, anticipation and adventurous spirits. Then, at the chosen place, educators can choose to have either prepared a treasure hunt or an obstacles/challenges track. A treasure hunt motivates the students work on their memory, reasoning and other cognitive skills that can later be applied into their classwork. On the other hand, an obstacles/challenges track increases students’ stamina and teaches them about the importance of teamwork. These are all critical traits that can enhance their learning styles in the classroom.


  1. Exploration and discoveries

The other type of activities that can be organized to engage students into learning is school tours at educational yet visually-appealing and interactive sites. For example, trips to Malaysia’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as Ipoh or Malacca (if the school is based in Kuala Lumpur and other nearby areas) or Georgetown in Penang Island (if the school is based in Penang) can be beneficial in educating the students about their heritage, through interactive museums, wall art at every road and food tasting. This will make use of all of their senses, which eventually makes it easier for them to remember historical facts and other related classroom lessons.

In the end, students learn better through active teaching and learning: from physical activities to educational visits, students can make better sense of their textbook with such visual and practical aids. Besides,  for them, school holiday activities are always unforgettable and valuable moments to cherish with their friends.

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Pick The Best Credit Card For Your Lifestyle Based On These 5 Things

Choosing the right credit card that suits your lifestyle is like choosing your life partner: you want it to complement you and help ease your burden. With so many types of credit cards to choose from, how can you tell which one is the right one for you? Depending on your lifestyle and financial situations, certain types of credit cards would benefit you more than the others. Before you start sending an application for a credit card, be sure to do some research and consider these five important things:limit
1. Credit limit

The best credit card should give you a reasonable credit limit while allowing some flexibility when you need to exceed it in times of emergency, while leaving no room for you to overspend. If you’re the responsible type (with a stable full-time job or high income), you may choose a card with higher credit limit. Otherwise, stick to credit cards with lower credit limit to avoid getting yourself stuck in a financial burden.credit-card-reward
2. Rewards

The wonderful rewards program is one of the greatest benefits to having credit cards. With rewards points earned every time you make a purchase, you’re able to apply them toward cash back, retail purchases, travel, and other things. To earn the most points, make sure you choose a credit card that will reward you on things which you’ll spend the most on, such as clothes, groceries, petrol, etc. Another strategy to get the most points possible is picking a credit card which gives reward when you use it in places you shop the most at, like select boutiques or online stores. Remember to spend only on necessary things, and don’t make purchases for the sake of earning rewards points.download
3. The cost of owning and keeping the credit card

Before you decide on a card, make sure to read the fine print. The more amazing benefits a card offers, the more you’ll spend on fees. Some of the fees to look out for include the annual fee and foreign transaction fees. An annual fee normally offers greater rewards, like more savings while you travel. Cards with foreign transaction fees will charge you more if you use it abroad. You can always avoid paying more by choosing a card with no foreign transaction fees.customer-services
4. Customer service

If you’re going to use your card often, you need to be able to reach customer service any time you need them. Your credit card company should have a good customer service ready at your beck and call in case bad things, like fraudulent charges, happen. You also need to be able to speak to a staff who’s trustworthy, competent and helpful. Avoid credit card companies with minimal human interaction, automated phone service, or difficult-to-navigate websites.185270193-56a0663b5f9b58eba4b04381
5. Annual percentage rate (APR)

The APR is an interest rate that you’re required to pay when you didn’t pay your balance in full. Make sure your card has lower APR rate that you can manage. Try to stay ahead of your balance to avoid extra charges.
When you’ve taken all of the important factors into account, you can start to apply for a credit card online for convenience and speed. As a rule of thumb, always look for a credit card that meets your needs the most, with the greatest rewards. If a credit card of your choice has terms and conditions that you think you’re unable to meet, look for the next best thing. You don’t have to compromise, but you do have to be able to pay the bills. Also, remember to stay on top of your monthly bills and try not to miss any payment to avoid incurring more fees.

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Why Your Health is the Biggest Investment You Can Make

One of the best things that we can do in our life is to invest in our health. We may feel young and healthy today, but we cannot deny the fact that our bodies will eventually slow down in the future. It may be prone to sickness and not perform the way it used to. This leads to unwanted expenditures such as hospital and medication bills that could deplete our finances. The best way to make sure that you are financially set once this time comes is by investing in endowment insurance. If you want to be informed about this particular type of investment, read along to know more on endowment insurance in Malaysia:


What is Endowment Insurance?

By definition, endowment insurance is a life insurance contract made to pay the insured a lump sum after the maturity time or on the time of his or her death. In short, endowment insurance is a time-locked investment that you buy from an insurance company. The lump sum stated in the contract will be given to the intended beneficiaries. If the policyholder outlives the maturity period, the endowment will be given to him or her.

Endowment insurance is a combination of both investment and life insurance. The longer the maturity period, the less expensive your monthly premium becomes. Unlike other insurances, there is no prerequisite for getting endowment insurance. You don’t even need to get a medical exam in order to qualify. As a matter of fact, any person is qualified to get it, as long as he or she can pay the monthly premium.


What are the Benefits of Buying Endowment Insurance?

The money that the insured paid for his or her endowment insurance can be taken out and used upon maturity. Endowment policies mature after a certain period of time – usually between 5, 10, 15 or 20 years. If you are planning to save money for your kid’s college or set up a business in the future, investing in endowment insurance can help you to save up for it.

Endowment insurances carry fewer risks as compared to other investment types. The money that you paid quickly accumulates. Over time, your money will earn more interest. You can claim the lump sum indicated in your insurance policy after the maturity period that you chose.


What is the Difference Between Endowment and Medical Insurances?

Medical insurances, unlike endowment insurance, can only be used during hospital-related and other medical expenses. You cannot use medical insurance to fund your business or send your children to college in the future. Additionally, some types of medical insurances do not return the premium paid.

Putting your money on the right investment can help you when you need it most. You will have peace of mind knowing that you will have something to rely on financially, in case medical emergencies happen. If you want to have a secured financial future for yourself and your family, choosing endowment insurance is one of the best ways to go.

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5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Fitness Centre

You’ve finally made the decision to sweat it out at a gym or fitness centre for an active, healthier lifestyle. These are the five important things to consider when choosing a fitness centre:


  1. Make your own ‘must-haves’ list

As a guideline, create your own list that you’d like a fitness centre to have. This will make it easier for you to cross out the ones that don’t cater to your personal needs. Your list of ‘must-haves’ could be a particular training, a spacious workout area, personal training options, or a variety of equipment.


  1. Check their websites or social media woman-surfing-webIf you haven’t been to the fitness centres of your choice, check out their websites or social media to find out the facilities and other promotions. You can also read their customers’ testimonials, which may contribute to your final decision when choosing the right centre.


  1. Take advantage of introductory classes/promotions jcc%20wellness%20group%20exercise1_resize762__1_1Most fitness centres normally provide complimentary introductory classes and other similar promotions (i.e. free use of gym equipment/studio for one hour), so be sure to take advantage of that before you make a decision and visit a fitness centre near you.


  1. Choose a convenient location To avoid inconveniences (like traffic jams or lengthy commute) and excuses, it’s best to choose a fitness centre based on your lifestyle and location. If you plan to work out everyday during lunch hour or after work, perhaps you can choose a centre near your office. If you plan to work out on the weekends or weekday mornings, choose a centre near your home.


  1. Check out the centre’s membership contract contractimageBefore you seal the deal, read through the contract right to the last detail. Bring up any important things such as discounted memberships during off-peak hours, additional items (i.e. towels, robes), discounted group class/therapy, and additional charges that may have come with certain classes.


Before you make that long-term commitment, ask yourself if you really need a fitness centre to achieve your lifestyle goal? A membership could be costly, so sign up for it only if you’re ready to commit. Watch out for sneaky payments and extra costs that some centres love to charge. When visiting a fitness centre, you also need to consider how clean and well maintained the centre is. A dirty gym or fitness centre that reeks of sweat is a huge turn off, and can ruin your mood.

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Top 5 Construction Jobs You Can Apply

Contrary to popular belief, the construction industry is still going forward despite the economic instability. Though the availability of construction jobs depend mostly on the economy’s fluctuations, construction workers with years of experience stand a better chance of finding a job. For those with the right qualification and experience, there’s a hidden possibility of career advancement that could earn you thousands as you move up the ladder. If you’ve been thinking of applying for construction jobs, check out these top five jobs in the industry:


  1. Construction Manager – Don’t believe the myth that says that those who work in this industry can’t make money or move up the career ladder. This job could earn you a six-figure salary a month, and requires you to plan, budget and manage a construction project. To be a construction manager, you need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering, building science, construction science, or other related field. For those with a diploma, you also need to have years of experience in order to qualify for this role. Some of the skills that you should have include strong communication skills, managerial skills, and analytical or problem-solving skills.glazier
  2. Glazier –  As a glazier, your role is to remove, seal, fasten, install, and cut glass for skylights, storefronts, and windows. Most glaziers normally work in areas that include building exteriors, structure, and foundation. However, there are a growing number of glaziers working for indoor projects as well. To become a glazier, a high qualification isn’t really necessary, though having some experiences might help.spraying-cement1
  3. Concrete Finisher and Cement Mason – Many construction projects have a common foundation, which is concrete. This makes a concrete finisher and cement mason crucial in this industry. The jobs normally involve you installing reinforcing materials like rebar, pouring a mixture of cement and spreading and leveling it, and also monitoring the mixture’s hardening process before applying sealants. These roles don’t require a high qualification, but it’s better if you learn your trade by undergoing an apprenticeship or taking masonry-related courses.8-brickmason-blockmason-stonemason-and-tile-and-marble-setter-helpers
  4. Blockmason and Brickmason – Stones and bricks have become expensive materials, but they’re still on-demand. These materials need skilled masons to lay them properly. While a high qualification isn’t necessary, it helps to undergo a formal masonry training or apprenticeship. Alternatively, you can also learn the basics of masonry on the job.smiling-construction-job-849x565
  5. Construction Worker – While a construction worker earns the least in this industry, you get to learn everything hands-on which could give you an upper-hand should you decide to move up the career ladder in this industry. You can become a construction worker with no qualification or experience, though you have to work extra hard to progress in your career. Part of your daily tasks may include assisting with unloading and loading materials, site clean-up, operating equipment, digging ditches, and making measurements. Becoming a construction worker could also give you an idea of what you actually prefer to do in this line of work, since you work on pretty much everything.

To work in the construction industry, you can’t be afraid of heights, especially when you have to work on site. You have to endure any discomfort on a daily basis, including hot weather and strong wind. You also have to stay safe and be aware of your surroundings all the time to avoid fatal accidents on site.

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The Importance of Learning How to Use Microsoft Excel

Image result for The Importance of Learning How to Use Microsoft Excel

A lot of companies and organizations looking for new employees often require applicants to be knowledgeable about basic Microsoft Office applications like Word, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, and of course Excel. This is especially true for companies and organizations whose operations rely on information technology and software programs. With that said, being able to use Microsoft Excel significantly improves an applicant’s employability. It provides the job-seeker an edge over other applicants who don’t know how to use the program.

Enrolling in a Microsoft Excel Training Course

Image result for Enrolling in a Microsoft Excel Training Course

A laptop or desktop computer powered by a Windows operating system automatically has the Excel program installed. Anyone can learn the program by tinkering with its many functions or by reading through the program’s manual. However, this can be a very frustrating learning exercise since the instructions can get very technical. It’s advisable for people who want to learn how to use the program to sign up for Microsoft Excel training courses. These are affordable courses that are usually divided into two categories: basic courses and advanced courses. Learning the program is a lot easier through a training course because applicants are taught in a step-by-step basis.

Where to Find Microsoft Excel Training Courses

Image result for Where to Find Microsoft Excel Training Courses

Learners have two main options in availing themselves of Excel training courses. They can enroll in a traditional school offering the courses, or they can sign up with courses offered online. The latter is recommended for people who want flexibility in the training course. Online courses often allow learners to go through the lessons in their own time and pace. This enables them to master a lesson before moving on to a more difficult one. Another great feature of online courses is that learners can sometimes go back and review previous lessons if they’ve forgotten a lesson or two.

Microsoft Excel Literacy Looks Great on a Resume

Image result for Microsoft Excel Literacy Looks Great on a Resume

As mentioned earlier, a lot of companies and organizations look for new employees who are literate in Microsoft applications like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. So if a job applicant submits a resume which says he is knowledgeable in Excel and other programs, that will be looked upon as a plus point by the hiring manager. In short, Excel literacy is very helpful in boosting a job-seeker’s employability.

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Where To Go In Kuala Lumpur This Deepavali

Deepavali is one of the most waited and celebrated holidays in Malaysia. It’s a holiday that pays tributes to Lord Rama and his wife Sita. Like many other festivals in the country, Deepavali is celebrated by all races.

It is also known as “Diwali” or “Festival of Lights.” As with most festivals, Kuala Lumpur (KL) is brimming with activities in celebration of the religious holiday. If your visit to KL coincides with Deepavali, here are some places you can check out.


Little India Brickfields  

little-india-brickfields-www-virtualmalaysia-com_More commonly known as simple “Little India,” this medium-size urban area is located just five minutes from KL Sentral Station. While it is always festive-looking year-round, Little India is even more bursting with activities days before Deepavali as people shop for spices, religious items and traditional clothes to wear for the religious holiday. Little India Brickfields is famous for its beautiful yellow arches which are great backdrops for any KL photo-op.


Hindu Temples

hindutempleThere are many Hindu temples in Kuala Lumpur. We recommend visiting Sri Kandaswamy Kovil in Brickfields and Sri Mahamariamman Temple in Chinatown. Hindus conduct their ceremonial rites and prayers in the morning. When visiting any religious venue in Malaysia, make sure you dress appropriately. Sleeveless tops and shorts are not permitted inside the temples so make sure you carry a large, long scarves to cover up.


Major Shopping Malls

Deepavali is one of the biggest holidays in the country and as such, major shopping malls in KL are lavishly decorated with Deepavali decors and lights. Suria KLCC is located right below the majestic Petronas Towers. Pavilion KL and The Gardens Mall are two of the high-end shopping venues you can also visit.


Batu Caves  

batu-caves-39426Batu Caves is one of the most iconic and popular tourist spots in Malaysia. The caves are located 12 kilometers north of KL. You can reach Batu Caves easily via the KTM Komuter train at KL Sentral Station. See the KTM Komuter timetable for the list of departures to and from the caves.


We suggest getting there in the morning to avoid the large crowds and the midday heat. A gigantic statue of Lord Murugan stands proudly at the foot of the caves at 42.7 meters in height. The statue is made of 1,550 cubic meters of concrete, 250 tons of steel bar and 300 litres of gold paint.


Happy Deepavali

This religious holiday also commemorates the triumph of good over evil. Families all around Malaysia celebrate this national holiday by coming together, eating traditional Indian, Malay and Chinese delicacies and watching fireworks display. We hope that these tips can help you enrich your KL travel itinerary during the Deepavali holiday.

Sources:   • http://www.kuala-lumpur.ws/attractions/brickfields.htm   • http://www.kuala-lumpur.ws/magazine/deepavali-in-malaysia.htm   • http://kuala-lumpur.attractionsinmalaysia.com/Batu-Caves.php

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4 Must-Visit Foodie Havens In Port Dickson

Image result for 4 Must-Visit Foodie Havens In Port Dickson

Port Dickson, or PD for short, is a coastal district located in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. It remains to be one of the lesser known tourist destinations in the country for foreign tourists but is slowly gaining popularity because of its beautiful beaches.

While a Port Dickson hotel by the beach can offer you scrumptious delights every day, we give you 4 must-visit food havens in PD that serve good eats to both locals and travelers. If you’re planning to visit soon, don’t miss these food spots.

  • Medan Selera Bandar Port Dickson Commonly known as PD’s Old Pasar Food Court, this buzzing food stop is a great place to have brunch. Try the Hainanese chicken rice dish. The serving portions may look small for the average foreign traveler but believe us, these small dishes are packed full of bright flavors. It is also a great place to people watch as locals dive into their noodle bowls and engage in light conversation.
  • Lucky King Bun at Lukut, Port Dickson Lucky King Bun serves gigantic buns with curry inside. These giant buns are much loved by the locals. For tourists, these are quite interesting local delicacies. The small establishment offers four types of buns: herbal chicken, chicken curry, crab curry and their new Yin Yong flavor, which has two pork flavors inside—Dongpo pork and pork ribs curry.
  • Kedai Makanan & Minuman Mian Jiu, Lukut, Port Dickson The establishment serves la zha mee, which means “dirty noodles” but the name was once meant to tell diner that their noodles come in various flavors. Today, it’s a famous local food joint for people who love noodle dishes. The fried noodles, which is a combination of noodles, pork and vegetable, is the most popular.
  • Cendol Bakar Port Dickson Now this is a cool place to have dessert. Cendol is a traditional iced dessert and this establishment’s version is so popular that they have three outlets across Malaysia. Cendol Bakar offers six types of cendol and they’re quite inexpensive so you can sample as many as you like.

PD Is A Foodie Wonderland

PD offers food lovers a wide array of local delicacies to try—from small establishments all the way to beachside hotels—that will meet every foodie craving you might have. But if you want to see where the locals hang out and eat, do check out these places and get a taste of the local coastal life.

Sources:  http://www.vkeong.com/lucky-king-bun-famous-chicken-pork-ribs-curry-bun-lukut-port-dickson/  http://www.hungrygowhere.my/dining-guide/best-of-malaysia/what-to-eat-port-dickson-*aid-f97a3101/

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